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You can hide the number 0 and the system time (January 1, 1970).

The test model that performed this setting is shown below.The above two items make this setting valid in non-repeat item.The following two items are repeatedly specified.

Figure 1 Initial value input

Values ​​are not displayed on the detail screen.

Values ​​are not displayed on the detailed screen of Figure 2

Values ​​are not displayed on the list screen as well.

Figure 3 Value does not display in list screen

Activate "Do not display initial values ​​of date and number" in "Common" prepared in "Output control - Detailed screen" tab of model item detail definition.

Fig. 4 Enable not to display the default values ​​for dates and numbers
The setting is only "detail screen", but it also applies to the list screen.

When numeric and date type items are repeated, this setting is automatically enabled.(It becomes valid regardless of the setting in Fig. 4.)