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I will explain how to delete the workflow event information and cancel the flow.

Data is registered in the flow event model with the same primary key value at the time when new workflow model data is registered.The current value of the workflow can be grasped with the latest value of this flow event model.For details, please read "Workflow Status and Events".

Figure 1 shows an example of a workflow that user1 submitted, user2 approved, user3 decided.This workflow has been completed.

Figure 1 Example of completed (approved) workflow

Delete flow event

Log on as a system administrator.Open "Workflow> Flow Event Search" from the management processing menu.

Figure 2 Flow Event Search

Display the flow list of model "vacation request".(In fact, furthermore, it can narrow down by the primary key of the target model, the processor, the processing date, etc.).)

Figure 3 Flow Event List

You can not update flow events, but you can delete them.Here we will return until the application process.Process flow Select the flow event of "Application", "Admit", "End" and delete it all at once.

Figure 4 Select the flow event you want to delete
Figure 5 Flow event after batch deletion


Log on again with user1 (apply workflow) again.It turns out that it returned to the state before flow application.

Fig. 6 Status before flow application
Since this method deletes the workflow event manually, information on the trail such as approval and approval is lost.