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Classification Contents changes
new function The search condition is output to the log (system.log).(Equivalent to what could be realized with R6.) [FW] CriteriaConverter
new function Initial value of date/number is not displayedTo the list screen as well. [G] Helper class
new function Allow transaction scripts to be written to foreign key model. [G] Server side JavaScript
Degraded An event does not occur even if you set a value in the date calendar input.Therefore recalculation with date item as a starting point and Ajax redrawing do not work.It occurs from R 7.5.1. [G] JavaScript
[FW] common.js
Degraded When setting the value with the date calendar on the search screen and then pressing the "to registration screen" button or the like, the screen does not shift and all the buttons remain unable to be pressed.It occurs from R 7.5.1. [FW] common.js
Degraded In the parent child model simultaneous update screen in the foreign key parent-child model relationship, when the parent model is newly registered, the process of invalidating the parent's referring and linking is invalidated, but the value is not saved in the reference linked self model saving item.In this case it was necessary.It occurs from R 7.5.1. [G] Helper class
Degraded When designating a style at the same time as not setting the label/value display backwards, the style attribute is outputted in duplicate.It occurs from R 7.5.0. [G] JSP
Degraded If the column width of the list display item is specified as a percent and the scroll type is set to "fix the header row", the layout of the list display collapses.It occurs from R 7.5.0. [G] JavaSript
Bug When the search screen or the list screen is displayed, the value specified as the initial value at the time of displaying the detailed screen is written to the database.(It affects only the model that specified the initial value at the time of detailed screen display.) [FW] JFCHibernateDao
Bug When setting refinement in the model reference check box, the check/clear button does not function anymore.(At the timing when the check box is rewritten with Ajax by the narrowing operation, the function of selecting and clearing all check boxes set at the time of screen display does not work.) [G] JavaScript
[FW] common.js
Bug In the case where the function of narrowing down the choices by the relationship between the reference models is applied to the check box item of the search screen, when the selection destination is the list box and the option is "all", check box items having no relation are displayed. [G] Helper class
Bug In the combination definition of the reference interlocking self-model saved combination, "Build only at the beginning of the choice" is a build error because of the place where the check method checks the presence or absence of values ​​with the check method even if the type is a character string. [G] Helper class
Bug If the condition is not satisfied by the conditional function FIRST, LAST of the automatic calculation formula, the corresponding part is not blanked and the previous calculation result remains and is displayed. [G] Helper class
Bug In the transaction script for the item in the repeating container, the container name of the repeated container is treated as a folder.Correctly it is the filename excluding the container part repeatedly. [G] WEB-INF/script/*.js
Bug Applying full-text search to submodel will generate incorrect code and build error. [G] Model 2 Map class
Bug When ordering databases (Oracle, PostgreSQL) are used, if order is specified for a string type item in two or more models, the order import fails. [FW] XML2DBLoader class
Bug Pagesize, firstresult, sortkey of the search condition (conditionp) that can be acquired when using the REST API of the search are illegal values. [FW] DbShowListController
Bug Dojo.js is doubly read on the automatically generated smartphone exclusive screen. [G] JSP
Bug In the date input item on the smartphone exclusive screen, although JavaScript input form is not used, JavaScript error occurs in trying to acquire it. [G] JSP (tag library)
Bug HTML5 form validation was effective on smartphone exclusive screen. [G] HTML
Bug When launching the Wagby application (Tomcat) from the Windows service, an error occurs on the logon screen.Because an extra semicolon ";" was included in the automatically generated service.bat file. [G] service.bat
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
  • When setting up server side JavaScript after starting Designer and before building, it writes to ROOT/WEB - INF.
  • In Linux or Mac OS X environment, copying of the file may fail and build may not be possible.
  • A NullPointerException occurs at the time of automatic generation in environments other than ja_JP.XXX environment variable LANG.
  • If you uncheck the "Create Table" checkbox in the "Screen> Database Details" box, "Physical table name" can not be entered.
  • When choice model is selected as the referenced model in the type detail setting dialog of the model item, even if "display priority" and "invalid judgment item" are made empty, they are reset.
  • It corresponds to the transition of the external link menu (project_outerlink.xls) with the definition from R6.