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The entered value can be automatically copied to another item.

When you enter a value in the "Purchase" field of the voucher model, it shows an example where it is automatically posted in the "Billing party" field.

Figure 1 Enter the company name in the purchase field

The company name is posted at the timing when you move the cursor to the next entry field.

Figure 2 The company name was posted by moving the cursor

Likewise, it is an example of posting an address.

Figure 3 The address was also posted

On the copy side item side, set the copy source item to "Copy value of input control> common> separate item".

Figure 4 Copy setting for company name

If you enable "Do not copy if already entered," this value will not be copied if values ​​have already been entered.

Figure 5 Setting not to copy if already entered

If range search is enabled for numeric or date type, two setting fields are prepared.You can specify upper and lower limits, respectively.

Figure 6 When range searching is enabled, two setting fields are provided (upper and lower limits)
  • This function operates at the timing when the copy source value is changed.(Values ​​are not copied even if the cursor is removed without changing the copy source value regardless of whether or not the copy destination input value exists.)
  • It can be used with character string type and number type.
  • You can copy one item to several items at the same time.
  • The type of the item must be the same for the copy source and copy destination.
  • Items in the repeating container can be copied.In the specification on the copy destination side, write "Repeat container name/item name (from copy source)".
  • You can not specify that the copy source is an ordinary item and that the copy destination is "repeating item" or "item in repeating container".
  • It is not possible to specify that the copy source is "repeating item" or "item in the repeating container" and the copy destination is a normal item.
  • You can not specify an item on another screen with the wizard at the copy destination.
  • It is not possible to specify read-only items (lookup items, automatic calculation items, etc.) for copy source and copy destination.