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On the search screen, it is possible to skip over invalidation processing of model reference. Invalid data is not selected when registering/updating, but you can operate invalid data as search target on the search screen as well.

Product model

Item "validity period" for invalidation is prepared in the product model.As shown in Fig. 1, only the product name "Mango" is invalidated.

Wagby has a mechanism that regards this data as invalid when some value is set in the item for invalidation judgment. For details, please read "Refer to other models> Invalidate options".

Figure 1 Product data list

Quotation model

The estimate model refers to the product model above.

As shown in Figure 2, invalid data on the registration/update screen is not displayed as a choice.

Figure 2 Invalid data is not displayed in choices

However, invalid data is displayed on the search screen.This makes it possible to search for invalid data.

Invalid data can also be searched on the search screen in Fig. 3

Product model

Prepare the "expiration date" item (as a character string type).

Figure 4 Definition of product model

Quotation model

In the item that refers to the product model, the "expiration date" item prepared in Figure 4 is specified as the invalidity judgment item.

Figure 5 Reference definition of product model in estimate model

If you check "Ignore common> invalid judgment item" in the retrieval control tab of model item detail definition, invalid judgment items will also be searched.(It is not checked by the standard.)

Fig. 6 Setting to ignore invalidation judgment items