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ENH941401 new function Allow script to customize search conditions.You can implement OR search using this. [G] Server side JavaScript
ENH958001 new function Prepare OnDemandGrid mode in grid format of list display.And necessary data is read in conjunction with the scroll bar operation. [G] Grid.js
ENH970401 new function Prepare grid format display of list update. [G] Grid.js
ENH935101 new function Allow control of the icon display of the tool bar displayed in the text area (rich). [G] JSP
ENH935201 new function Enable to specify the height of the text area (rich). [G] JSP
ENH967501 new function Enable to specify style of label part. [G] JSP
ENH970101 new function Allow scripts to be executed to be executed after CSV upload update is completed. [G] Server side JavaScript
ENH941201 Improvement Include the browser type information of the user in the log (system.log). [FW] JFCUtils
ENH959901 Improvement Allow multiple SPLIT function delimiters to be specified. [FW] ExcelFunction
ENH960101 Improvement The item copy function is also adapted to the model reference type. [G] Helper class
ENH960401 Improvement When disabling the "Allow update processing" setting on the list update screen, do not perform internal lock acquisition processing.Memory usage rate improves. [G] UpdateListXXXController
ENH961201 Improvement When the flow participant setting ID not registered does not exist in the flow event table, the model name and the primary key are output to the log. [FW] WorkFlowManager
ENH961401 Improvement Because of the constraint of the Excel form, one cell had an upper limit of 1024 characters, but changed it to 32767 characters. [FW] Form output unit
ENH961801 Improvement When a value is set from the subwindow search screen to the suggestion item, if the value is emptied manually, the linked item is also cleared. [G] JavaScript
ENH962601 Improvement Allows you to designate the item for which the SQL expression was set (non-DB save) as the reference destination of the reference linked item. (Automatic generation unit)
ENH963201 Improvement Enable to describe inequality directly in SQL expression. [G] *.hbm.xml
ENH964705 Improvement Added in R7.10.2Describe the primary key value of the compound key item and the check box of the single key as screen transition parametersIn the method, the reference interlocking destination also corresponds to the pattern called a check box. [G] JSP
ENH965401 Improvement When transitioning to upload update using the original button, prepare parameters (events) for opening the screen for checking the status. [FW] DbUploadUpdateBaseController
ENH966201 Improvement In the parent-child simultaneous update, when the search condition is not set at the time of retrieval of the child model, no search is performed and a warning message is outputted.In order to suppress unintended database access when there are a lot of data linked to the child model. [FW] DbUpdateListController
ENH970601 Improvement "Management processing> About this applicationInclude JavaScript engine information. [FW] showAboutApp.jsp
ENH971301 Improvement Prevent the background image of the logon screen from being cached by the browser.(Correspondence when image is replaced by customization.) [FW] logon.jsp
ENH972201 Improvement A choice model that does not create a table, the transaction was started at the time of data acquisition so far, but this was unnecessary.Improve performance by suppressing this transaction start. [FW] JFCPropagationSupportsEntityService
ENH972301 Improvement Provide a method of transitioning to a new registration screen via a dialog by double clicking a date in the modern calendar view. [FW] common.js
ENH972501 Improvement Enable to display items in repeating containers in grid format of list display. [FW] JFCUtils
ENH974201 Improvement In the generated code related to the calculation process, LRUMap is used as a mechanism to temporarily hold the value read from the database in the memory.Improve memory usage efficiency. [G] Helper class
ENH974301 Improvement In the batch process, the number of data which has been successful up to now has been displayed on the screen as a message, but also the number of cases where an error occurred is displayed at the same time.Also, since logs at the time of error occurred were both warn and error, we will standardize this as error. [G] showListXXXController
REG945005 Degraded When "not display selected item names" is set with reference to other models (check boxes), nothing is displayed when none is selected.Impact of fix (FIX 9450) on handling expiration date of check boxes corresponding to R 7.10. [G] Helper class
FIX913908 Bug In the summary view, specifying an 8-byte floating point as a measure results in a computation error, which may cause the screen display to collapse.[How to restore the operation up to R 7.9.2 ...] [FW] XMLUtil
FIX956501 Bug When you browse the model with the grid display as the list display on another model reference search screen, the search screen list is not displayed. [G] JSP
FIX956601 Bug In the list display grid, "Transit to detailed display screen by row clicking" setting and checking the check box of row selection when collective processing is performed, the screen transitions to the detailed display screen. [FW] Grid.js
FIX958101 Bug When using workflow and group permission (or implicit condition) setting together, displaying browsable data on the detailed display screen causes a runtime error. [G] ShowXXXController
FIX958201 Bug There is a case that browsing disable data remains in the cache and can be browsed with "restriction on browsing only by flow participants in workflow". [G] Helper class
FIX958301 Bug "Browsing restriction only for flow participants in workflow" displays unviewable data on the child model list in the details screen of the parent model. [G] ShowArrayXXXProcessBean
FIX958401 Bug "Browse restriction only for flow participants in workflow" function was effective only on the search screen so far, but it will also work on detailed screen/update screen/delete. [FW] CriteriaConverter
FIX959301 Bug The details display button and the non-display setting of the row selection column of batch update are not saved in the list display grid. [FW] Grid.js
FIX959701 Bug When screen redrawing occurs on the list updating screen and simultaneous updating screen, lock objects are accumulated in the memory.(Since the lock object is released at different screen transition, it is not a memory leak, but if redrawing is done many times, it consumes memory.) [FW] DbUpdateListBaseController
FIX961301 Bug For the narrowed down item using the value obtained by the calculation, if the previous/next button on the detailed display screen is pressed, the item value display becomes "nonexistent data (-)". [G] helper class beforeShow method
FIX962401 Bug The value of the suggestion item of the reference linkage is not cleared even if the value of the linkage source is empty. [G] JavaScript
FIX962501 Bug In the other model reference item which is setting the narrowing down, the value of the reference interlocking own model saved item linked to the same item disappears at the time of reloading the screen. [G] Helper class
FIX962701 Bug When the item name and the referenced model ID are the same as the generated code for the item clear button, a build error occurs. [G] Helper class
FIX962801 Bug If the empty character "" "is set with the initial value of the search condition, a WHERE clause for searching for empty characters is issued.Empty characters should be ignored. [FW] CriteriaUtils
FIX963401 Bug JOIN, SUM, MAX/MIN, FIRST/LAST function # ID designation using ID part of check box type item is ignored. [G] Helper class calc method
FIX965501 Bug When changing the sort key with the model specifying full-text search, the number of items on the detail screen and the Previous Next button are not displayed correctly. [FW] DbCursorBaseController
FIX966801 Bug The "Display date, time, postal code type help button" setting does not work on the search screen. [G] conditionXXX.jsp
FIX966901 Bug The JavaScript code of the onBlur event of the suggestion item causes overlapping parentheses to be output and the suggestion does not work. [G] JSP
FIX972601 Bug The tab layout control of the child model simultaneous update screen refers to setting of the parent model, not the child model. [G] JSP
FIX972801 Bug When handling the Enter key is treated as "TAB key", even if the item that was not allowed to enter on the screen display becomes ready, it will not be treated as the item to be cursor moved. [G] JavaScript
FIX972901 Bug When the handling of the Enter key is treated as "tab key", the item movement of the radio button is different from that when the tab key is pressed.When pressing the tab key, move to the next input item. [G] JavaScript
FIX973601 Bug When the display condition is set in the tab layout, the entire screen may not be drawn when the condition is false. [G] JSP
FIX973701 Bug When the child model is displayed in the tab layout with the parent-child model, when the detailed display screen of the parent model is displayed again, the selected tab is not maintained. [G] JavaScript
FIX973901 Bug If another item comparison check is applied to another model reference item in the list update, a code which generates a compile error is generated. [G] XXXUlpInputCheckHelper
FIX974001 Bug Setting of bold font in the rich text area sometimes invalidates font size etc. [FW] fontsize_[lms].css
FIX974401 Bug Automatically generated class CacheManager is not thread-safe.This class provides a cache mechanism to hold the value read from the DB in memory.There is no problem caused by not being thread-safe at the present time, but it is assumed to be thread-safe for just in case. [G] CacheManager
FIX974501 Bug When multiple language environments such as Japanese and English are mixed, the character string representation when the date type is set as the primary key differs from locale to locale.Therefore, there was a possibility that people with different language spheres could not browse data of the same workflow.The character string representation of the primary key is fixed regardless of the language environment. [FW] JFCUtils
SPC957001 Specification change Since this change had a great effect, we will restore it with R7.11.1.We will review this specification with specifications and respond with future Wagby.When reference reference item is used in calculation formula, if reference destination is basic type and not mandatory, it can not handle null because type in method to expand expression is basic type.Use wrapper classes to allow nulls.For example, the following expression can be described.(Here agreementPrice, masterPrice is a reference linked item.)
This effect makes the judgment of the basic type more precise.Specifically, if it is an 8-byte floating-point type, be sure to describe the decimal point as "0.0" instead of "0".If you migrate the old repository file and you get a build error, please review the numerical part of the expression from the class name and method name of the place where the build error occurred.
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
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ENH841501 new function Provide items copying function across models.
ENH960501 Improvement The model item list display is in grid form.By using OnDemandGrid, display time can be shortened with a model that defines a large number of items.
ENH960601 Improvement Display the button to return to the reference source model after transitioning from the popup of another model reference to the reference destination model.
ENH971401 Improvement Set the host name of the URL opened by pressing the "Open logon screen" button as the host name of the connection destination of WagbyDesigner.(Previously localhost was fixed)
ENH956901 Error checking Treat it as an error when referring linkage item is specified as "linked item name" in reference linking.
ENH957301 Error checking When reference linkage is set as a search condition, when the reference linkage destination is another model reference (list, radio, check, search), the extended search is invalidated.
ENH961001 Error checking If the referenced item in the reference interlocking self model saving is a check box, specifying a sort key treats it as an error.
ENH961601 Error checking If there is a narrowing setting in the list display item, and the narrowing source is not included in the list display, a warning is outputted.
ENH961701 Error checking When the type of the input item of the numeric type item is not numeric type, it outputs a warning that the output format designation is invalid.
ENH963701 Error checking If the same model detects a setting called foreign key child model and reference destination trace link, treat it as an error.
ENH967101 Error checking Ignore the sort setting of "DB not saved" and "SQL expression is not set" item.
FIX961901 Bug The value of the input item in the flow setting container is not cleared even if you press the clear all button on the registration/update/copy registration screen of the flow pattern.
FIX966401 Bug I can not clear the image file path and CSS style settings of menu buttons.
FIX973001 Bug On the menu edit screen, an option model template is displayed.(Should not be displayed)
FIX973101 Bug Even when the cluster function is invalid on the menu edit screen, the lock information search model is displayed.(Should not be displayed)
SPC960501 Specification change The movement operation of the model item now checks the target item (move operation).This is because the list display has been changed to grid format.
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ENH962001 Improvement In the portlet model, it was set to place the preview button on the original button, but since it was not used, it is abolished.(Operation is not affected)
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ENH956301 Database Provide a way to obtain Hibernate Session to sub database.
ENH958601 REST Prepare version 2.Output the key name of the JSON object as it is from the camel case format and the item name as it is.(It is also possible to use version 1 which is the old system for each model.) Version 1 will be discontinued at Wagby R8.
ENH958901 script Register, update, detailed displayright beforeMake it possible to create a script to be called.
ENH973301 Generated code Let the data manipulation unit of the calendar view be from the process bean method (R 6) to the service object method (R 7).
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FIX969301 Bug Folder of item rule added in R7.10 .userDefinedItem is not migrated.
FIX964001 Bug When migrating from the R6 definition file, if you migrate a master model that "Create table" is not specified, it becomes "to create table" after migration.In this case, check "Create table" as unmodified choice model after migration and "Fix it with initial data".
FIX969501 Bug The xml file of export/data_R6template/init/jfcreporttemplate generated may be illegal when migrating from the R6 definition file.The file name is empty, only the extension. Xls is prepared as the file name.
FIX973201 Bug When transferring from the R6 definition file, menu information of "statistical information" is not included.
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LIB957901 Library Update the enclosed Tomcat from 8.0.38 to 8.5.9.
LIB959601 Library When using JasperReports, there may be a warning "Unpatched iText found, can not use glyph rendering" in the log.To prevent this, change itext.jar from 5.5.0 to 2.1.7.js4.
ENH958701 Internationalization Prepare English version of error message resource of repository grammar check processing.
ENH959201 Internationalization Prepare English version of error message resource of automatic generation processing.
DB963901 Database Add DBMaker to an available external database.(For details about DB Master please contact DBMaker Japan.)
SPC974101 Software Specification License Agreement We revised the Software Specification License Agreement to be bundled.
  • Changed the use restriction clause of Japan only.
    (Note: Domestic sales partners can handle only Japan.)
  • Delete the project development PC development part of the project license.
    (Note: This phrase is for R6, which was unnecessary in R7.)
  • Change of standard support window.
    (Note: Because the sales partner will be responsible for the standard support window.)
  • Delete restriction on lease.

Initial data import

  • In accordance with ENH 958601, since the "_" at the end of the JavaScript variable has been removed, the data of the portlet included in the initial data (data_init) has changed.When upgrading please import portlet data included in R7.11.0 without including "portlet" when importing old data.(*1)
1. If you have customized the portlet JavaScript, please manually merge it based on R7.11.0 JavaScript.

Impact of Tomcat update

In the Linux OS environment, file permissions change when "Export" is executed from the "management screen" of the built application.This is because the default file permissions have changed since Tomcat 8.5.

"Update: Tighten up the default file permissions for the .tar.gz distribution so no files or directories are world readable by default.Configure Tomcat to run with a default umask of 0027 which may be overridden by setting UMASK in (markt)"

As a correspondence, you can specify an arbitrary value by specifying the environment variable UMASK in export UMASK = 022

When specifying UMASK in the start script stored in /etc/init.d with CentOS 6 etc, here is an example to specify in the command specified in the su command.

su -l ${SERVICE_USER} -c "export JAVA_HOME=${javahome}; export UMASK=022; cd ${SERVICE_HOME}/bin ; sh ./"