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ENH964701 Improvement The primary key value of the composite key item and the check box of the single key can be described as screen transition parameters. [G] JSP
REG941603 Degraded Labels such as "total value" are not displayed when totaling the list display screen and multistage layout are used together.Corresponding in R7.10 "When doing multilevel layout setting, tr tag of header line is not closed."Impact of. [G] showListXXXLp.jsp
REG954910 Degraded Performance deterioration when setting the automatic calculation formula of the total of the child models to the parent model in parent-child simultaneous update.Impact of correction processing (FIX 9549) corresponding to R 7.10. [G] Helper class
REG957101 Degraded If the default tab setting is not made in the tab layout, the tab selected when the screen reload occurs will not be maintained and the first tab will be selected.Influence of tab layout correction (FIX 9299) corresponding to R 7.10. [G] JavaScript
REG957701 Degraded When "Screen> Search/list display> Button display> Batch form output button> PDF file" is set to β—Ž, a build error occurs.Impact of bug fix (PDF 9457) of PDF form supported by R7.10. [G] Controller class
REG958801 Degraded If you set to include regular items and repeat containers in the tab layout, buttons such as registration may not be displayed in some cases.Impact of tab layout defect fixes (FIX 9418) corresponding to R7.10. [G] JSP
REG959101 Degraded When setting to operate multiple jobs of the same job, only the first one is valid.Influence of Spring 4 update corresponding to R 7.10. [G]
REG960201 Degraded In the password reminder setting, the USESQL specification using the mail item prepared in the juser model does not work.The influence of Spring MVC correspondence of management processing part corresponding to in R 7.10. [FW] RemindPasswordController
REG960301 Degraded The setting of "Preferences> Customize> Preferences" is not reflected.The influence of Spring MVC correspondence of management processing part corresponding to in R 7.10. [FW] UserPreferenceController
REG962301 Degraded When the scroll bar is displayed in the hidden tab in the tab layout, the scroll bar remains displayed even when switching to another tab.Impact of Dojotoolkit version up (1.11.2) supported by R7.10. [FW] common.css
REG963501 Degraded Tab display control function does not work properly when displaying tabs with the same display source control value.Impact of Dojotoolkit version up (1.11.2) supported by R7.10. [FW] TabManager.js
[G] JavaScript
FIX957601 Bug When the search result is one, the condition for transition to the update screen is set to "always", and when the display condition formula is set in the update button, the screen does not shift to the update screen. [G] helper class s2p method
FIX959001 Bug If other model reference checkbox items are set not to store values ​​in the database, the items may not be displayed on the screen in some cases. [G] helper class s2p method
FIX961501 Bug If there are multiple tabs that contain repeating containers and the screen reload occurs, the selected tab is not maintained. [G] JavaScript
FIX962101 Bug The logon user part is not displayed on the screen even if "display of logon user part" is set to "display" if you set not to display "submenu display" or "breadcrumbs display" in preferences. [FW] tiles2-base_classic2.jsp
FIX962201 Bug In an iterative container column layout, extra columns are displayed when all columns after the second row specify "cell join (column)". [G] JSP
FIX963001 Bug The scroll position is not retained by redrawing after repeat container add button press. [G] JSP
FIX963101 Bug Incorrect tags are generated when updating permission and "Do not display labels" setting are used together. [G] JSP
FIX963801 Bug In the mail reception function, if the target model contains a file type item, a build error occurs. [G] InsertXXXFromMailProcessor
FIX964501 Bug When CHECKED function is used in input check general-purpose expression, behaviors are different between character string type and numeric type. [FW] ExcelFunction
FIX964801 Bug Breadcrumb record method of upload update is different from other screen. [G] UploadUpdateXXXController
FIX964901 Bug The appearance of the "form to be outputted" list box on the form screen is different.(Dojotoolkit is not used) [G] reportList JSP
FIX965001 Bug The mycommon.css and mycommon.js files prepared for customization are not loaded on the subwindow search screen and the logon screen. [G] searchListXXX.jsp
[FW] logon.jsp
FIX965101 Bug The disabled property of the delete button of the flow setting container on the registration/update screen of the flow pattern of the work flow is not reflected to the appearance. [G] xxxJfcflowSettingLayer.jsp
FIX965201 Bug If collective processing and full-text search are set at the same time, checkboxes for batch processing can not be selected. [G] conditionXXX.jsp
FIX965301 Bug Parameters can not be passed when transitioning to the download screen using the original button. [FW] DbDownloadBaseController
FIX965601 Bug When "setting to be linked when referring to another store model" is set in the search control, the value of the linkage source is cleared at the value setting of the reference linkage. [G] JavaScript
FIX965701 Bug When outputting the (controller) class for customization, the initial state of the do_original method of MyCopyXXXController is different from Insert. [G] MyCopyXXXController
FIX965801 Bug When multiple child models are linked by simultaneous updating of parent-child models, if the front part of the model ID of the child model matches, addition processing of child models is not performed, and search processing is performed instead. [G] UpdateListXXXController
FIX965901 Bug The contents set for the initial value of the automatic calculation and details screen are not applied when redisplaying the detailed screen at the time of applying, reverting, approving the workflow. [G]
FIX966001 Bug The width of the batch processing target selection check box and the button row may become long when the header row is fixed. [G] showListXXXLp.jsp
FIX966101 Bug Dojo.js was doubly incorporated in the model that set up the workflow. [G] insert/update/copyXXX_javascript.jsp
FIX966301 Bug Account of flow participant setting, button control of group selection does not work. [FW] jfcparticipantSettingUtil.js
FIX966901 Bug The JavaScript code of the onBlur event of the suggestion item causes overlapping parentheses to be output and the suggestion does not work. [G] insert/update/copyXXX.jsp
FIX967001 Bug Scroll position is not maintained if container is added/deleted with tabs other than left tab selected by default displayed when repeated container is stored in tab. [FW] common.js
FIX967201 Bug Even when pagination of the subwindow search screen transited the menu screen, it has not been reset.(It is specified to be reset on screen transition via menu screen.) [FW] DbShowListBaseController
FIX967301 Bug When focus is placed on a read-only text box whose value is set on the sub-window search screen and the BackSpace key is pressed, the screen returns to the previous screen.In this case, BackSpace should be ignored. [G] insert/update/copyXXX.jsp
FIX967401 Bug Value of another item in numeric item If value is already entered by copy function, setting not to copy will not copy the value even without input. [G] insert/update/copyXXX.jsp
FIX967601 Bug The font size set in the rich text area is not reflected on the detailed display screen. [FW] XssSanitizer4DojoParserCallback
FIX967701 Bug When the list display is made into a grid, even if there is a search result after the search is executed, the "download" button can not be pressed. [FW] Grid.js
FIX967801 Bug When screen layout collapse occurs, the file selection button of the file type item may not be displayed sometimes. [FW] src_input_file.tag
SPC966701 Specification change For the items of 4 byte floating point/8 byte floating point type, change default from "
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code