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ENH884201 Improvement Do not generate more than 256 items in the template generation function of the Excel list form.Because this template is an extension xls, more than 256 items can not be used. Form template to be output to work folder
ENH886601 Improvement At the session timeout, a message to inform the fact is displayed on the logon screen. [FW] LogoffAction
[G] views.xml
ENH886401 Improvement Fixed pattern that part of ruled line is hidden by layout.Add CSS margin. [G] JSP
ENH886501 Improvement There is a pattern that the output JSP file does not double output the close td tag.(Since the browser corrects the display, the operation is not affected) [G] JSP
REG885601 Degraded When updating the floating-point type item, the value entered may be displayed in the input field in exponential form.It occurs in Wagby after R 7.6. [FW] PresentationPHelper (j_jfc.jar)
REG886001 Degraded A pattern that results in a build error when model reference (search) items are also used in search conditions.Relying on compliance with helper class code reduction supported by R7.6.0. [G] Helper class
FIX884601 Bug In the process of determining whether or not the primary key is undecided, included in the generated code, a code incorrectly indicating that the primary key is a date type is generated. [G] helper class, controller class
FIX885501 Bug If you set not to display detailed buttons for each line on the list display screen, a large number of ClassNotFoundException exceptions will be generated at run time.(Since it is ignored, there is no influence on the operation.) [G] JSP
FIX886001 Bug In the list update, if floating point is used for item type, it is updated even if not corrected.Although it does not affect the operation, it is extra update processing. [G] Helper class
FIX887001 Bug When using the ISEMPTY function, an item name passed as an argument contains an underscore, and if the type is a numeric value or a date, it does not work. [FW] ExcelFunction
FIX887101 Bug If two or more ISEMPTY functions are included in one expression and the target of the second and subsequent ISEMPTY functions is date type or numeric type, the second and subsequent ISEMPTY will not work. [G] Helper class
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
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ENH885401 Improvement If you change model reference (reference linkage) to model reference (list box/radio button/check box/search screen), information of "linked item name" will remain and cause repetitive interpretation, so repository As shown in Fig.
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REG887301 Degraded A part of the management processing menu is not restored at the time of transition from R 6 to R 7.In the handling of the .menu folder, there was an error in the order of copying.
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ENH275104 Improvement The system information included in the response header is invisible.Previously, the response header contained information of Server: XYZ, but by setting this as Server: (blank), we do not provide information to attackers.
REG886801 Degraded Cross site scripting vulnerability exists on the logon screen.There was insufficient reflection of corresponded code at R6.
SPC886901 Specification change There is a vulnerability that is displayed as it is when a value that contains characters that become cross site scripting is specified as a primary key in a model having a primary key of numbers.It performs error processing internally (since an extra character string is attached to the numeric type item of the primary key), but since the character string which becomes an error at this time was displayed on the screen as it is.As a countermeasure, we changed the specification so that all HTML tags included in the error character string are escaped.With this influence, HTML tags can not be included in error messages.For projects that customize the contents of the error message, please fix to remove HTML tags.
SPC887501 Specification change Cache-Control specified in the HTTP header should always be cached off.Until now, I was finely controlling the cache on and off because of CSV download and form output, but this control is no longer needed for browsers with IE 9 or higher.