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ENH937401 new function Execute a script corresponding to the workflow operation (combination of nodes and events). [FW] WorkFlowManager
ENH939101 new function Unread management function.You can perform a search from the viewpoint of data that has not yet opened the details screen (or data that has already opened the detail screen). [FW] Add jfcunreadstatus_m model
ENH944301 new function Execute the CSV download process as a job. [FW] DownloadJob
ENH949601 new function Display the list display screen in grid format.Includes foreign key child model display.(Display only.Not supported for list update.) [G] showListXXXLp.jsp
ENH946801 new function Create a repository from kintone's design information. [FW] RepositoryConverter.jar
ENH892801 Function addition Make it possible to enter a value of 15 digits or more in the numeric type field. [G] jsp
ENH915101 Function addition Allow entry of an input check script on the list update screen. [G] Server side JavaScript
ENH929901 Function addition When using the tab layout, you can control the default tab depending on the condition of the item. [G] jsp
ENH938401 Function addition In the menuTooltipWhenimageCan be displayed. [G] menu.xml
ENH941101 Function addition "File name", "sheet name", "file name when collective form output" can be specified in the form template. [G] ShowXXXController
ENH942101 Function addition A screen that can be transitioned after the batch update processing of the list display screen can be specified. [G] XXX_GetForwardUrl.js
ENH942301 Function addition CSV downloadWhenCharacter encoding of upload updateYou can specify for each model. [G] Download/Upload ProcessBean
ENH952001 Function addition When using the wizard, prepare an option that can be displayed together on one screen (like confirmation screen) also on the detail screen. [G] showXXX.jsp
ENH952101 Function addition Enable style to be specified for div elements surrounding check boxes and radio buttons.As a result, the height of the check box display area can be fixed. [G] show/insert/update jsp
ENH953101 Function addition When searching for uninputted values ​​is enabled, prepare a function NULLSEARCH () that sets the initial value at the time of displaying the search screen as a non-input value. [G] Condition model helper class
ENH954001 Function addition Prepare a function EXEC that executes external commands. [FW] j_util.jar
ENH913907 Improvement In the display processing of the summary view, speed up the part that executes count and sum on the dimension.[How to restore the operation up to R 7.9.2 ...] [G] showListXXXTp.xsl
ENH914607 Improvement It corresponds to LDAP/Active Directory authentication that does not allow anonymous access. [G] deployerConfigContext.xml
ENH915107 Improvement Allow entry of an input check script on the list update screen. [G] XXXUlpInputCheckHelper_input_check.js
ENH922701 Improvement Add a setting to match the display order of the dimensions with the display order of the axis of the graph.
ENH924601 Improvement The input filter of the reference interlocking own model (or other model) saved items has always been the same as the referenced item so far, but it allows you to specify this.You can also use the same input filter as the referenced item as before. [G] Filter class
ENH929902 Improvement In tab display control, when an automatic calculation item is set as a control source, tab switching is performed without screen redrawing. [G] jsp
ENH929903 Improvement In the tab display control, it is possible to perform display control of the same tab with different control source values ​​as OR conditions. [G] jsp
ENH932401 Improvement Write-once type list boxTo correspond to implicit conditions and group authorities. [FW] JFCHibernateDao
[G] Dao class
ENH942601 Improvement The reference destination trace link function is also applied to the submodel. [G] showXXX.jsp
ENH943501 Improvement In the CSV upload update function, if "check the existence of the primary key column" is invalidated and there is no column recognized as an item in the header line, it is regarded as a registration error.Until now, when the existence check of the primary key column is not checked, even an incorrect header line was not treated as an error.This response will lead to prevention of user malfunction. [FW] AbstractDbUploadUpdateRunnableMonitor2
ENH945301 Improvement Prepare myfunction.js as a framework to describe functions commonly available in all scripts. [G] myfunction.js
ENH947001 Improvement For the reference (search screen) item of another model "Narrow down choices by relationship between reference modelsSetting is ignored.(This setting does not work in the first place) [G] Helper class
ENH948101 Improvement Make it possible to specify the retry count and the retry interval of the mail transmission function. [FW] j_util.jar
ENH949101 Improvement If you set the maximum branch number in the child model linked to the parent, skip the process of calculating the child's branch number in the parent detailed display processing, and improve the performance. [G] Helper class
ENH950201 Improvement When X-Forwarded-For is available for IP address restriction at logon and acquisition of IP address to be recorded in log file, use it.It is effective for operation via a load balancer. [FW] JFCUtils, LogonService
ENH950801 Improvement With the change history log function, make the representation of the file path only the real file name.[How to restore the operation up to R 7.9.2 ...] [FW] PresentationPHelper
ENH951001 Improvement Improve the method of using memory when scanning large amounts of data in summary view.(Do not generate Out Of Memory.) [FW] TotalViewScroller
ENH951301 Improvement POP before Allows you to specify the port number in the SMTP authentication server. [FW] MimeMailUtilities
ENH951601 Improvement Upload using Excel file Allows you to specify numerical format to be used for numerical item analysis when updating.(Previously it was a fixed format called " [G] XXXPCSVHelper
ENH953201 Improvement Enable to specify parameters in the job that executes the script. [FW] ScriptCodeRunnerJob
ENH953501 Improvement When an unintended error occurs in the workflow engine, processing has been continued by outputting an error log so far, however, processing is interrupted so as to make transition to the error screen. [FW] WorkFlowManager
REG940501 Degraded If the file name contains half-width brackets, the download file name will be encoded.For example, "(" becomes "% 28".FIX 931901 corresponding to R 7.9.1 "Influence of using Microsoft Edge as browser, incorrect file name to be downloaded when setting Japanese as the download file name" [FW] WebStringEncodeUtilities
REG940901 Degraded It does not operate correctly when a transition is made from the menu to the new registration screen for which parent-child simultaneous update is set and the cancel button is pushed.(Screen is still being read.The impact of REST API modifications supported by R 7.9.1. [FW] DbShowListController
REG946901 Degraded When setting "Display search screen and list display screen at the same time" and "Stop search processing immediately after transition of search screen" are set, when a button is pushed from the detailed display screen to the search screen, the state before the search (state where the list is not displayed) Is displayed.Impact of REST API correspondence implemented in R 7.1.1. [G] ShowListXXXController
REG951501 Degraded The number of successful transmission of the mail transmission job is not reset for each job but accumulated.Impact of improved memory efficiency of mail sending job implemented in R7.7. [FW] SendMailJob
FIX913801 Bug In the generated code related to the form output, there was a place to return in the finally clause.Improve this because of undesirable code.(Operation is not affected) [G] Controller class do_print method
FIX919301 Bug A pattern in which HTML tags (td) are duplicatedly output depending on the layout setting. [G] JSP
FIX940701 Bug If download buttons are prepared on the search screen and the maximum number of downloads is set, even if the maximum number of downloads is exceeded, the download button may be pressed.(1) When a date item is used as a search condition (2) When a search condition is specified and restored [G] helper class p2s method
FIX941001 Bug When inputting with IME on in the suggestion item, the input value is confirmed in the middle of input and the input value of Hiragana is displayed twice. [G] update/updateListXXX.jsp
FIX941501 Bug Scroll bars of the table are not displayed when "Fix Header Row" is set when displaying the summary column on the list display screen. [FW] common.js
[G] showListXXX.jsp
FIX941601 Bug When multistage layout setting is done, the tr tag of the header line is not closed. [G] showListXXXLp.jsp
FIX941701 Bug In the model reference item (search) to which the update authority is given, the screen is redrawn (reloaded) immediately after the clear button is pressed, and the cleared value is returned. [G] jsp
FIX941801 Bug In the setting that includes tabs and repeating containers in tabs, there were patterns that could not be correctly placed in tabs when there were multiple tabs before the appearance of repeating containers. [G] jsp
FIX942401 Bug Redrawing (reloading) is not executed when value is changed when the list box of another model reference is set as a check box on the search screen. [G] conditionXXX.jsp
FIX942501 Bug Style specification does not work for input field of write-once type list box. [G] insert/updateXXX.jsp
FIX942801 Bug In the case of an additional parameter description for screen transition, if it is a radio button type item and an item name containing an underscore, a run-time error occurs. [G] showXXX.jsp
FIX942901 Bug In addition parameter description for screen transition, model reference (reference linking), addition of write-once type list box items in list display (row by row) causes a run-time error. [G] showXXX.jsp
FIX943001 Bug Data including a line feed code can not be specified as an additional parameter of screen transition (HTTP GET transmission). [G] show/updateXXX.jsp
FIX943201 Bug When referring to the item of "text area (rich)" from another model with "reference linkage", HTML tags are included in the display content on the update screen and displayed. [G] show/updateXXX.jsp
FIX943401 Bug If you set the check box to "Use search control> Switch display format" to narrow down items by "Restrict options by value of other items", a run-time error occurs. [G] ProcessBean
FIX943801 Bug If a line break is included in the label of the external link button, an error occurs at application startup. [G] menu.xml
FIX943901 Bug Build error when setting implicit condition on item referencing compound key model. (Automatic generation unit)
FIX944401 Bug In the details screen of the parent model, it is set not to display the child model list, but when using the list of the child model in the detailed display of the parent model, a build error. (Automatic generation unit)
FIX944701 Bug Invalid button double press countermeasure code was left in My class of workflow. [FW]
FIX944801 Bug The value retrieved in the subwindow is set. Read-only text boxes and suggestions, "date of input cursor position" setting is not reflected in date calendar input. [FW] input_date_combo.tag
[G] updateXXX.jsp
FIX945001 Bug In the check box expression, when an expiration date is set, invalid items are specified as "not displayed", but in the check boxes of the search condition portion, they are displayed in "(-)" notation. [FW] PresentationPHelperPart6_s2p_check
[G] helper class s2p method
FIX945201 Bug When the list of child models is displayed on the details screen of the parent model by external key cooperation, the total value (total value) is not displayed in the summary column of the list of child models. [G] ShowListXXXController
FIX945501 Bug In the item on the list update screen, the right alignment of the cursor position in the input area is not applied. [G] UpdateListXXXUlp.jsp
FIX945601 Bug "Message to input field" of item help is not displayed in case of range search. [G] conditionXXX.jsp
FIX945701 Bug In the PDF form (JasperReports) setting, the contents of the queryString element described in the jrxml file are not reflected. [G] ShowXXXController
FIX945801 Bug When "list display screen (line by line)" is selected with the screen name of the user definition process, the id of the button overlaps and a JavaScript error occurs. [G] showListXXXLp.jsp
FIX946001 Bug When the scroll bar is displayed on the screen displayed in the print format, the hidden portion on the screen is not printed. [FW] tiles2-base_printlayout.jsp
FIX946101 Bug The input field length of the date calendar input is not reflected in the search item. [FW] input_date_combo_input.tag
FIX947606 Bug If there is only one date condition entry field and only the initial value "When search screen is displayed" is set, values ​​after the month are not set in the entry field. [FW] src_input_date_combo_javascript.tag
FIX948301 Bug When group authority is set to pattern 5 and user ID and group ID of group data management are set to arbitrary items, a build error occurs. [FW] ConditiongroupAdapter
FIX948701 Bug If narrowing down is set as the search condition in the item in the repeating container, the narrowing by Ajax does not work properly on the search screen. [G] showListXXX.js
FIX948801 Bug If there is an aggregation column in the multistage layout of the list display and the header row is fixed, the list display collapses. [G] showListXXX.jsp
FIX948901 Bug If the primary key is a model reference and the primary key type of the referenced model is not a character string, a build error will result if you prepare a batch processing button for that model. (Automatic generation unit)
FIX949501 Bug If you set "narrow down choices by values ​​of other items" targeting the jholiday model, a build error occurs. (Automatic generation unit)
FIX949701 Bug Focus is set in a read-only text area. [FW] common.js
FIX950401 Bug When multiple groups are set in workflow consultation, the next mail address of the group can not be acquired. [FW] JfcworkstateServiceImpl
FIX950501 Bug The search condition set in the script file XXXCHelper_beforSearch.js is not reflected in the WHERE clause. [FW] ConditionHelper
FIX950601 Bug Also make sure that the Japanese item name is output to the resource file ( for hidden items at display and items not set to display labels.For example, when the change history function is used, it is possible to avoid that the item name portion becomes blank. [G]
FIX950901 Bug If foreign key parent-child relationship defines the same item name as the parent model ID in the child model, a build error occurs. [G] Helper class
FIX951201 Bug In Excel form template creation of detail screen, placeholders are shifted and output in models in which repeated containers are arranged continuously. [G] work/report Following template file
FIX951401 Bug In transaction designation, a build error occurs when the model reference item in the repeating container and the referenced model are compound keys. [G] InsertXXXProcessBean
FIX951701 Bug When using SQLServer, if setting to save the reference linkage to the reference model in the workflow application model is done, a deadlock occurs at the time of new registration. [FW] JFCAbstractEntityService
FIX951901 Bug When using the wizard, if you return to the first page without entering anything on the second screen, it will transition to the error screen "Data not found". [G] insert/updateXXX.jsp
FIX952201 Bug At the timing when the input field is no longer displayed with conditional authority, the focus may not be set after the screen redraw.(The input field is invalid, so we can not find the destination of the focus.) In this case, set focus to the first input item. [FW] common.js
FIX952801 Bug When there is one item of data on the final page of the list display, if this data is deleted, the number of display results of the search result becomes an incorrect value. [G] ShowListXXXController
FIX953001 Bug In CSV · Excel upload update, since checking input of items on columns which are not included (in the uploaded file) at the time of new registration, this is suppressed.It was unnecessary input check. [G] XXXPInputCheckHelper
FIX953301 Bug Specifying "Partial match of character string" in the narrowing-down condition of model reference (narrowing down) setting will cause "partial matching of character string (specified at execution)" to operate. [G] XXXProcessBean
FIX953401 Bug Unnecessary extended search was performed when searching for narrowing-down settings and primary key search of "use as branch number".Operation is not affected, but processing is excluded as it is unnecessary. [G] XXXProcessBean
FIX953701 Bug When header rows/columns are fixed on a screen with many list display items, the height of the line may be higher than the display content. [FW] common.js
LIB929701 Specification change In the entry field of the numeric type item, the initial position of the cursor is right-aligned.Specification of the included JavaScript library Dojotoolkit 1.11.2.
SPC912901 Specification change Changes in handling when the group display method is not specified in the screen layout.In the past, the first layout name was to be surrounded by a square regardless of how the group display method was specified.As of R7.10, designation of group display method is valid for the first layout name as well.We also provide a way to restore this behavior to an older version.
SPC952301 Specification change The arrangement position of "Graph setting" and "Lock information" standard prepared in the management processing menu tab has been changed.
SPC950401 Specification change The return values ​​of workflow functions WF_NEXT_GROUPID, WF_GROUPID have been changed from integer type to integer type array.For items that use this function, please check "Use it as repetition" prepared in "Detail" tab of model item detail definition.
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
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ENH868401 new function Prepare the "item rule" function.
ENH946401 Improvement In the model item list, double-click on the item line to open the item detail setting dialog.
ENH946501 Improvement Shorten the display timing of the explanation tooltip, which is displayed when the mouse over the upper menu.
ENH905401 Error checking If an item specifying full-text search or suggestion is not stored in the database, an error message is displayed.
ENH942001 Error checking If the initial value (when detailed display) is set for the primary key item, a warning message is displayed.(Because there is a fear of unintentional malfunction)
FIX943701 Bug When setting the primary key or the external key after inserting the model item, the key icon is visually shifted and displayed.
FIX944001 Bug If repeated container IDs are duplicated, no error occurs in real time check.
FIX946201 Bug After model copying, model rows are doubly displayed on the model list screen.
FIX946301 Bug In the item detail batch setting dialog, if the number of items is large, even if the scroll bar is moved downward, the setting field of the lower item is not displayed.
FIX947201 Bug DDL cache is not deleted when model item is deleted.
FIX949801 Bug Null Pointer Execption may occur internally when changing model item name.
FIX949201 Bug When setting ROOT deployment logon screen does not open with "Open logon screen" button of WagbyDesigner.
FIX949901 Bug Specifying a value not supported by Java for character encoding of database causes StackOverflowError at auto generation.
REG953801 Degraded Changing the password of the user account makes it impossible to log on to WagbyDesigner.It occurs in R 7.9.2.
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ENH937401 Workflow The definition of the system model jfcworkflow_setting has been changed.An execution script storage column has been added.
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FIX940601 Bug When applying the migration tool from R6 definition file to R7, holidaytype_m.txt will not be converted to R7 format, resulting in a build error.(Once you move to R7 with the R7.9.1 migration tool, you can avoid it by moving to R7.9.2.)
FIX945401 Bug When the front part of the item ID is a name including the model ID, the migration processing of the item is skipped.
SPC924604 Specification change In order to make it behave the same as the old version, set the input filter of the reference interlocking own model (or other model) saved item to empty.It uses the same input filter as the referenced item.For details, refer to "Function> SPC924601Please refer to.
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LIB929701 Library Update Dojotoolkit library.1.11.2.
LIB947701 Library Update Spring from 3 series to 4 system.It is 4.3.3.
LIB947702 Library Let Spring Batch be 2.2.7 to 3.0.7.
LIB947801 Library Update framework Quartz library for timed jobs.It is 1.6.5 to 2.2.3.
LIB948601 Library Updated Tomcat from 7 series to 8 series.It is assumed to be 8.0.38.
LIB948604 Library Update internal database Hibernate.It is 2.0.0 to 2.3.4.
FIX763001 Framework Remove the action classes of Struts that were left in the system management system and part of the workflow processing, and unify them to Spring MVC.
FIX940801 Activation Restoring an unrestricted development repository containing different application ID information causes an error in the license key check.