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Here is an example of preparing input fields in units of 1 million yen by combining hidden item setting, descriptive text setting before and after the input field, input field length setting.

The monetary item of the project model deals with figures in the unit of one million yen when inputting and outputting.However, the database stores "1,000,000".

Figure 1 Registration screen
Figure 2 Display screen

On the search screen, you can search with exact numerical values, not rounded numbers.

Figure 3 Search screen

Example: Project model

Figure 4 shows the definition of the project model shown in the above example.Two items are available for "amount for input/output" and "for search".

Figure 4 Definition of project model

Amount (for input and output)

This item is used for input and output, but it is not used in search. First of all, set "input field" for unit display and prepare a margin on the right side of the input field.

Figure 5 Specifying the input field length

Specify the unit in "Character string displayed after input control> style> input field".

In addition, this time, "cursor position of the input area" is set to "right-justified".

Figure 7 Setting the character string and cursor position to be displayed after the input field

Separate the format of "Output control> Detailed screen> Numeric" into three digits.

Figure 8 Specifying numeric format

"Output control> Detailed screen> Style> Label display content" is "amount of money".It is intended to unify the item name displayed on the screen to "amount".(We will do the same in the search screen, which will be described later.)

Figure 9 Specifying display contents of labels

Amount (for search)

This item is for searching purposes.Save the numerical value multiplied by 1000000 to the value of the entered budget_input item in the database.

Figure 10 Calculation formula setting

Set "input control> hidden item".

Fig. 11 Setting of hidden items (input)

In the same way, set "output control> detail screen> hidden item".By this, this item is not displayed on the screen for both input and output.

We also set the output format.

Fig. 12 Hidden item setting (output) and setting of output format

"Search control> Style> Label display content" is "amount of money".

Fig. 13 Setting of label display contents on search screen