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Function addition The reference check item (reference destination is numeric type) is set to operate range check. [G] Helper class
Function addition
(IE compatible)
IE only HTML5 form validation will work, so add the novalidate attribute to the form tag and invalidate it.Wagby uses Dojo's form. [G] JSP (form tag)
Function addition The setting to stop the search process immediately after the search screen transition is also applied to the form screen. [G] Controller class
Improvement After the printing process of the list display screen, there is a call to extra data set processing (do_setData), so do not do this. [G] showList controller class
Improvement When you execute "execute immediately" of the job with an invalid account, it will stop the job execution by issuing an error message on the screen. [FW] MyShowJfcjobscheduleController
Error checking If the reference linkage item is searchable and the partial matching search of the character string is specified, if the reference destination of the reference linkage is not a character string, this setting is ignored. -
Degraded When registering the data of the "holiday" model, a message "date format error" is displayed.It occurs in R7.6/R7.6.1. [FW] Framework
Degraded The error message returned by the transaction script does not appear on the screen.It occurs in Wagby after R 7.4.0. [FW] Framework
Degraded Workflow does not work when PostgreSQL is used for external database.Impact of transaction specification change to workflow table supported by R7.6. [FW] Framework
Degraded Mail is not sent when approving workflow.Impact of transaction specification change to workflow table supported by R7.6. [FW] Framework
Bug The fixed sort key setting of the referenced model does not work. [FW] Framework
[G] Helper class
Bug The list screen "value display position (portrait)" is not reflected on the subwindow screen defined in item reference (search screen) of other models. [G] JSP
Bug A build error occurs if the primary key of the referenced model is a foreign key and this is the reference linkage source. [G] Helper class
Bug Change history function, The operation for switching the option of the radio button is not recorded as a change. [FW] PresentationPHelper
Bug Simultaneous update of foreign key child modelOn the screen, when tab layout is used for the child model, heading letters are displayed twice (as tab names and texts). [G] JSP
Bug Options that are not available for viewing with implicit or group privileges are displayed in other model reference items. [FW] CriteriaConverter
Bug Implicit conditions are not applied in mail sending job. [FW] CriteriaConverter
Bug Even if the reference trace function is enabled for the model with tab layout enabled, it is not displayed on the screen [G] JSP
Bug When decimal is set for the range check, there is no input check error. [G] JSP
Bug Application of MOVEHOUR, MOVEMINUTE, MOVESECOND function to date type (java.sql. *) Item will fail. [FW] DateTimeUtil class in j_util.jar
Bug The toString method of the presentation model containing the item whose primary key refers to the model of date (time, date time) type fails. [FW] j_jfc.jar model class
Bug Different parameters can not be set for multiple * same * portlets.(It will be set by overwriting.) [FW] BasePortlet.js
Bug When several dozen forms of output were defined for one model, one method of generated code exceeded 64 KB (limitation of Java).Correct this and output the divided methods for each individual form. [G] Show/ShowList Controller
Bug Referencing destination Build error if you set form with model of referencing source with link trace function enabled and try to output form of external key child model at the same time. [G] Show/ShowList Controller
Bug Even if you change the value of the reference linkage (self model saving) or reference interlocking (reference destination saving) item, the options of the list box setting the refine are not changed. [G] JSP
Bug If the suggested item in the repeating container is set as the search item, the search screen is displayed in a collapsed state. [G] JSP
Bug The mobile screen is not displayed on the terminal using iOS 9. [FW] system/iui/iui.css
Specification change Even if the job itself fails with an error in the job "Run now", the message "Job XXX was executed" is displayed on the screen, causing the message to misunderstand.Output message "Job registered in the scheduler.Please refer to the log for the job execution result.". [FW]
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
  • When the past version of the repository file is read, the migration process is applied at the same time, but at this time the information about the menu is changed to be separated into the .menu folder.This is a measure accompanying change of repository structure (described later).
  • Even if the restore fails, a dialog saying that it succeeded is displayed (log records have failed records).
  • If the model name and the model item name are the same, it becomes an error, but if one is uppercase and one of them is lowercase, it will not be checked by error, so we will make judgment ignoring uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • When defining the map view, an erroneous error message saying that the address item must be a range search was displayed.
  • When "delete" the form template, the source code generation process is not driven.
  • Real time error check on repetitive items is not working.
  • When the referenced model is a choice model, "display referencing source trace link" is not checked as standard.
  • When the display priority of the referenced model and the invalidity determination item are specified, an error is assumed when the type of the item is inappropriate.
  • Let Tomcat running WagbyDesigner be 7.0.64.
  • The repository information on the "menu" included in each model was separated as a menu dedicated repository.
  • Exclude printlayout/outputfilename from the initial repository that is shipped.This repository key has been abolished.(The output file name of the form in R 7 is managed on the form template side.)
  • The deprecated repository key printlayout/outputfilename is excluded from migration.
  • When several dozen forms of output were defined for one model, one method of generated code exceeded 64 KB (limitation of Java).We modified this and output divided methods for each individual form.Therefore, the do_print method of the generated Show/ShowListXXXController class is divided.
  • Failed to send WagbyCloud's environment setting information.It occurs in R7.6.0/R7.6.1.