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Compress the build wagbyapp folder in zip format. The file execution authority is also maintained.

Compress the build application "wagbyapp" folder in zip format.It has the feature that execution authority of some executable files (extension .bat or .sh) contained in the wagbyapp/bin folder is retained.

When compressing the wagbyapp folder with the zip tool that comes with the Windows OS as standard, there is a problem that execution authority disappears.This tool was prepared to solve this problem.


Please do a full build and create a wagbyapp folder.The following procedure assumes that the wagbyapp folder for production operation has been created.


Here, we will explain how to use in Windows OS.Please use the console when operating on Linux/Mac OS X.

Enter "cmd" in the "Start menu> Search program and file" column and execute it.(FIGS. 1 and 2)

Figure 1 Start menu
Fig. 2 Execute "cmd"

A command prompt is displayed, as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 Command Prompt
You can also execute "command prompt" directly without going through the start menu.

When the command prompt starts, move the current folder with the cd command.The destination is Wagby installation folder \ misc.(Please read the installation folder properly.)

Fig. 4 Changing the current folder

Execute createWagbyappZip.bat included in the same folder.

Figure 5 Execute createWagbyappZip.bat is prepared in the Wagby installation folder.Copy this file to the production server and deploy it.

Figure 5 is created

This command internally uses the Apache Ant 1.9.4 library included in the misc/lib folder. Therefore, it is not necessary for developers to prepare Ant separately.