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Using the proxy authorization feature, you can change the workflow approver at run time. R7.4

You can specify "approver" of the approver.

Fig. 1 Image of agent

You set up the following principals for approvers.

  • Account viewer
  • Workflow proxy setter
Figure 2 Adding a principal

Log on as an applicant and apply for leave.Then the workflow is started.(FIGS. 3 and 4)

Figure 3 Press the submit button
Figure 4 Workflow is started

Confirmation of approval contents

Log on as an approver.You can press the approval/remand/reject button.(FIG. 5)

Fig. 5 Operation screen by approver

Set up an agent for approval.By "Preparation" done earlier, you can operate "agent setting" from the management processing menu.(FIG. 6)

Figure 6 Proxy setting (1)

In the agent setting screen, you specify the target model (which model you want to handle the workflow associated with) and the agent (personal account).

I set "suzuki" as a proxy here.

Figure 7 Proxy setting (2)

If you set up an agent, yourself ("miyagi") will not be able to approve.The button group will be hidden.

Figure 8 Button hides when displayed after delegate setting

Agent's screen

Log on with the designated suzuki as a delegate.Approval operation can be performed.

Fig. 9 Approval operation by the agent

Log on again as "miyagi".From the agent setting menu in Figure 6, display the current agent.By deleting this data, we will cancel the agent.

Figure 10 Deleting delegate data
  • It is possible to set up a proxy for further agents.However, you can not circulate the agent.In the above example, it is not possible to set the delegate of "miyagi" to "suzuki" and furthermore to set the delegate of "suzuki" to "miyagi".(Please do not do such a setting.)
  • You can do proxy authorization by group.