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Items (groups) commonly defined in the project can be prepared as "item templates". R7.3

In the "System" tab, "user defined item template" (nine models with model ID "jfcDesignerUserTemplateModelItem") are prepared in advance.This will be the container for the item template.

("Registration/update information item" is predefined in advance.)

Figure 1 User-Defined Item Template
Up to nine user defined item templates can be prepared.

Figure 2 shows a case where "User defined item template 1" is selected.

Figure 2 Setting user defined item template 1

The model name can be changed.The model ID can not be changed. In this case, we name the model name "registration/update information item (Japanese calendar version)".Let's set 4 items.

Figure 3 Define registration/update information item (Japanese calendar version)

What can be set

Only the model item can be set."Screen" "Mail" "Authority" "Layout" can not be set.

Let's add the item template prepared above to the model set by the developer (here "customer" model). Select "template" from the gear icon.You can see that the model name prepared in Figure 3 is included in the choice.

Figure 4 Select item template

Item has been added.

Figure 5 Item template added