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Foreign key You can display each item of the child model across multiple lines.

For foreign key relationships,Update the child model (simultaneously on the screen of the parent model)can do.At this time, looking good will be improved if multistage layout is specified.

When the multistage layout is not used

Items are arranged next to each other as shown in Figure 1.Since the Web browser tries to put it in the screen as much as possible, the options of "type" and "sex" are displayed long in the vertical direction.Still it can not fit, so the side scroll bar is displayed.

Figure 1 Without multistage layout

When multistage layout is used

Figure 2 shows an example of setting two stages."Content" and "Sales" items are the second row.

Figure 2 When using multistage layout

As described later in the explanation of the definition method, the first row is treated as "L1" and the second row as "L2".

Figure 3 Label setting

We also do cell combination setting.As shown in Fig. 4, in the second row, three cells are grouped together.

Fig. 4 Cell binding setting

Figure 5 shows the model definition prepared in the above example.

Figure 5 Model definition

Set "Layout> List"."Label name" is an alphanumeric identifier that does not overlap."Cell join" specifies a numerical value for the item to which join is applied.

Figure 6 Setting the list layout