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Wagby We introduce tools to support development and operation.

Operation of the model and manipulation of model items are described in "Tutorial> How to use WagbyDesigner (II)Please read.

(1) Filter function
The model name filter function makes it easier to find a model that corresponds to a large number of models.
(2) Bulk setting of model items
You can set values ​​for all model items in the model at once.
(3) Prepare a description of the project/model/model item
You can include descriptions about project model model items in the repository. It can be used as a development record. It does not affect the developed application.
(4) Repository backup and restore
WagbyDesigner has a repository backup and restore function. It can also be downloaded as a file and provided to other developers.
(5) Reload the repository
If you changed the repository folder directly, please do "Refresh" process on WagbyDesigner.
(6) Display related chart
You can display the relation (related chart) between models.
(7) Prepare an item template
Items (groups) commonly defined in the project can be prepared as "item templates".
(8) Output of design document
I will explain how to use tools to output external design documents from the repository.
(9) Create zip file for production operation server transfer
Compress the build wagbyapp folder in zip format. The file execution authority is also maintained.
(10) Generate repository from existing table definition
We will explain how to semi-automatically generate Wagby's repository (design information) from table definition of existing system.
(11) Generate repository from kintone's design information (beta version)
I will explain how to semi-automatically generate Wagby's repository from kintone's design information (CSV).
(12) Change file name handling to "leave original file name" method
Tools are provided to change the handling of file name during "operation" to "leave original file name" method.
(13) Change account to log on to Designer
I will explain how to change the account to log on to Designer.
(14) Get hash value of password
If you can not log on because you have forgotten your password, you can respond by rewriting the password in the database. If you specify password hashing, you can get the hash value directly with this tool.
(15) Estimate creation
You can create an estimate quotation that conforms to the quotation method proposed by Wagby.
(16) Build from the command line
I will explain how to build from the command line.