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ENH358601 new function Support for multiple databases.Only one main database is readable and writable.Up to three sub databases can be specified, only read. -
ENH748101 new function With respect to file type items prepared in the repeating container item, it is possible to register multiple files by drag & drop. -
ENH784901 new function Corresponds to wildcard search specification of character string type item. -
ENH801301 new function Corresponds to AND, OR search designation of string type item. -
ENH847601 Improvement Make xlsx available for Excel form template. [FW] Form output unit
ENH875704 Improvement Enhance the definition check processing of the calendar view. [G] Check processing
ENH880005 Improvement When specifying the display priority and invalidity judgment item of the referenced model corresponding to R 7.7.0, make an error that the type of the item is inappropriate to correspond to "other model reference (search screen)" . [G] Check processing
ENH884401 Improvement Minimize the console window that opens when Tomcat starts on Windows. [G] catalina.bat
ENH884701 Improvement Prepare a method to combine cells in the vertical direction in a multistage layout of list display. [G] JSP
ENH885701 Improvement Prepare the functions AGCOUNT, AGSUM, AGAVG, AGMAX, AGMIN that can obtain the results of the list display screen (total). [FW] Function library
ENH616001 Improvement Prepare a function SPLIT that divides an array into individual elements. [FW] j_util.jar
ENH616002 Improvement Prepare the function UBOUND which returns the size (length) of the array. [FW] j_util.jar
ENH903601 Improvement Prepare a pseudo function Me that shows your own item. [G] Helper class
ENH885801 Improvement On the search screen, prepare a function to fill and display range specification items. [G] JSP
ENH886201 Improvement Enhanced graph output.Added "Dimension/Measure Switch" setting and graph output setting. [G] JSP
ENH886701 Improvement When opening the search screen with the session timeout, do not let the search ignore the search condition mandatory check after re-logon. [FW] controller
ENH887801 Improvement When a unique button for transitioning to another screen is defined, depending on the event name that has been set, this may affect the processing of the transition source screen, and this is suppressed. [G] controller
ENH888101 Improvement Since there was a pattern that was not recalculated even if you specified an item that contains a calculation formula without DB storage as a measure in the summary view, review the recalculation determination portion. [G] Process bean for summarization
ENH888301 Improvement Depending on the layout designation, unnecessary table elements (contents are empty) were sometimes generated, and this is suppressed.(Operation is not affected) [G] JSP
ENH889201 Improvement Corresponds to a pattern that specifies the reference linkage item without saving DB as the dimensions of the summary view. [G] xsl for aggregation
ENH889601 Improvement When using the built-in DB, initialize the database when changing the password algorithm. Build process
ENH889801 Improvement The result of automatic calculation is a pattern used for resolution of reference linkage, and items not outputted in list display are sometimes subject to reference linkage.Improve display performance by finely controlling display target items. [G] controller
ENH889901 Improvement For the data checked in "Batch form output", also make sure that the form script is called. [G] controller
ENH890001 Improvement Add a process to replace line feeds with ___ ___ ___ ___ 0 [G] mail reception job class
ENH890101 Improvement A function to automatically create a create index to the database, and prepare an index for each item if the item is a composite primary key. [G] initdb.xml
ENH890501 Improvement "Search control> Specify search items by self-referenceImprove the performance of. [G] Helper class
ENH891201 Improvement Enhanced user defined check of portlet model.If you do not specify the model name when using the calendar, display an error message. -
ENH891301 Improvement Even if you enter the year as two digits in the date calendar entry field, you will properly complement the calendar year. [FW] common.js
ENH891901 Improvement It narrows down and displays only the beginning of choices, and the reference destination model corresponds to the composite key. [G] Helper class
ENH892501 Improvement In the external key child model list update, when the child model is newly processed, the primary key of the parent model is automatically set. [G] Helper class
ENH892601 Improvement When data of workflow model is deleted, data of flow event is also deleted. [FW] Workflow engine
ENH892701 Improvement Performance improvement of workflow.Reduce database operations by caching some data. [FW] Workflow engine
ENH893101 Improvement Foreign key Enable input of reference linkage item · Save model of self in child model update list. [G] controller
ENH893601 Improvement "Additional parameters" can also be specified for buttons arranged in the list display. [G] JSP
ENH893701 Improvement A scroll bar is displayed when the display content does not fit within the screen on the "display in print format" screen. [FW] tiles2-base_printlayout.jsp
ENH894101 Improvement "Name" on the account registration screen is displayed between the "Account" column and "Logon time" column on the logon user management screen. [FW] showListLogonUsersContent.jsp
ENH894901 Improvement The output format (numerical value) of the reference interlocking destination has been reflected on the detailed screen so far.This is also reflected in the registration/update screen.(The format of own item is used.) [G] JavaScript
ENH895401 Improvement Enable filtering rules of input values ​​with server side JavaScript. [G] JavaScript
ENH896001 Improvement It is possible to designate both "MM month dd day in Heisei ○*" and "M d month in Heisei ○ year" in the date output format. [G] Helper class
ENH896401 Improvement Add "Edge" to the browser type managed internally by Wagby. [FW]
ENH896701 Improvement On the data import screen, make a model that does not contain data (grayed out as "(X)"). [FW] initLoader.jsp
ENH897701 Improvement Realize a layout that stores repeating container vertical layouts in tabs. [G] jsp
ENH897301 Improvement When the setting to narrow down the choice by the relationship between the reference models was in multiple stages, when resetting the head, it made it possible to set consecutive options to "unselected" in conjunction with each other. [G] helper class s2p method
ENH897601 Improvement When reference interlocked unresolved when opening a new registration screen with reference interlocking (self model saving/other model saving), until now it was displayed as "(not selected)".This now appears blank. [G] helper class s2p method
ENH898801 Improvement Since the reference destination of the check box type item is not compatible with the check box type, a warning is issued at the time of automatic generation. [G] Helper class
ENH899001 Improvement In the output format of the reference linkage item (date type), the definition of the referring source is prioritized.If the reference source definition is empty, use the definition of the reference destination. [G] Helper class
ENH900001 Improvement Enable to describe expressions linking non-relevant list boxes by calculation. [G] Helper class
ENH900101 Improvement Function CHECKEDIt is now possible to specify reference linkage item (reference destination is check box type) as an argument of. [G] Helper class
ENH900103 Improvement Returns the Nth value of the arrayFunction GETWas prepared. ExcelFunction class
ENH903101 Improvement The specification of the character string to be displayed before/after the input field is made to correspond not only to the character string type item but also to the model reference item. [G] JSP
ENH903501 Improvement In the formula of style and button display control, even if it is already calculated value, review the code calling calc method again.Improve performance by suppressing unnecessary recalculation processing. [G] XXPStyleHelper
ENH903701 Improvement Add processing to escape percent characters and underscore characters in Dao.(Because Hibernate does not support escape of wildcard characters) [FW] LikeExpression
REG885506 Degraded Even if you uncheck Show in user definition process, buttons will be displayed in post-build application.Influence of FIX 8855, supported by R7.7.2. [G] JSP
REG889101 Degraded Incorrect values ​​are displayed when \ (circle mark) is specified for numeric format.Influence of cross site scripting vulnerability correspondence supported by R7.7.2.Avoid this pattern. [FW] src_input_text.tag
REG892201 Degraded Double press check of the button may not work.Corresponded by R7.7.0, due to dealing with Web form becoming Dojo. [FW] common.js
REG893901 Degraded Regarding the address synchronization function that requires an address from a zip code, it does not work if you enter a postal code halfway.Those with reinforcement of correspondence framework supported by R7.6. [FW] PresentationPHelperPart2_p2s
REG898001 Degraded Using the WF_USERID () and WF_GROUPID () functions does not finish the new registration process of workflow application model.Impact of specification change to include workflow corresponding to R7.6 in transaction processing. [G] JSP
FIX739901 Bug Including side-by-side layouts in the tab layout collapses the screen display. [G] JSP
FIX886301 Bug If the start position of the column is not the first in the repeated container multi-stage layout, it is displaced as a whole and displayed. [G] JSP
FIX887401 Bug A pattern that results in a build error in the posting processing method of a compound key model that contains model reference items as part of the primary key. [G] helper
FIX887701 Bug When downloading is selected in the form template registration, if the data is 0, an error is not displayed in the browser, and an illegal PDF is downloaded. [G] controller
FIX888001 Bug ISEMPTY function does not work with input check (user definition formula). [G] helper class (PInputCheckHelper)
FIX888401 Bug When outputting the form in the model with workflow enabled, all the buttons remain unable to be pressed. [FW] common.js
FIX888901 Bug If you specify a description (label) of the search screen, float: left will always be applied to the style. [G] JSP
FIX890801 Bug Compiling error occurs when updating Wagby if customizing mail sending job. [FW] SendMailScroller.vm
FIX891001 Bug When the value of the numeric type primary key is 0, no breadcrumb is prepared.Therefore, it may fail with cancellation from the update screen. [G] controller
FIX891101 Bug If you do not enable any search condition, the search result list is not displayed. [G] SearchListXXXController
FIX891401 Bug A pattern in which a run-time error occurs when trying to newly register a model including a list box on the list update screen. [FW] PresentationPHelperPart7_p2p
FIX891701 Bug A pattern in which the list display collapses when header rows/columns are fixed. [G] showListXXX_body.jsp
FIX892001 Bug If an item specifying \ (circle mark) in the numeric format is not entered, only \ (circle mark) is set in the input field and an input error occurs. [FW] src_input_text.tag
FIX892101 Bug If simultaneous updating of the foreign key child model does not have a list updating line of the child model, a JavaScript error occurs when displaying the screen.The expected div tag is not prepared. [G] JSP
FIX893201 Bug The "redraw screen when value is changed" setting does not work as a suggestion item. [G] JSP
FIX893401 Bug In the setting that narrows down the choices by the relationship between the reference models, execution time error occurs when the narrowing-down item of the narrowing-down target model is null. [G] Helper class
FIX893501 Bug Setting a model name "model name + table" or item name "model item name + table" results in a build error. Automatic generator
FIX894001 Bug When "Display unselected item names" is set in the checkbox type item, only the first one is displayed. [G] Helper class
FIX894201 Bug Value rewriting by Ajax sometimes fails when "Do not display the initial value of date/number" is set to "output on control". [G] Helper class
FIX894301 Bug Repeated containers linked with reference to external key items are malfunctioning. [G] Helper class
FIX895601 Bug In the tab display control function, if the control source item is a check box and a hidden item, the tab is not displayed even if the condition is satisfied. [FW] common.js
FIX895701 Bug When used in combination with "Display text area with label", setting of the number of lines and the number of characters in the text area of ​​the list update screen is ignored. [G] JSP
FIX895801 Bug A pattern in which the start condition of the mail transmission job becomes a compile error. [FW] SendMail.vm
FIX895901 Bug When two or more CHECKED functions are described in one expression, a build error occurs. [G] Helper class
FIX896301 Bug A pattern that results in a build error if an initial value is set for a check box type item. [G] Helper class
FIX897801 Bug "#id" notation which makes ID value of model reference output in Excel list form does not work. [FW] ListReportGeneratorImpl
FIX898401 Bug "Input control> style> simultaneous update with parent model" is not reflected in the item of "model reference (search)" type. [G] JSP
FIX898501 Bug Build error occurs when input possible/impossible setting is made by concurrent update of external key child model. [G] JavaScript
FIX898601 Bug Even if the option display function (date) of input control is set in the reference linked item, it is not displayed on the registration/update screen. [FW] src_input_subformat.tag
FIX898701 Bug When the initial value of the detailed display screen of the required date/time/date/time type item is set, the current date/time is displayed when the registration screen is displayed.(Originally should be blank.) [G] Helper class
FIX899401 Bug P2s processing of the framework may give a NoSuchMethodException error in a model containing required and numeric items. [FW] PresentationPHelperPart2_p2s
FIX899601 Bug When "Reuse the input value of the main window as a search condition" is set as the search target item, if an item to be used for narrowing down is not specified in the search item, an error occurs at the time of automatic generation. (Automatic generation unit)
FIX899901 Bug On the update screen, if a unique constraint violation occurs and then try to save it, a runtime error occurs. [FW] EntityService (lock processing unit)
FIX900201 Bug When referring and linking the same model to multiple repeating containers, the second and subsequent reference interlocks display the first data. [G] Helper class
FIX900301 Bug Normal items defined under the tabbed repeating container are displayed above the tabbed repeating container. [G] JSP
FIX900501 Bug If you specify the layout method [* X: layout name] specified in the repeating container as a model without repeating containers, an error will occur during automatic generation. [G] JSP
FIX900601 Bug When you set to transition to the registration screen when the search result is 0, repeat items are included in the model, and when the value is 0, a run-time error occurs. [FW] EntityHelper
FIX900801 Bug If you define a template with cell binding directly under the repeating container (variable) in the Excel form on the detail display screen, the layout may collapse. [FW] ListReportGeneratorImpl
FIX901801 Bug Data is deleted even if you select Cancel in the confirmation dialog when pressing the delete button on the mobile screen. [G] JSP
FIX902001 Bug When a date item in a repeating container is set as a search condition, if an automatic calculation formula is specified as an initial value, it is ignored. [G] Helper class
FIX902101 Bug Invalid JSP is generated when label display items of text area, rich text area, text area in repeating container are specified as list display. [G] JSP
FIX902501 Bug Specifying the external key model as the reference linkage of the container repeatedly does not work. [G] Helper class
FIX902601 Bug The initial value is reflected when newly registering the REST API.Specifically, let's pass the initialize method of the helper class. [FW] DbInsertController
FIX903201 Bug When using the file type item, opening the detail display screen records IllegalStateException in the log.(No influence on operation) [FW] wagbyDownload2.jsp
FIX903801 Bug The value of option display function (date) is not changed even if the value is changed in the item whose date format is set to yyyyMMdd [FW] common.js
FIX904001 Bug In TSV file upload update processing, an exception occurs in the format not expected by Wagby, and processing is interrupted. [FW] CSVUtil (j_util.jar)
SPC875001 Specification change In the case of holding the value of a compound key, "key 1 $ key 2" and "$" were conventionally used as delimiters, but this is changed to "$ SEP $".With this change, in the CSV upload update processing,Transmission data format changes when model reference item reference destination model is a compound key.For details of the effect of customization, see "Migrate customization file "See.
SPC902701 Specification change When the breadcrumb link on the classic calendar view screen is pressed, the calendar view of the current day is displayed.(Up to now it was recorded in breadcrumbs including operations such as "Previous" "Next" etc.))
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
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ENH874301 Internationalization Separate characters displayed on the screen as resource files.
ENH760101 Improvement Allow setting of primary key value by initial value setting of option model.Also, make the type "string, numeric, date and time" selectable.
ENH872601 Improvement Make server side JavaScript controller code manageable in Designer.
ENH880201 Improvement Provide filter function when model is displayed.
ENH884001 Improvement Provide batch setting function of model items.
ENH885301 Improvement Add a radio button for selecting "user" and "system" as the model type above the reference destination model setting column.
ENH894501 Improvement Improvement of operation screen operation tab.Make sure to restore immediately after uploading the file.
ENH890701 Improvement Reduce the full build time by caching ddl once created.
ENH900701 Improvement Items that are not saved in the database can not be entered in sort order, but when sql expression is described, sort order specification is permitted.(It is possible to sort DB non-saved items by SQL expression.)
ENH903001 Improvement Enhance constraint check of date items in calendar view.
ENH903901 Improvement If the customize/java folder does not exist, make an empty folder.
DEG890301 Degraded In a differential build in which change of table definition does not occur, it is not reflected even if it is built by adding authority.Degradation of R7.7.1.
FIX890601 Degraded Server side JavaScript added in R7.7.0 does not correspond to full build.
FIX830833 Bug When an error occurs due to an input mistake in design information, design information entered subsequently may not be saved.
FIX891801 Bug Despite the setting that does not display the user-defined button, the button is generated if the screen name is specified.
FIX897501 Bug When setting only deletion transaction, server side JavaScript is not generated with full build.
FIX897901 Bug In the difference build immediately after deleting the model or model item, no code is generated.
FIX901101 Bug Immediately after the error occurred in the differential build, when I performed the build process again, it looked like it ended normally.(Actually it is an error that the application does not start or is in an abnormal state.)
FIX901501 Bug Attempting to designate the reference linkage item as "copy the value of another item" will result in Designer error checking.
FIX902201 Bug When the version of Chrome reaches 48, the related diagram of WagbyDesigner disappears.
FIX902401 Bug A JavaScript error may occur when displaying related diagrams of model items referring to the old master model in the model transferred from R6.
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ENH897101 Improvement If a model ID that does not conform to the Wagby naming convention is detected in the definition of the migration source, an error is output to the log.
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SPC902901 Specification change DownloadProcessBean _ *. Set the method modifier included in the vm file from protected to public.Developers will be able to override these methods. [G] DownloadXXXProcessBean
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ENH889001 Improvement When confirming the connection of the cloud at WagbyDesigner, when the connection is successful, the dialog is notified of success of the connection.
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FIX887901 Bug Cross site scripting vulnerability exists when graph function is used in summary view and character string item is set to dimension or measure. [G] JSP
ENH891501 Improvement Update Apache Commons Collection to 3.2.2.(Vulnerability response) [FW] library
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ENH804101 Improvement It is a tool that generates Wagby's repository from existing table definition, and it automatically complements when model ID and item ID are Japanese (Access etc.).We also provided an option to avoid specifying NOT NULL DEFAULT. [FW]

SPC 875001 patch

There was a shortage in SPC 875001 "Compound key delimiter change" corresponding to R 7.8.0.We will provide this patch.

File Applicable version Contents Application method R7.8.0, R7.8.1, R7.8.2 Fixed "$" in screen rewriting by Ajax to "$ SEP $". Overwrite the expanded four html files in the wagbydesigner/bin/template/html folder and then perform a full build.