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I will show you how to use electronic seal imprint in the processor field of workflow. R7.1

Registration of electronic seal imprint

Here, we extend the account model provided by Wagby and prepare items (file type) called "electronic seal imprint".

I attach an image file to each account.(Figure 1)

Fig. 1 Preparing an electronic seal imprint for each account
Please prepare software for creating electronic seal (electronic seal) separately.
I used it here as "Click stamperAlthough it is a free software called "free product", some products offer more reliable seals such as guaranteeing original data (not duplicating).

Operation image when using workflow

As shown in Fig. 2, it is possible to display the electronic seal stamp instead of the name in the processor field.

Fig. 2 Displaying electronic seal imprint in the processor field

Expansion of account information (juser)

Change the definition of "Account" included in the "System" tab of the model. Let's insert a definition below the "name" item here.(FIGS. 3 and 4)

Figure 3 Inserting items
Fig. 4 Input field for new item is added

Prepare an item called "electronic seal imprint" (imprint).The type is "string - file name".(FIG. 5)

Figure 5 Setting items that can manage electronic seal imprint

Open the "Screen> Other" tab of this account model.Under "Control file name" select "Use original file name directly".

Figure 6 Control of stored files
The image file of the electronic seal imprint should be composed only of half size alphanumeric characters.(Eg suzuki_ichirou.png) Depending on the OS, file names including full-width alphanumeric characters and kanji may not be recognized correctly.

Modification of workflow usage model

Change the workflow setting of the model (work holiday application model in this example) that set workflow. In the processor's display, specify the newly added item ID "imprint".

Figure 7 Specify display items of processor