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Tools are provided to change the handling of file name during "operation" to "leave original file name" method.

During system operation "Use original file name as file nameIf you change the setting so that the file that was registered up to that point remains as the file name with. Tmp extension, the file registered after the change will be saved as the original file name.

This section explains how to return the name of the .tmp file registered in the past to the original file name.

Perform the operation described belowbefore, Back up the data and back up the upload_dir folder.If processing fails, we will promptly restore it.

Also, when doing this setting (using the original file name)The OS of the production machine must be Windowsthere is.

  1. Log on as an administrator and export data on the target model.At this time, please export it by invalidating "handled in Zip format".
    Figure 1 Disabling and handling in Zip format and exporting
  2. Stop the Web application built with Wagby.
  3. Execute the following command in the wagbyapp \ bin folder.
    java -jar UploadFilenameConverter.jar
  4. Then a file "renamefile.bat/" is created in the same directory. Also, an export/data_changed folder is created.
  5. Run generated renamefile.bat (.sh on Linux system).The .tmp file is renamed to the original file name.Also, it is a good idea to check the contents of the file with a text editor before execution.
  6. Launch the web application.
  7. Log on as an administrator and import the model below export/data_changed.
  • If the file names registered in the model are duplicated, they are grouped together.
  • This tool can not be applied to Wagby Cloud.
  • It does not correspond to "Export in Zip format".Please perform this function for non-zip export folder.