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You can upload file type items collectively and update them.

You can use it in the following situations.

  • For Employee Master, register facial photos of employees at once.
  • Register the photos of the product master collectively.

Here, we will explain upload update of employee list staff.csv as an example.

  1. Prepare the following data.Here the "photo" item is file type.
    "s110001","日本 太郎","写真_s110001.png","photo_s110001.png"
    "s110002","東京 二郎","写真_s110002.png","photo_s110002.png"
    "s110003","大阪 花子","写真_s110003.png","photo_s110003.png"
    "s110004","沖縄 四郎","写真_s110004.png","photo_s110004.png"
    * Item "Photo" is a "file name" type item.
    * Write the actual file name to be attached to the "Photo _jfcattachment" column.
    ※ "Photo" column will be used for screen display and download file name as before.This item does not necessarily have to be the same as the real file name.
  2. This staff.csv and the actual image file are compiled into a ZIP file as follows.
  3. Save it with an arbitrary ZIP file name and update CSV upload.

It is also possible to register in a repeating container.Please specify repeat container ID items and target items in comma separated list and specify container number [1], [2] (necessary number).


The configuration of the zip file to upload is also the same.

Attachments can be arranged in a subfolder below.The folder name is "files"(All lower case letters) will be.

The specification of the CSV file to be uploaded is as follows.


As shown in the CSV example above, there are the following rules.

  • The subfolder name is "files".
  • In relative path notation, both "/" and "\" can be used as a delimiter for folders.
  • "./files" and "files" have the same meaning.
  • You can send various file formats as well as image files.
  • If you send a csv file, this is interpreted as an attachment.

Details about subfolder names

If the subfolder name is files, all of the files included here (even CSV format files) are treated as attachments.
If other folder names are used, files with the extension csv are treated as "data to be uploaded".

Here is an example.Suppose you include multiple csv files in the folder teacherlist as follows:

In this case, the first teacherlist folder (since it is not named files) interprets the csv file (teacherlist.csv) contained therein as "data to be uploaded". In addition, initdata.csv in the files folder inside it is treated as an attached file.

If the file does not upload correctly, please check the following points.

  • Are you not using Excel files?This function can be used only with CSV file.
  • Is the "item name _jfcattachment" column included in the target CSV file?
  • Is the specified file name exactly the same as the real file name?
The file acquired by the download function does not include the "item name _jfcattachment" column. (This item isFile to be uploadedIt means that it can not be acquired during CSV download.)

Therefore, even if you upload the file acquired by download as it is, the file will not be uploaded normally.