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You can search entered data by choosing from the choices.

An example of self-reference search applied to 'product name' (item of character string type) of product model is shown below.The input data can be selected.

Figure 1 Example of self-referring search applied to item name item

Activate "Specify search item by self-reference" in "Search control> common" of model item detail definition.(Figure 2)

Figure 2 Specifying search items by self-reference

Setting the input field length

We recommend that you set "input field length" to adjust the length of the list box.

Figure 3 Setting the input field length
  • This setting enables you to select all relevant data stored in the database.Therefore, please use it in items that have limited input patterns.
  • This setting can not be applied to repeating items.
It is unsuitable for items storing different data exceeding dozens.