You can specify "Suggest" function on the search screen. When you enter a candidate, the choices are displayed.

Figure 1 shows an example of applying a suggestion to the item "customer" in the "estimate" model.If you enter "0" as customer number, candidates are displayed immediately.

Figure 1 The candidate was displayed

Choose from candidates.If you set a lookup here, lookup resolution will be done at the timing confirmed from the candidates.(Figure 2)

Fig. 2 Lookup function

Suggested side model

Set the "customer code" item of "customer model" to model reference (search). Further, in the detailed definition of the model item, set the field of full text search.

Figure 3 Full-Text Search Settings
The setting shown in FIG. 3 is the one to be performed on the estimation modelIt is not.It is set to the "customer code" item of the referenced model (here "customer model").
Figure 4 Model to set

Suggest only setting

When "Full text search" is specified in "Full text search" setting, both full text search and suggestion can be used.
Here "Suggest only" can also be specified.In this case the full-text search function can not be used.

If you apply both full-text search and suggestion, the size of the index file for search will be enlarged.If you only use it in a suggestion, please select "Suggest only".

Selection of string matching method

In general, please use "forward match".If "partial match" is specified, it will be after two or more characters are input when the candidate is displayed.

Simultaneous display number of candidate list

Specify the suggestion number of suggestions.There are 20 standards when not set.This value must be greater than or equal to 1.

Side using side

Set it to the item on the side using the suggestion input function ("estimate" model in the example above) side.

Refer to figure 5

Specifying the length of the suggestion input field

You can also specify the input length.

Figure 6 Specifying the input field length

Items that can be set

  • Suggest isOnly when the reference destination is a character string typeCan be used.For other types, it functions as a normal subwindow search.
  • It can also be used for items in the repeating container (referring source).

Search function

  • It will be a forward match search from the beginning.For example, "North" hits against the string "Kitakyushu", but "Kyushu" does not hit.
  • The maximum string length of forward match search is 64 characters.

Display Order (Sort)

  • By default, sort in ascending order of primary key items.
  • If the sort order was set for the full-text search target item of the model referred to by the suggestion, the "sign" of this numerical value is also reflected in the order of the suggestions.(If the numerical value in the sort order is a negative number, it is in reverse order.)
You can not customize the display order.Although the standard value of candidates displayed by suggestion is 20, in actuality, only the top 20 items are displayed after sorting a lot of data.This sorting rule is either ascending order or descending order.



For details of the index file, please read "Search Control> Full Text Search".