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You can search model data in the workflow state. R7.7

You can perform a search using "workflow state" on the search screen of the model to which the workflow is applied.

Figure 1 Search in the workflow state (1)

It is an example of narrowing down only "decided" data.

Fig. 2 Search in the workflow state (2)

The flow state is 4 patterns.You can search by "Not Applied", "Application/Approval", "Resolution", "Reject".

Prepare the item "Flow state search".(The item name is optional.)

Figure 3 Adding Flow State Search Items

We will set the referenced model as "flow state search item (jfcflowstatus_search_m)".This is the model that the system provides as standard.

Although you can choose the input type, it is recommended to use the check box because you can search by specifying more than one state.

Figure 4 Reference model setting

Activate "Search control> Workflow> Search in flow state" for this item.

Figure 5 Search in the flow state

This section explains how to search and display only the decided data.We use a submodel for this purpose.

Create a submodel

Create a submodel of the "Vacation Request" model.First, select the target model.

Figure 6 Select model to create submodel

Select "Submodel" from the gear icon.

Figure 7 Choosing to create a submodel

A submodel has been prepared.

Figure 8 Submodel was created

For submodels, the main model information is specified on the screen.

Fig. 9 Sub model model item list screen

A submodel can not define a workflow.Therefore, cancel the workflow setting.(The role of this submodel is the one specialized exclusively for the display and search of the flow state to the last.)

In Figure 10 Submodel, cancel workflow setting

Item setting

Initial value of search

In this case, we intend to narrow down with just the settlement data, so fix the initial value of search to "3".The choice model "flow state search item (jfcflowstatus_search_m)" provided by the system has the following values.

Fig. 11 Initial value setting at search

Hidden items

This "flow state search" item itself is a hidden item when searching.This will not be displayed on the search screen.

Fig. 12 Hidden items on the search screen

Prepare the menu

Place this submodel in the menu.I will change the title and color as well.

Figure 13 Placing in the menu (1)
Figure 14 Placing in the menu (1)

An example

This is an example of searching by workflow state in submodel.

Figure 15 Only the decided data is displayed
It is possible to use such that data whose workflow is in progress can be browsed by an authorized user only on the main model and users who do not have authority can browse approval data only with submodels.
  • Items specified as search conditions ("flow state search" in this example) can not be specified in the list display.Even if you specify it, it will be ignored.To display the flow status in the list display item, please use the "flow state" item in Fig. 3.In the definition of Figure 3, the list of "flow state" items is enabled.