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For undecided flow, you can send a dunning mail to the person who is stopping the flow.

Add "Last processing date and time" item to the yearly application model.The type is date/time type (date and time).

Figure 1 Last Processing Date Time Item

The type of "Last Processing Date Time" is a date/time type (date and time).

Figure 2 Date and time type

function WF_LASTPROCESSDATE Apply.Finally, the date and time that some processing (approval, decision, etc.) was done in the workflow will be set.We do not save it in the database.

Figure 3 Applying the WF_LASTPROCESSDATE function

Prepare a mail transmission job.Here we have set the job name "NotifyRetentionLeaveWorkflowJob".The value set for the mail template item will be used as the mail template ID in the next section.

Prepare the following formula for the start condition.This formula selects only the data that has stayed for more than one day in the application or approval status.

  DATEDIF(TODAY(),${wflastprocessdate}, "D")>=1
Figure 4 Mail send job

In the built application, prepare the destination and sentence of the outgoing mail.The ID of the mail template is the same as the mail template item specified in Figure 4.(Here we are saying "NotifyRetentionLeaveWorkflow".)

In the destination person's field, specify the next e-mail address held by this vacation request model in placeholder format.Please set the subject, sender and text surface arbitrarily.

Figure 5 Mail Template Settings

Specify time execution of prepared mail sending job.Execution is done by the jobadmin account.(Suppose you have a principal for this vacation request model for the jobadmin account.)

Figure 6 shows an example of executing every minute for testing, but in fact it should be operated every other day so that there is no load on the system.
Fig. 6 Activation setting of mail sending job

This is an example of starting a yearly application workflow.

Figure 7 Annual holiday workflow started

If you do not decide here, e-mail will be sent to the next approver for undecided data.

Figure 8 Example sent mail