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You can run scripts according to workflow behavior (combination of nodes and events). R7.10

Workflow setting screenDefine "Flow Event Script" prepared for you.

Figure 1 Setting of flow event script (1)

You can set scripts according to nodes and event types.

Figure 2 Setting of flow event script (2)

For details of the script, see "Business logic"Please read.

  • The database type of the flow participant script uses a type corresponding to CLOB of each database.The maximum length of the size of the script is the upper limit value of the CLOB type of the database.For example, Oracle will be NCLOB.
  • This script may be executed multiple times under the assumption of workflow processing.Since how many times it is executed depends on the flow setting, make sure that the result does not change even if it is executed multiple times.(Specifically, please do not add procedures such as assuming that it is called N times or changing processing at the Nth call.)