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Classification Contents changes
Degraded Setting "Show item names not selected" with the radio button does not work.It occurs at R7.6. [G] Helper class
Degraded If you access the PC screen on the iPad, it will be judged as a mobile terminal.Degradation by amendment of Android judgment processing corresponding to R 7.6. [FW] tiles2-base_classic2.jsp
Degraded Repetitive container There is a pattern in which display collapse occurs in multistage layout.Degradation due to defect fix corresponding to R 7.4.2. [G] JSP
Bug Describing the dollar mark in server side JavaScript is ignored. [FW] ScriptUtil class
Bug Workflow flow state search and flow participant viewing authority do not work. [FW] Service class
[G] Class of Service
Bug The modern calendar view deletion function added in R7.6 does not work unless REST API is enabled. [G] Update screen controller class
Bug It is not possible to update properly when updating other data after updating certain data with the REST API that updates with a single call with a primary key specified. [FW] DbUpdateController
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code

Function addition

Specification change

  • When the build button is pressed during application startup, a confirmation dialog prompting to stop the application and to do the build is displayed.(Build execution requires stopping the application.)

Bug fixes

  • The trunk.temp folder remains when reading the old repository and performing automatic migration processing.