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You can set values ​​for all model items in the model at once.

Here, we will explain the basic operation of batch setting taking the "company" model as an example.

Figure 1 Sample: Company model

Specify the repository key to set

Opens a dialog for model item detail definition from an arbitrary item.In Figure 2 we use the "company name" item. Next, select "name"Part with the mouse.

Figure 2 Select target for batch setting

With the target of batch setting selected, press the "batch setting" button prepared at the bottom of the dialog.

Figure 3 Bulk setting button

The batch setting dialog as shown in Figure 4 opens.Here, as for the repository key part, a setting including the previously selected character string is prepared.Since multiple candidates may be displayed, please select the appropriate one.

Figure 4 Bulk setting dialog

Enter a value

You can enter a value for each item.After inputting, press "Save" button.

Figure 5 Enter the value and press save button

The setting confirmation dialog is displayed.Press "Yes" to apply the setting.

Figure 6 Setting confirmation dialog

Setting is completed.

Fig. 7 Setting is completed

Click the "Close" button to close the dialog.You can also continue the batch setting operation without pressing the close button.

Fig. 8 Close the batch setting dialog

You can select all items by using the check box provided at the top of the item name.

Figure 9 Selecting all items

In this state, you can enter the value in the "batch set value" field.

Figure 10 Entering batch settings

Values ​​are set for all items in the checked status at once.You can also change the value individually before pressing the save button.

The values ​​shown in Figure 11 item are set

In the case of a repository of a selected format, the definition method changes. Here is an example of manipulating the repository specified as "required".

Figure 12 Input Check> Required Specification

The batch setting value is in the list box format as shown in Fig. 13.

Figure 13 Selection by list box

With the target item checked, if you select a value from the choice, the set value will be set.

Figure 14 Check target items
Figure 15 Setting value is set

You can also specify the repository key directly.First, specify the category.

Figure 16 Specifying categories

A list of all the repository keys belonging to the category is prepared.Please select the repository key you want to set.

Figure 17 Select repository key
For details of the repository key, see "Repository list"Please refer to.