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ENH978501 Improvement Performance improvement of CSV download processing.Improvement effect of 30% to 40% is achieved by reviewing internal reflection processing. [FW] PresentationHelper
ENH978803 Improvement Holiday holiday file JapanHolidays.ics Improvement of reading section.Suppress unnecessary stream open processing. [FW] DbBaseController
ENH980401 Improvement Enable the method of deleting physical files at the same time in file type item deletion processing.(There are some restrictions) [FW] DbBaseController
ENH980601 Improvement Review id attribute that is given to each item of detail/registration/update/search/list display/list update screen.Correspond to unpatterned patterns and cases where id is a different rule from others are corrected so as to be consistent. [G] jsp
ENH982901 Improvement Although batch processing (such as batch deletion) has been processing data by issuing SQL for every designated number of pages so far, by processing this data in units of 1000 regardless of the number of pages, about several percent, performance Improve. [FW] DbShowListBaseController
ENH984501 Improvement When debugging is specified as a job parameter, a detailed log of main body analysis processing of the mail reception function is made to remain. [FW] MailBodyParser
ENH984901 Improvement In the batch form output window, separate descriptive texts of only one kind of output form are prepared. [FW] selectPrintAll.jsp
ENH985001 Improvement In the collective form output window, when an output form is not selected, an error message is displayed. [FW] selectPrintAll.jsp
ENH985401 Improvement Functions that directly reference resources MESSAGE, ERRORMESSAGE Offer.Using thisThe ERRORMESSAGE function can be used for message of user definition check. [G] XXXPInputCheckHelper
REG945006 Degraded A pattern in which execution time exception NullPointerException occurs when narrowing down items on search screen.In R7.10, "In the check box expression, when an expiration date is set, invalid items are not displayed, but they are displayed in" (-) "notation in the check box of the search condition part."Consideration of missing. [G] helper class getXXX_update method
REG963402 Degraded Applying the JOIN, SUM, MAX/MIN, FIRST/LAST functions to the model reference item will result in a build error.# ID designation using the ID part of the check box type item with the JOIN, SUM, MAX/MIN, FIRST/LAST function corresponding to R7.11 corresponding to FIX 963401 is ignored."Impact of. [G] Helper class calc method
REG969104 Degraded A pattern that will result in a build error at the initial value setting of the check box.The specification change SPC 957002 corresponding to R 7.11.1 was restored, but it affected FIX 969101 corrected in R 7.10.3. [G] Helper class calc method
REG975304 Degraded When saving the Excel form (list) to "Save to server", a build error occurs.ENH 975301 corresponding to R7.11.1 "When outputting the form, record what form template ID was output to the log file (system.log) is recorded."Impact of. [G] ShowXXXController
REG978013 Degraded The cache library ehcache may squeeze the heap memory.Incorrect description of SPC 978001 "Correction of ehcache configuration file" corresponding to R7.11.1. [G] ehcache.xml
REG980301 Degraded Primary key string is not output when repeating container part is downloaded by CSV download.It occurs in Wagby after R 7.10.2. [G] Helper class CSV output unit
REG980701 Degraded If the measure is a string type and two dimensions are set, the result of subtotal for each dimension 1 is incorrect.Effect of ENH 9139 corresponding to R 7.10. [FW] XMLUtils
REG983401 Degraded If you set a script with flow participant settings, a dialog is displayed when saving and it can not be saved.FIX 9663 corresponding to R7.11.0 "Account of flow participant setting, button selection control of group selection does not work."Impact of. [FW] jfcparticipantSettingUtil.js
FIX910104 Bug Pattern that style specification of label is reflected in value part. [G] JSP
FIX938601 Bug The same data may be deleted twice when the search screen is displayed during batch deletion.(The phenomenon occurrence itself is a rare case, but because there was a possibility of occurrence, we respond to this.) [FW] FinderContext
FIX957215 Bug In the parent-child model simultaneous display, search parameters for retrieving the grid data of the child model with the REST API are not output. [G] Grid.js
FIX978301 Bug A pattern that becomes poorly displayed in a layout in which wizards, tabs, and repeated containers are mixed. [G] JSP
FIX978701 Bug Style to label part of repeating container is not applied. [G] JSP
FIX979101 Bug The holiday model (jholiday) is not displayed in the modern calendar view. [FW] common.css
FIX979301 Bug When termination delimiter is set as unspecified (line feed) in automatic analysis processing of mail reception, it does not operate properly when operating with Linux OS. [FW] MailBodyParser
FIX979501 Bug A pattern that can not solve the reference interlocking using the automatic calculation result. [G] helper class resolvRelatedItem method.
FIX979601 Bug In the model using the wizard, server side JavaScript about the controller is not executed. [FW] DbBaseController
FIX979701 Bug There is an item which is not cleared in the reference linked item (self model saving, changeable) when the clear button of the separate screen search is pressed. [G] JSP for registration and renewal
FIX979801 Bug Part of the horizontal scroll bar on the sub window search screen is displayed outside the screen, making it difficult to operate. [G] Subwindow JSP
FIX980001 Bug The physical file path of the file type item is embedded. If the path on Windows (delimiter is a backslash) is stored in the item xxx_jshfilename, specifying this as an attached file for sending mail causes an error on transmission. [FW] MailSendProcessBean
FIX980101 Bug Screen redrawing is not performed and refinement does not work when a list box item is set in the model reference (narrowed down) item on the parent-child model simultaneous update screen. [G] updateListXXX.jsp
FIX980201 Bug When the list display of the foreign key child model is set to the grid, the child model list is not displayed on the parent model detail screen. [FW] Grid.js
FIX980801 Bug A pattern that has a foreign key to more than one model and a build error occurs if "foreign key reference item name" is set. [G] helper class resolv method
FIX982201 Bug When an underscore is included in the model ID, the list display grid is not displayed. [FW] common.js
FIX982301 Bug In IE 10, portlets may not be displayed.Timing of timing of rendering is done. [FW] jshPortal.js
FIX982401 Bug If you set the model ID to status, you get a build error. [G] XXXPInputCheckHelper
FIX982501 Bug If multiple items are defined in the tab display condition in the tab display control, it will not work except for the last display condition. [FW] TabManager.js
FIX982601 Bug If other model reference (radio) item is used for tab display condition in tab display control, it does not work properly on detailed screen. [G] showXXX.jsp
FIX982801 Bug Tab display control using other model reference (check) does not work properly. [FW] TabManager.js
FIX983101 Bug If you set a value from the subwindow to the blank suggestion item on the list maintenance screen, it will not be set correctly. [G] updateListXXX.jsp
FIX983501 Bug The data waiting for processing by the approver set in the script is not displayed in the holding flow list of the workflow. [FW] WorkFlowManager
FIX983601 Bug In the search screen, the check box narrowing setting (restrictparamlist) does not work. [G] conditionXXX.jsp
FIX983801 Bug The search condition fields of the classic calendar view are displayed in vertical rows. [FW] common.css
FIX983801 Bug A build error occurs when the primary key of a model with a repeating container is another model reference and the referenced model is a compound key. [G] Store model
FIX984001 Bug When the scroll type of the list display is set to "header row/column fixed", the height of the list value may be higher than the display content in some cases. [FW] common.js
FIX984101 Bug Script for list display screen controller, the script for details, update, copy registration button prepared for each line does not work. [FW] ScriptCodeRunner4Controller
FIX984201 Bug Synchronization between zip code items and addresses in repetitive container items does not work on the search screen. [G] ShowListXXXController
FIX984601 Bug Add Repeat Date Item Button Clicking this will set the default date 1970-01-01. [FW] PresentationPHelperPart3_s2p
FIX984701 Bug The size of the subwindow of account list display used for data authority and the size of subwindow of workflow model "application flow selection method" are fixed. [G] jsp
FIX984801 Bug The title change of "Import and Export" and "System Log" of the management processing menu is not reflected. [FW] action_initLoader.xml
FIX985101 Bug When you change the workflow node name, it may not be reflected in the FLOWSTATUS function. [FW] WorkFlowManager
FIX985201 Bug When performing the paging operation on the list updating screen, the value of the item for which input enable/disable control is set is cleared. [G] updateListXXX.jsp
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
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FIX982101 Bug If the locale of the OS is an environment other than Japanese, restoration of the repository fails.
FIX982701 Bug When creating a list update screen on an optimistic lock model, an error occurs in automatic generation processing.
FIX983001 Error checking There are cases where there are multiple items referring to the same model, which may not be displayed if "Enable reference destination trace link" is set for each item.In such a setting, a warning message is outputted at the time of automatic generation.
FIX983701 Error checking If numeric format is set for numeric hidden items, a warning will be issued at automatic generation.This is suppressed.
ENH985801 Error checking Even when a repository setting error occurs, the entered value is saved.Since sometimes it was not saved in the past, there was a problem that the setting was not reflected without noticing the error.
ENH985804 Error checking When repository setting error occurs, make error message displayed as tooltip at the upper part of the screen.
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ENH985401 script Include declarations of JFCUtils and HolidayManager in the basic template.Developers no longer need to declare this class in Java.type.
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LIB983201 Library Change JasperReports from 6.2.0 to 6.4.0, and itext.jar from 2.1.7.js4 to 2.1.7.js5.