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I will explain the relationship between models.

The model can have relationships (relationships) such as 1: 1, 1: N.

Figure 1 Reference relationship of model

The reference key (of the referencing model) is provided with "list box", "radio button", "check box", "search screen".

There is also a relation such as narrowing down by multiple reference keys.(Example: When selecting a large item, small items are narrowed down.)

In this chapter, we will explain references used in such general business matters.

(1) Option model
The choice model is used to manage several to dozens of choices.
(2) List box
Display the referenced model in a pull-down format. You can select one value.
(3) Radio button
Display the referenced model in the radio button format. You can select one value.
(4) Checkbox
Displays the referenced model in checkbox format. Multiple values ​​can be selected.
(5) Search screen
If the amount of data to be referenced is large, you can use refinement using the search screen.
(6) Lookup
At the timing of model reference, other related items can be referred to automatically. Wagby calls this a lookup.
(7) Checkbox (subwindow)
Select multiple reference models from the subwindow. After selection, check box format is displayed.
(8) Tracing source
The referring source trace is a function to jump directly (screen transition) to the detailed screen of the referenced model. Please read "Reference source (to reference destination) trace".
(9) Trace destination
The reference trace is a function to check "what (reference source) data is being referenced" on the screen. Please read "References (to the referrer) trace".
(10) Narrow down choices by relationship between reference models
If you decide the value of one model reference, you can narrow down the choices of other related model references.
(11) Narrow down choices by value of other items
You can narrow down the choices of model reference depending on the value of other items.
(12) Suggest
You can specify "Suggest" function on the search screen. When you enter a candidate, the choices are displayed.
(13) [Example] Implementation of input method by selecting and adding fixed messages
By applying the lookup function, you can perform the operation of inputting a character string while selecting / adding a fixed message.
(14) [Example] Specify consumption tax at the time of operation using narrowing down of options
We calculate the tax amount using the consumption tax rate at the time when the user operated it. We will respond to future consumption tax change rules.
(15) Link list boxes not related to each other by calculation
I will show you how to link two (independent) list boxes that are not related by calculation formulas.