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Describe the specifications of model items.

More than one "model item" can be defined in the model.

Item detail definition

When you press the "detail" button of the corresponding model item, the model item detail dialog is displayed.

Figure 1 Details button
Figure 2 Dialog for setting model item details

What settings can be done is explained throughout this manual.By reading these you can see what Wagby can do.

You can also open the dialog in Figure 2 by double-clicking on the line of the target item in Figure 1.

Insert item

Select (check) the insertion destination item and select the menu "New" in the gear icon.(FIGS. 3 and 4)

Figure 3 Select the insertion target item
Figure 4 New Button

A blank line is inserted.(FIG. 5)

Figure 5 Inserting a blank line

Move items

Drag the item you want to move with the mouse and drop it at the position you want to insert.(FIG. 6, FIG. 7)

Figure 6 Moving (dragging)
Figure 7 Movement (Drop)

Delete item

Check the row to be deleted and select "Delete" from the gear icon.(FIG. 8)

Figure 8 Delete item

'* (Asterisk)' '>' '' '' '' <'' '' & '' can not be used.

  • It is not possible to use the item ID of one character.Item ID must be at least 2 characters long.
  • Please start with an English character or "_ (underscore)".
  • Please specify English letters or "_ (underscore)", half-width numeric characters, "/(slash)" after the second character."/" Is used as a delimiter for containers of repeating items.
  • It can not consist of "_ (underscore)" and half-width numerals only.
  • Characters that can not be used as XML names can not be specified.Therefore, you can not use half-width katakana, double-byte numerals, double-byte alphabetic characters, symbols.(For characters that can be used as the name of XML, read the characters that can be used in Appendix.)
  • Reserved words can not be specified.(For reserved words please read Appendix reserved words.)
  • Item IDs defined in the same model are not distinguished between alphabetic capital letters and lowercase letters, so please specify so that they do not overlap while ignoring the underscore.
    For example, if you specify "ab" "Ab" "aB" "AB" "a_b" "A_b" "a_B" "A_B" "aaa/ab", they all duplicate.(In the last example, the right part "a" of the delimiter "/" is duplicated.)
  • Please specify the child item names delimited by the delimiter "/" of the container of the repetitive item (described later) so that they do not overlap under the above conditions.

Change item ID

If there are other models referring to this item, a warning dialog will be displayed before the change.When you press OK, all the referenced models are replaced with the changed item ID.(The items in the formula are also the same.)

Delete item

If there are other models referring to this item, a warning dialog will be displayed before deleting.If you refer to this item in the formula, it is included in the warning target.

If you press OK, the item will be deleted, but for other models indicated as affected, the developer should manually correct it appropriately.

There is no theoretical limit on the number of model items included in one model.

However, in reality, the approximate standard is around 300 items.The reason for this is due to the restriction that "class file of compiling result of 1 method is 64 KB" in Java.
Specifically, this limitation may be involved in the JSP section that displays the screen.(JSP is a specification that converts one file into one method.)