In Designer I will tell you a hint that the display order of model items is not intended.

Model lists are sorted by dictionary order of model IDs, but model items are maintained in the defined order.

Internally, the sort order is maintained in the repository of model items. For example, for the name item of the customer model, the order is stored in the format

in repository/trunk/customer/customer/name/name.txt.

trouble shooting

The order of model items has changed

Please confirm the following points.

  • I did not use Wagby Designer, I copied and pasted the item folder directly, I made duplicates because I did not edit the above __linenumber.
  • In team development, someone changed the line and committed.Or, I did not commit all repository files whose order was changed although I added or deleted items or changed the order.

How to respond

You can manually edit the above values ​​so that they do not overlap, but if you use the migration tool you will automatically sort.

I will install another version of Wagby which I currently use.(I will install the installation folder separately.)

Between versionsMigrationPlease do.