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ENH884710 Improvement Added in R 7.8In multi-tiered layout of list display, setting to group vertically oriented cells into oneIs also reflected on the child model list display displayed at the bottom of the parent model. [G] JSP
ENH903601 Improvement Make the pseudo function Me () indicating the item of itself added in R 7.8 usable also in the expression of the user definition check. [G] helper class XXPInputCheckHelper
ENH905701 Improvement When there is an increase or decrease of the principal, after the account model is imported on the import export screen, it is reflected without restarting the Wagby application. [FW] MasterJprincipal
ENH907401 Improvement In the list display (tabulation), if you do not prepare the detailed screen but prepare the bulk XXX setting, the tab label text is displayed in the check box side column. [G] showListXXXLp.jsp
ENH907501 Improvement In the list display (tabulation), let us define the numerical format with minimum value, maximum value, average value, total and number. [G] JSP
ENH907701 Improvement Prepare the function CONTAINS to check whether it is included in the value of the check box type item. -
ENH908501 Improvement When handling the Enter key is handled as a tab key, make sure that the focus is also moved to the input item in the tab layout. [FW] common.js
ENH910301 Improvement When printing is executed with the form template unregistered, the reason of the error is recorded in the log. [FW] jfc.repgen
ENH910801 Improvement When the positional relation between the label and the value is "vertical", a gap between the item and the item is prepared so as to improve the visibility. [G] jsp
ENH911001 Improvement Suppressing SQL issuance and improving performance when there is a reference linkage item in a reference model of another model reference. [G] Helper class
ENH911601 Improvement Provide a way to exclude particular items from coping with change history with change history function. [FW] PresentationPHelper
ENH912201 Improvement Up to 4 relationships with reference calculation using automatic calculation results have been done up to 4 times (linking calculation results, linking calculation results, calculating by using the value, and referring to it) Respectively. [G] Helper class
ENH913401 Improvement The heading part of the file type item was English notation (Type, File Name, Size), but this is the Japanese notation (type, file name, size). [FW] src_input_file.tag
REG875026 Degraded A pattern that transits to the error screen after the deletion processing in the compound key model.(Processing is successful) It occurs in R 7.8.0/R 7.8.1.Influence of SPC 875001. [G] Controller class
REG897612 Degraded Unselected is not displayed even if you set "prepare unselected" in the list box of reference linkage item.It occurs in R 7.8.0/R 7.8.1.Effect of ENH 897601. [G] helper class s2p method
REG907101f Degraded Applying other item comparison check to the reference linked date type item does not work.It occurs in R 7.8.0/R 7.8.1.Effect of ENH 899001. [G] XXXPInputCheckHelper
REG907901 Degraded Even if "WARNING" is set in the input check, an error popup will be displayed and can not be saved when the save button is pressed.The impact of Dojo form correspondence in R7.7. [G] JSP
REG911201 Degraded The editing screen including the file item is not displayed correctly in IE 9.Impact of drag & drop correspondence of file type items corresponding to R 7.8. [FW] src_input_file.tag
REG911301 Degraded A pattern in which the layout of the second and subsequent rows of the container becomes incorrect when a cell join (column) is defined in the repetitive container.The effect of layout correction (FIX 886301) corresponding to R 7.8. [G] JSP
REG911801 Degraded If the type of the reference linkage item in the repeating container can be entered, the value is not set in Ajax in the input field.Impact of dojo form correspondence supported by R7.7. [G] JavaScript
FIX892401 Bug If "Fix header line" is set on the list updating screen of multiple child models in simultaneous updating of foreign key child model, the id of the div tag to be scrolled overlaps. [FW] common.js
[G] showListXXX.jsp
FIX904101 Bug If two or more items of Suggest items are defined in the same model and the main model of the referenced model is the same, entering a value in the second item will change the value of the first Suggest item. [FW] textsearch.*
FIX904301 Bug Mismatch arises in the result of the reference linkage when the reference linkage of the repeated container and the setting to perform the reference linking again based on the calculated value are combined. [G] Helper class
FIX905001 Bug If the primary key of the parent model is a character string type and the extended search is enabled at the time of searching, if the primary key contains spaces, the list of child models is correctly displayed on the parent model's detailed display screen Do not show. [G] ShowArrayXXXProcessBean
FIX905606 Bug In R 7.8.1 I corresponded "extension 1 Excel sheet format to Excel file format" with the extension xlsx, but there was a phenomenon that Excel could not open the sheet. [FW] ReportWorkbookImpl
FIX905801 Bug When the screen redraw is performed in the suggestion input field, the focus is set in the input item at the top of the screen. [G] update/updateList JSP
FIX906601 Bug The display width setting (style width specification) of the radio button and check box on the list update screen does not work. [G] insert/update JSP
FIX906901 Bug When "claro" is used as the preference theme, when the cursor enters the input text, the background of the text returns to white. [FW] common.css
FIX907601 Bug Reference interlocking linked to this item is not cleared when changing the list box option to "all" on the search screen. [G] Helper class
FIX908101 Bug When a radio button item is specified as an additional parameter for screen transition, no value is passed. [G] JSP
FIX908201 Bug When using suggestions, candidates can not be displayed in descending order. [FW] TextSearchableProcessBean
FIX908301 Bug When setting a conditional branch to a workflow and making decisions in the middle of the node, the output of the FLOWSTATUS function was "approval" instead of "decision".(Internally it was in a state of settlement but the display was different.) [FW] JfcworkflowstateServiceImpl
FIX908601 Bug When "to stop search processing immediately after transition of search screen" is set, data is not displayed on the list display screen when sorting by clicking the display item name on the list display screen. [G] ShowListXXXController
FIX908701 Bug The meta tag of IE standard mode designation is not set on the subwindow search screen and the print format display screen. [G] jsp
FIX908801 Bug It does not operate correctly when hidden items are specified as the control source of input enable/disable control on the list update screen. [G] updateListXXX.js
FIX909001 Bug When summarizing options, if the content parts of the options overlap, a run-time error occurs. [G] Helper class (t2 tp)
FIX909401 Bug In the list display (totaling) function, if the check box by batch processing is controlled by the authority, the column in the tabulation field will shift when not displayed. [G] showListXXXLp.jsp
FIX909501 Bug When the wizard is set, when the form output button is pressed on the detail screen, the button remains unpressable. [G] ShowXXXController
FIX909601 Bug If the summary column is displayed when the header row/column of the list display is fixed, the layout collapses. [FW] common.js
[G] showListXXXLp.jsp
FIX909701 Bug When referring to model reference (search screen) item is specified as search condition, number display and pagination of search results are not displayed correctly when searching for this item. [FW] DbShowListBaseController
FIX910001 Bug Even if you specify "Do not set to narrowing down" to "Operation when not input" of model reference (narrowing down), it may not work on the search screen (it works on the registration screen). [G] Controller class
FIX910101 Bug The display may be distorted when the style of the area enclosing the input field is set in the radio button/check box. [G] jsp
FIX910201 Bug When setting the message at the time of mouse over with setting the layout of the search condition input field to the left, unnecessary close tags are output between search condition input fields. [G] conditionXXX.jsp
FIX910401 Bug When another user opens the update screen of the same data when opening the password change screen, 11 lines of lock error message are displayed on the screen. [G] Controller class
FIX910501 Bug No error message is displayed on the screen after the redirect. [FW] JFCHttpServletResponse
FIX910601 Bug After registering a negative value in an item for which a circle mark is set in numerical format, opening an update screen will result in an input check error state. [FW] src_input_text.tag
FIX911101 Bug If "scroll header row" is set as the scroll type of list display on multiple child models with the foreign key model, the column widths of the second and subsequent child models are not set correctly.(When "header row/column is fixed"R7.9 Cope with R7.8.3) [FW] common.js
[G] JavaScript
FIX911501 Bug Enabling change history on models that contain repeating containers will generate a NoSuchMethodException exception at runtime. [FW] PresentationPHelper
FIX911701 Bug When a model referring to itself has a child model and has a calculation formula referring to a child model, the child model is not displayed on the detailed display screen. [G] ShowXXXController
FIX911901 Bug If you specify a model reference for a dimension in the summary view and create data with the item unset, a run-time error occurs when displaying the summary view. [G] XXXTProcessor
FIX912101 Bug When accessing with the mobile terminal, a warning of mapping of wagby-touch-icon.png file is output to the system log. [G] wagby-servlet.xml
FIX912301 Bug If you specify the value of the reference linkage item as a parameter for the original button prepared for each row of the list display, a JSP execution error occurs. [G] showListXXX_body.jsp
FIX912501 Bug When preparing a script at the time of updating, when calling from the list update screen, the first process is executed twice. [FW] ScriptCodeRunner
FIX912701 Bug Even if you set retention of value with radio button input enable/disable control, the values ​​of the second and subsequent options are not retained. [G] JavaScript
FIX912801 Bug Repositioning of the container side-by-side layout is broken. [G] JSP
FIX913101 Bug When the model ID starts with an underscore, the search condition template function does not work. [G] Helper class
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
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ENH530801 Improvement Build Success · Build Error · Prepare an option to sound at the timing of application startup.
ENH906501 Improvement Enhance error checking when there is no item specified as invalidity judgment item.
ENH908901 Improvement The setting is reset at the time of type change, but it is maintained by change from model reference to model reference.(Example: When changing from a list box to a radio button, other settings are not cleared.)
ENH909301 Improvement When you make corrections that involve only DDL changes, such as setting unique constraints, make them reflected in difference builds.(Until now you needed a full build.)
ENH913001 Improvement If you build in a repository where a build error occurs consecutively, processing will end without detecting a build error in the next build.
FIX872608 Bug In the server side JavaScript controller code, the script described in the status display timing of the upload update screen is not created.
FIX890705 Bug Work/ddlcache folder is not deleted when changing database definition.Effect of ENH 890701 added at R 7.8.0.
FIX909201 Bug If you change the type of the primary key item, the mandatory specification is canceled.
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FIX905201 Bug Cloud upload folder download function does not work with WagbyDesigner.
FIX905301 Bug Processing completion dialog is not displayed when exporting from WagbyDesigner to WagbyCloud server.
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LIB861501 update JasperReport library jasperreports.jar to be shipped is 6.2.0.
LIB909801 update We decided to include Tomcat 7.0.68.Multiple vulnerabilities are supported.

SPC 875001 patch

There was a shortage in SPC 875001 "Compound key delimiter change" corresponding to R 7.8.0.We will provide this patch.

File Applicable version Contents Application method R7.8.0, R7.8.1, R7.8.2 Fixed "$" in screen rewriting by Ajax to "$ SEP $". Overwrite the expanded four html files in the wagbydesigner/bin/template/html folder and then perform a full build.