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ENH904201 Improvement Improvement of font size change menu of pull - down at upper right of screen.In the editing system screen (registration/updating) make it impossible to press options. [FW] globallink.jsp
ENH905601 Improvement Correspond to the extension xlsx "Format 1 data 1 Excel sheet in Excel file". [FW] ReportWorkbookImpl
REG904801 Degraded Real time input check does not work. [FW] input_text.tag
REG905101 Degraded Changing the time part of the date/time item using the calendar by hand will ignore the change and it will be 00:00:00. [FW] DateTextBox.js
FIX904701 Bug Another screen such as form output opens When an input error occurs when the button is pressed, another screen is opened even when another button is pressed. [FW] common.js
FIX900806 Bug When there is a cell joined below the variable-length repeating container in the form layout, the layout is displayed in a collapsed state.(Continuous correspondence of FIX 900801 corresponding to R 7.8.0.) [FW] ListReportGeneratorImpl
FIX906101 Bug Color theme of modern calendar view is not reflected in theme other than claro. [FW] calendarview.css
FIX906301 Bug If you write an expression in "input control> style specification (full screen)" in the model reference item, it is not regarded as an expression in the list update and results in a build error. [G] XXXUlpStyleHelper
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
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FIX904501 Bug If you re-display the model after unchecking "Create table", "Create table" is checked.
FIX904601 Bug The system model can not be selected as the main model name.
FIX906201 Bug Requests are not sent to WagbyDesigner server when controller script is deleted.
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ENH905901 Improvement We provided a tool to change file name handling to "leave original file name" method. [FW] UploadFilenameConverter.jar

SPC 875001 patch

There was a shortage in SPC 875001 "Compound key delimiter change" corresponding to R 7.8.0.We will provide this patch.

File Applicable version Contents Application method R7.8.0, R7.8.1, R7.8.2 Fixed "$" in screen rewriting by Ajax to "$ SEP $". Overwrite the expanded four html files in the wagbydesigner/bin/template/html folder and then perform a full build.