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ENH881701 Improvement If the e-mail address specified for Cc or Bcc overlaps with the e-mail sending function, it has a mechanism to suppress dual delivery to the same e-mail address. [FW] MimeMailUtilities (j_util.jar)
ENH883501 Improvement When sending mail from the detailed screen, when changing the value of the model with the action at the time of success/failure, the value change can be confirmed on the screen without reloading the screen. [G] Controller class
ENH875501 Improvement Enable to set the "all day flag" of the modern calendar view in the form of a check box. [G] Calendar service class
ENH882301 Improvement Enable font size and color setting in rich text area. [G] JavaScript
ENH883401 Improvement The output JSP file may be indented at the place using the tag library.(No effect on operation.) [G] JSP
ENH883301 Improvement There is a pattern that the output JSP file does not output the close td tag.(Since the browser corrects the display, the operation is not affected) [G] JSP
ENH881201 Improvement When narrowing down the option by the value of the item which is not the model reference in the setting narrowing the choice by the relation between the reference models, an error occurs at the time of automatic generation.Because this is a setting that does not correspond, ignore the error rather than spit it. (Automatic generation unit)
ENH882201 Improvement We prepared a confirmation screen at the time of registration/update, but if you set not to create detailed screen, check at the time of automatic generation. (Automatic generation unit)
ENH881401 Improvement The item to directly enter the search screen value of the list update screen is set as the text box of Dojotoolkit. [G] JSP
ENH881402 Improvement Set focus to the first item of the subwindow search screen. [G] JSP
ENH882101 Improvement In the Excel form output, if the value of type double is NaN or Infinity, a space is output. [FW] CellValueReplacer (j_jfc.jar)
ENH883701 Improvement Allow user-defined "yy/MM/dd" to be set in the date format.From 00 to 39 are recognized from 2000 to 2039, from 40 to 99 from 1940 to 1999. [FW] common.js
ENH884301 Improvement The button arrangement position of the batch processing system was slightly off the center. [FW] common.js
REG880801 Degraded A pattern that becomes a build error when enabling the mail reception function.It occurs at R7.7.0. [FW] InsertFromMail.vm
REG878701 Degraded In R7.7.0, the form output code in the controller class was divided, but when outputting detailed formTrace destinationIf it contains a build error. [G] Show/ShowList Controller
REG883601 Degraded An error occurs if data other than the end is deleted for a repeating container including a check box.Impact of performance improvement of mail transmission job in R7.7.0. [FW] JFCHibernateDao
FIX881301 Bug The search condition input value of the date calendar can not be delivered as the initial value of the sub window search screen. [FW] common.js
FIX881403 Bug When using Firefox as a browser, there are patterns that do not reflect the handling setting of Enter key. [G] JSP
FIX881404 Bug A drop-down list is displayed when the Enter key is pressed in the list box where handling of the Enter key is a tab key. [G] JSP
FIX882901 Bug In foreign key parent-child model relationship, parent's change history is saved as blank when recalculating and re-saving the parent when updating the child. [FW] Changelog class (j_jfc.jar)
[G] Class of Service
FIX883101 Bug A javascript error of duplicate id is output when modern calendar view is displayed and the search condition field arranged at the upper left is not displayed properly.
FIX882801 Bug If there is an item for which the reference authority is set in the referenced model in the setting to narrow down the choices by the value of other items, an error occurs at the time of automatic generation. (Automatic generation unit)
FIX883901 Bug When I press the "Menu" link of breadcrumbs during the screen transition after pressing the menu button in IE, the menu tab name being selected becomes "false". [FW] common.js
SPC882401 Specification change If you make a mandatory input check on repeating items, you can not save unless you enter values ​​in all items after adding the input fields.As there is difficulty in usability, in the case of repetitive items, only mandatory checks are made on the first entry fields. [G] JavaScript
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
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ENH851601 Improvement Added in R7.7.0Option model not to create table"Although it is a specification that does not create a download screen, it could be created by a combination of settings.However, since it does not work, add check processing so that it will not be created.
ENH882701 Improvement Since there was a case that the loader icon continued to rotate after pressing the "application start" button on the build screen, the detection process is strengthened.
ENH882501 Improvement A repository folder that does not have a .principal or .permission folder is illegal and should be detected as an error when reading the repository.
ENH881901 Improvement After the restore process, it automatically makes transition to the model list display screen.
REG881801 Degraded Menu is not copied when model is copied by Designer operation.The repository configuration of the menu was changed in R7.7.0, but it was due to its effect.
REG884101 Degraded When preparing a repeating container type, various expected initial settings are not made.Including processing to clear the setting when changing the type in R7.7.0 (so that no build error occurs), this effect.Since the initial type of the item is a character string type, if you change from a string type to another type, do not call this clearing process.
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ENH851632 Improvement When migrating the choice model stored in memory prepared in R7.7.0, the "Create Table" setting is automatically invalidated.(Because it does not work)
REG883201 Degraded Migrating the R6 definition file to R7.7.0 will result in a build error in the jfcmailtemplate_isend_m model.Degradation when option model function which holds value in memory with R7.7.0 is added.
FIX880701 Bug When restoring the repository in Mac OS X environment, an error occurs in the migration process.
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ENH820401 Improvement You can now customize the automatically generated Hibernate Mapping File (.hbm.xml).Save the edited file in customize/webapp/WEB - INF/classes.It is reflected at addition/change of item of that model, or at full build.
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ENH883801 Improvement Processing can be continued even when an abnormal value is detected when WebDAV accesses the folder where the export file is stored.