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Multiple aggregate views can be prepared for one model. Since you can specify dimensions and measures in each case, you can browse the aggregate results at various angles.

You can make transition to each summary view screen from the "Select View" button prepared on the list display screen.Here, we introduce an example where four summary views are prepared for the sales document model.

Figure 1 Select view button
Fig. 2 View of sales by customer
Fig. 3 Sales aggregate view by customer by day
Fig. 4 Daily sales count view
Figure 5 Sales Value Summary View by Personnel

The sales document model used this time is shown in Figure 6.

Figure 6 Sales document model

To display multiple summary views: Activate "Create screen" for "Screen> View> Summary view".In this example, settings from 1 to 4 are made.

You can define up to ten aggregate views.
Figure 7 First setting
Figure 8 Second setting (abbreviated below)

You can also display graphs at the same time.When you switch the view, the schedule chart and the graph are displayed respectively.

Fig. 9 Revenue summary view by customer and graph
Figure 10 Sales Value by Personnel Aggregate View and Graph

Multiple summary views can be displayed on one screen. In the following example, 'Sales by customer date', 'Number of sales by customer' and 'Sales amount by person in charge' are displayed at the same time on the screen displaying "Sales by customer".

Fig. 11 Revenue summary view by customer (1)
Fig. 12 Sales total view by customer (2)

When there is graph drawing designation in each summary view, all graphs are displayed on the same screen.As for the display method, graphs are displayed after each schedule table is displayed for the first time.

If you set the size of each graph to a smaller size, graphs will be displayed side by side as much as possible as shown above.

Definition method

Specify the screen number of the summary view that you want to display at the same time in the "Summary view that displays at the same time". To specify more than one, specify it with ", (comma)" separator.Please enter numbers and commas in half size.

Figure 13 Setting the summary view to display simultaneously
You can not specify "simultaneous display summary view" in the specified summary view. In this example, you can not specify other summary view screens in "Summary view 2" and "Summary view 3".