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Patch file for R 7.11.1 (published 2017.5.11)

It is a patch file for R7.11.1 released to 2017.4.27.The following trouble is corrected.

  • When saving the Excel form (list) to "Save to server", a build error occurs.Effect of ENH 975301.
  • The cache library ehcache may squeeze the heap memory.Influence of SPC 978001.

Application method

After downloading the patch file, if you expand it, the wagbydesigner folder will be prepared.Please do "Overwrite (copy)" to wagbydesigner of R7.11.1.

How to check if patch has been applied

The wagbydesigner/webapps/wagbydesigner/WEB-INF/classes/jp/jasminesoft/jfc/gen folder is created.If the ControllerGenerator2_showList.class file is found in it, the patch has been applied.

Please perform full build after applying patch.
No Classification Contents changes
ENH977401 new function Provide image display and HTML source display function as extended plug-in of rich text editor. [FW] dijit/_editor/plugins/LinkDialog
ENH962901 Improvement Make the REST API available in the CAS environment. [FW] cas-server-webapp.war
ENH970418 Improvement The model of the composite primary key is also displayed in the form of a list so that it can be displayed in the list updating grid. [FW] Grid.js
ENH975301 Improvement When outputting the form, record which form template ID was output to the log file (system.log) is recorded. [G] ShowXXXController
ENH976501 Improvement Make it possible to include not only To but also addresses of Cc and Bcc in the mail transmission log. [FW] MimeMailUtilities
ENH977801 Improvement Prepare a mode (fixed display) that does not allow portlet movement. [FW] jshPortal.js
REG879803 Degraded If you log on as a general user and perform "execute now" of the job, a password check error occurs.Impact of invalid account determination processing of job execution supported by R7.7. [FW] MyJfcjobschedulePInputCheckHelper
REG978401 Degraded A plurality of "download formats" are displayed in the option of the list box of the download format displayed on the search screen.The influence of FIX 950601 corresponding to R 7.10 "Ensure that Japanese item names are output to the resource file (" as well as hidden items at display and items for which labels are not displayed. [G] conditionXXX.jsp
FIX966803 Bug The setting to hide the "Display date, time, postal code type help button" setting on the search screen does not work. [G] conditionXXX.jsp
FIX970414 Bug In the grid format list maintenance screen, the width of the text box is not aligned with the column width. [FW] Grid.js
FIX970415 Bug Even if you press the Update or Copy button on the grid format list update screen, it will transition to the detailed display screen. [FW] Grid.js
FIX970416 Bug In the grid format list update screen, the date and time values ​​are displayed as serial values. [FW] UpdateListGrid.js
FIX970417 Bug In the grid format list update screen, the format is not reflected in the date and numeric input field. [FW] UpdateListGrid.js
FIX975701 Bug When setting "Target all data as batch processing" in the model with batch processing enabled, the grid format of the list display does not work. [FW] DbShowListSelectableAllController
FIX975801 Bug Setting "Target all data as batch processing" in the model with collective processing enabled will result in a run-time error. [FW] DbShowListSelectableAllController
FIX975201 Bug The detailed dialog of modern calendar view is not displayed in Firefox. [FW] common.js
FIX975601 Bug When the title is long in the month display of the modern calendar view, the date and display suffered and it is hard to see. [FW] common.css
FIX974601 Bug Job AlertMailFromLog may fail to execute in Java 8 environment. [FW] AlertMailFromLogTask
FIX975101 Bug The "Do not display images when check boxes are selected" setting does not work when the reference interlock destination is a check box. [G] showXXXP.jsp
FIX975901 Bug The narrowing-in may not work when the item of the narrowing-down source of the model reference (narrowing down) of the input control is a check box or a radio button and used together with automatic calculation or other narrowing down. [FW] __javascript_setResponseXMLContent_check.html
FIX976101 Bug The retrieval condition of the list display is taken over by the REST API of the list update.As a result, the search narrowed down state is maintained when transitioning from the list display grid format to the list update grid format. [FW] DbUpdateListController
FIX976201 Bug When using the REST API on the list display and calling with other parameters (such as page transition) without including the search condition, not all the searches will be done.Since search conditions are not included, it is necessary to search all items. [FW] DbShowListController
FIX976301 Bug In the model with grid enabled, items not sorted are also sortable UI.Since the sort function does not work, it was necessary to turn off sorting even in UI. [G] JavaScript
FIX974701 Bug Items defined as "write-once type list box" in the grid enabled model do not function as search conditions. [G] jsp
FIX976701 Bug Even if you set the search condition of the calendar view to the unspecified state, the data before changing to unspecified is displayed. [FW] DbShowListByJcalendarViewBaseController
FIX976801 Bug The value may be redisplayed even if the clear button of the suggestion is pressed. [FW] __javascript_setResponseXMLContent_search.html
FIX976901 Bug Even if "Retain value" setting is enabled for input enabled/disabled control, values ​​are not retained in screen redraw on screen update screen. [G] updateListXXXUlp.jsp
FIX977201 Bug The sub window does not open if there is a search screen in the search item of the model displayed simultaneously in the modern calendar view. [FW] common.css
FIX977701 Bug When "make search condition foldable" setting is made, the "download form" label on the search screen is left-justified. [FW] common.css
SPC957002 Specification change We will restore the corresponding items in R7.11.0.When reference linked item is used in calculation formula, unset is always treated as 0.Therefore, it can not judge whether it is null.We will revise the specifications of this request and will respond with future Wagby.
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
No Classification Contents
ENH977901 Improvement When changing the item type, delete "input filter" and "input item type".At the same time, in the case of character strings, numerals, and date types, appropriate filter and type information of input items are automatically set.
No Classification Contents
ENH977801 Improvement Add the setting item disableDnd for fixedly displaying the portlet to the portlet model.
No Classification Contents
FIX974901 Bug When migrating from the R6 definition file, TEMPLATE ($ {mailtemplate}) is specified by the mail template specification but it is not $ {mailtemplate} after migration.
No Classification Contents
LIB976601 Library Update the Tomcat you ship from 8.5.9 to 8.5.13.Response to Tomcat security vulnerability.
SPC978001 cache All cache information handled internally by Wagby is on-memory, so that no auxiliary storage device (disk) is used.
  • For compliance with SPC 9780, cached information is temporarily saved in the temp folder of the application wagbyapp folder that was built.For this reason, we always need the wagbyapp/temp folder from this version.Please also give write permission.