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ENH969701 Improvement To set model reference (check box) item to "empty" stateARRAY function with no argumentsAre prepared. [FW] ExcelFunction
ENH971601 Improvement Any script that is invoked within the same transaction, including transaction scripts, enables rollback by raising a BusinessLogicException. [FW] ScriptCodeRunner
ENH971801 Improvement We do not prepare detailed screen, but make it possible to use batch delete button. [G] showListXXXLp.jsp
REG954912 Degraded A pattern that will result in a build error when the parent automatic child calculation update is set to the parent model and the automatic calculation formula of the total of the child models is set.Impact of modification of calculation processing corresponding to R7.10.2 (REG 954910). [G] Helper class
REG966003 Degraded When IE is used, the column width of the detailed button of the list display becomes shorter and the button sometimes protrudes to the adjacent column.Corresponding effect of "Correspondence that the width of the check box and the button row for batch processing becomes longer when header row is fixed" corresponding to R 7.10.2. [G] showListXXXLp.jsp
FIX960001 Bug If read-only repetitive items are prepared, they are displayed in duplicate. [G] JSP
FIX968001 Bug "Download" button is not displayed even if there is a search result after pushing the reset button when the list display is made into a grid. [G] JSP
FIX968101 Bug The setting of the "display URL of linked image" setting of the external key child model uses the setting of the detail screen.It is necessary to correctly use the setting of the list screen. [G] showListXXXLpInYYY.jsp
FIX968201 Bug Applying the JOIN function for checkbox items multiple times to an expression creates incorrect source code. [G] Helper class
FIX968301 Bug When both the viewing authority and the updating authority are set in the item, if the input screen is redrawn by the input check (warning) in the case where there is no viewing authority and there is the updating authority, the viewing disabled item is displayed. [G] Helper class
FIX968601 Bug When using the grid format in the list display, if there is a date item in the search condition, a JavaScript error occurs at the time of search execution. [FW] Grid.js
FIX968701 Bug When using the grid format of the list display, the action button is not displayed even when there is a search result at search execution. [FW] Grid.js
FIX968801 Bug When using the grid format of the list display, if the search is performed after the session timeout and the re-logon is performed after pressing the reset button etc., the list display data is not displayed correctly. [FW] BaseController
FIX968901 Bug The numbered ordered list (OL, LI tag) of the rich text area displays white on the detailed display screen. [FW] common.css
FIX969001 Bug A pattern in which incorrect HTML is output in a complex screen layout definition and the form becomes invalid. [G] JSP
FIX969101 Bug Build errors may occur when using functions with multiple patterns of return values ​​(ARRAY, REVERSE, SORT, ADD, REMOVE, MAX, MIN, REMOVEELEMENT, REMOVEELEMENTALL). [G] Helper class
FIX969201 Bug When the REQUEST function is specified as the initial value, the numeric type item is set to -1 when the parameter is not passed. [FW] JFCUtils
FIX969401 Bug Even if you specify "Alert" for allowable character type check of mail address type item, it is handled as error. [G] XXXPInputCheckHelper
FIX969601 Bug When all the data is deleted all at once in the page of the list display screen, the number of data items and the number of pages are displayed incorrectly. [FW] DbShowListBaseController
FIX969801 Bug If you write a function in the B part with the IF function syntax IF (condition AB), the generated code becomes illegal. [G] Helper class
FIX969901 Bug Single line comment is not available in script (server side JavaScript). [FW] ScriptCodeRunner
FIX970201 Bug When the list display is in the grid format, the screen message after execution of batch processing or the like remains displayed. [FW] Grid.js
FIX970301 Bug An illegal code is generated when enabling the "leave change history in log" function and not generating the list display screen with option model (initial data fixed). [G] Helper class
FIX970501 Bug If "transition to registration screen when search result is 0" is designated, the screen transition script of the search screen is not executed. [G] Controller class
FIX970701 Bug When permission setting is applied to items, all the selections disappear when the screen is redrawn at the time of pressing the full selection/all release button of the check box. [G] Helper class
FIX970801 Bug The common style of the summary view is not reflected in the vertical and horizontal total fields. [G] XSLT
FIX970901 Bug Settings such as label wrapping do not work for the setValueToOpener item on the subwindow search screen. [G] searchListXXX.jsp
FIX971001 Bug If "scroll type header line/column is fixed" is specified in the list display, the height of the left and right tables may be displayed shifted. [G] showListXXX.jsp
FIX971101 Bug When using the wizard, when all designation and "wizard display is combined" are used together, all specified items are displayed a plurality of times. [G] showXXX.jsp
FIX971201 Bug When wizard displays are grouped together, if a certain wizard consists only of containers repeatedly, that container is not displayed. [G] showListXXX.jsp
FIX971901 Bug When returning to the detail screen using "Bread crumb", the script for detailed display is not executed. [FW] ScriptCodeRunner4Controller
FIX972401 Bug The summary graph is not displayed when logging on with an account that does not have a general user (common) or system administrator (all). [FW] jfcgraphsetting model
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
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FIX971701 Bug The initial setting value of "screen> new registration/update screen> input check button" is different from the appearance of the screen.(Once you check it manually, it will work by releasing it.) [FW] Initial repository jfcDesignerTemplateModel