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Classification Contents changes
Function addition In the mail reception job, the received mail corresponds to the multipart/alternative format. [FW] MultiPartFormImpl
Function addition Make it possible to acquire the detailed log of the reception status in the mail reception job. [FW] InsertFromMailJob
[G] InsertFromMail.vm
Function addition When an exception occurs at job execution, make it possible to send error contents by e-mail. [FW] JFCBaseJobBean
Degraded When the Backspace key is pressed in the password entry field of the password change screen, a confirmation dialogue of the input contents is displayed.It occurs from R 7.5.2. [FW] endbody_linkConfirmDestruction.html
Degraded When the time data is manually edited and saved after selecting the date in the calendar, the time is "00: 00: 00".It occurs from R 7.5.2. [FW] DateTextBox.js
Degraded Even when accessed from the smartphone, the PC version logon screen is displayed.It occurs from R 7.5.0. [FW]
Degraded Change history function, The change log at the time of new registration is not output.The influence of R7.5.0 which corresponded "The change history function, even if you press the update button without changing any value, an empty log is output". [G] Helper class
Degraded When style is specified, the style attribute may be doubly output to the td tag.R7.5.2 corresponding "correspondence" Label · When designating a style at the same time as not setting the value display, the style attribute is duplicated and output.Left of correspondence. [G] JSP
Degraded If the value is changed when the date calendar input is a search item, the download button can not be pressed even after the search is executed.The effect of 'Can not calendar auxiliary input with some date format of date item' corresponding to R 7.5.1. [G] JavaScript
Degraded Entering an error character in a date item causes a runtime error.The influence of R 7.2.1 corresponding "It changes to the standard format at the time of input error even if changing the format of date format". [G] Helper class
Bug When "setting item value copy" setting and "initial value" setting are used for items in the repeating container, the initial value is set after copying.In this case, prioritize the settings to be copied, and do not set the initial value. [G] Helper class
Bug "<" Or ">" characters are not output properly because the character string in the tool tip of the calendar view was doubly escaped. [FW] showSchedule_common.jsp
Bug Foreign key expression in the condition part for the child model, where to refer to the store model tries to refer to the presentation model and results in a compile error. [G] calc method of helper class
Bug If you enter only the date and time in the date type field where the date auto format is set, the converted year does not become the year of the system date.It occurs in Google Chrome. [FW] common.js
Bug If the control source item is a list box with input enable/disable control, the control timing is delayed by one tenth. [FW] common.js
Bug If a reference item of the referenced model is set as a check box, a run-time error occurs on the new registration screen. [FW] util package ArrayUtil class
Bug A pattern in which a compiler error occurs when an item of the reference linked self-model saving (reference destination is a radio button) is included in the list display. [G] Helper class (XXXLpHelper)
Bug If the reference to the reference linkage item is a checkbox item, the search does not work.(Except save of own model) [FW] criteria related
[G] Metaclass
Bug The narrowing down of the check boxes does not work properly. [FW] meta, core.util related
[G] Helper class
Bug Executing a search by designating "not selected" for the model reference item for database non-saving items causes a run-time error. [FW] meta, hibernate related
[G] Metaclass
Bug When search is executed by pressing the Enter key, "No data can be found" depending on the timing."May be displayed. [G] JavaScript
Bug In the upload update function, if the item indicated by the content of the reference model in the store model reference (search screen) item is not saved in the reference linked item etc database, it is not the upload update target model. [G] Helper class
Bug Even if multiple EXCEL form templates with the same display screen are set, only one template file of the form template is output. [G] Helper class ReplaceMapHelper
Bug Runtime error When specifying "checkbox" by switching display method of search control setting of reference linked item, runtime error. [FW] DetachedCriteria
Bug When accessing the Wagby application from Android's Chrome, the logon screen for PC is displayed. [FW]
Bug The placement designation of the action button is not reflected on the registration/update confirmation screen. [G] JSP
Bug Changing the label character does not reflect the red character indication of the mandatory check. [G] JSP
Bug The page title set on the search/list screen is not reflected on the sub window search screen. [G] JSP
Bug Row click transition does not work on the list screen of workflow/start flow state. [G] JSP
Bug If you set "Stop search process immediately after transition of search screen", data can not be found when search condition is specified by search by REST API. [FW] BaseController
[G] ShowList controller
Bug The calendar auxiliary input does not work when the date type item is referred to as reference linked and the reference destination is saved. [G] JavaScript
Bug If you enable both functions of "Download CSV on the search/list display part screen" and "Specify download file type at run time", you can not press the download button if you select the download file type. [G] JavaScript
Bug When the calendar input item redraws the screen with an input check error, the input field becomes a text box from the calendar. [FW] DateTextBox.js
Bug If reference interlocking defines itself to refer to itself, stack overflow occurs at automatic generation. -
Specification change At the time of Windows Active Directory/LDAP linkage, stop the "close window" button displayed on the screen when logging off and instead display the message "Please exit the web browser for security reasons" .(This is due to restricting the act of closing the window by the security policy of the Web browser.) [FW] Logon processing
Specification change In the "Logon user list" portlet, until now, the logon ID is displayed, but this is changed to the name item of the juser model.However, when the name is unset (blank), the logon ID is displayed. [FW] portlet
Specification change The "job master" managed by the system is only for viewing.(We do not prepare new registration, update, delete functions) because we have never used before.Always load data import from data_init at the same time.As a result, after the job is added, if the old data is imported, the added job setting will be overwritten (overwritten) and the operation trouble will be avoided. [FW] Job master
Specification change Combine workflow (approval/remand/decision) processing as one transaction.Until now, "change of model" and "change of workflow table" were respectively committed.As a result of this modification, if an error occurs during workflow processing, the detailed display screen of the model will be redrawn and "Workflow processing failed" will be displayed.New registration and deletion are different transactions as before. [FW] My * Workflow customization class
[G] WorkFlowManager
Workflow utilization controller class
System model change In Excel · PDF form output, you can now specify the folder of the server as the output destination.For this reason, an outputfolder item has been added to the system model jfcreporttemplate. [FW] jfcreporttemplate
Security As an insurance countermeasure against cross site scripting vulnerability, return a response header that enables the check function of the browser side.Specifically, "1; mode = block" is set in the X - XSS - Protection header, and "reflected - xss block" is set in the Content - Security - Policy header.X - XSS - Protection is supported by IE, Safari, Chrome.The Content - Security - Policy header is supported by Safari, Firefox, Chrome.If you specify the Content - Security - Policy header, you can not execute eval or inline JavaScript. [FW] web.xml
Security As an insurance countermeasure against click jacking, "SAMEORIGIN" is set in the X - Frame - Options header.With this influence, the external site can not embed Wagby screen with iframe etc.If you are using this way, modify web.xml and delete that header.Standard emphasizes security measures, and this setting is effective. [FW] web.xml
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code


  • Prepare the "Open Logon Screen" button on the "Build" screen.
  • For models/model items/projects, prepare a column where developers can describe descriptions.(It does not affect builds.)
  • Abolish upper limit of form definition setting.Up to 30 items can be set up to now, but you can define as many as you like.

Improve stability of difference build

  • When changing the primary key type of the referenced model, re-create the DDL of the model referring to it.
  • Recompile model (s), app (s), controller (s) of the model and associated model when the model class or Meta class (automatically generated) is changed.
  • When changing model information, make DDL re-creation surely.
  • Make it easy to understand error messages displayed due to misconfiguration of reference linkage.


  • Make the Exception output to the console visible on the Designer screen as well.(We had to check the console so far.)
  • Change some log levels output to the console from DEBUG to INFO.This suppresses the load of log output.
  • At the time of version upgrade, caches of HTML files constituting Designer are updated.This makes it unnecessary for the developer to manually clear the cache of the browser.

Bug fixes

  • The repository's backup list is not updated unless you switch tabs.Therefore, even if you enable "Backup at build time", you can not check the backup status without re-logging on to Designer.
  • When an error occurs, "Unexpected token <" may be displayed only in the dialog.
  • When migrating the repository up to R 7.5.2, the foreign key item is "read only".(For compatibility with past editions.If you create a new model in R7.6, external key items are read-only, and you can enter them.)
  • In the case where the form definition has been carried out in a repetition up to R 7.5.2, after the transition, it is sequenced from 1 and the vacancy on the way is filled up.


Bug fixes

  • ClassNotFoundException occurs when starting the design document output tool with the unlimited development license development kit.
  • When model names (Japanese) are duplicated, only one information is output.

If you have customized the following file, please confirm that it works after the build.

  • The generated code of XXXPCreateObjectHelper has been changed.The processing related to the check box has been transferred to the framework.
  • The generated code of XXXPHelper has been changed.I moved a lot of processing to the framework and compressed generated code to about half of the conventional code.
  • The generated code of XXXPCSVHelper has been changed.I moved a lot of processing to the framework and compressed generated code to about half of the conventional code.