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The decision button is displayed according to the condition. You can make flow decisions even in the middle of a node. R7.4

"Purchase article inquiries" modelHere is an example of applying a workflow to it.Four nodes of "sequential, sequential, sequential, sequential" are set.Start the flow with "User 1" account.

Fig. 1 Register new article purchase inquiries

"User 1" applies for workflow.

Fig. 2 Apply (start) workflow.

If the amount is less than 300,000 yen here,Even the second node can be approvedI did it.The decision button is displayed on "User 2" who is the approver of the second node.

Figure 3 Approval button is displayed on the second node

When you press the decision button, the flow ends.The third and subsequent nodes are skipped.

Fig. 4 Workflow was approved

Next, I will ask for an amount of 300,000 yen or more, less than 500,000 yen.In this case, it is set so that it can be approved at the third node.

"User 1" applies for workflow.The amount will be 400,000 yen.

Fig. 5 Start purchase inquiry flow

The decision button is not displayed on the second node (user 2).

Figure 6 User 2 performs approval processing

In the 3rd node (user 3), the settlement button is displayed to satisfy the condition of the monetary amount.

Figure 7 User 3 has a decision button displayed

If user 3 makes a decision, the flow ends.

Figure 8 Flow end

Model definition

Definition of article purchase inquiry model and workflow flow Participant setting is "Workflow> Narrow the application flow according to the conditionsI use the same one.


Set the "settlement button display condition" rule as follows.

Node numberCondition of the settlement button display
2return kian.price < 300000
3return kian.price < 500000

Workflow setting

It is an example of setting "decision button display condition" on "Sales partial item purchase inquiry flow 3".

Fig. 9 Set purchase button display conditions in business partial purchase inquiry flow 3

The effective condition is described as an expression of "server side JavaScript".For details, please read "Refine application flow according to" Workflow> conditions ".