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ENH920502 new function In the transaction script, we prepared a new API "newTransactionEntityService" to use when referring to its own value during transaction processing. [FW] JFCEntityService
REG875027 Degraded Corresponding omission of change of delimiter character of compound key model corresponding to R 7.8.0.The code related to Ajax handled the delimiter as fixed.Correct "$ SEP $" to the part fixed as "$" by screen rewriting by Ajax. [FW]
The following file
REG912802 Degraded Lack of layout correction that stores repetitive container side-by-side in tabs corresponding to R 7.8.2.The screen collapsed when there was a hidden layout right under the tab layout. [G] JSP
FIX911104 Bug If the scroll type of list display is set for multiple child models with the corresponding foreign key model in R 7.8.2, the column widths of the second and subsequent child models are not set correctly "Header row/column fixed" There was a correspondence in case of doing. [FW] common.js
[G] JavaScript
REG912303 Bug If you specify the value of the reference linkage item as a parameter in the original button prepared for each line in the list display corresponding to R 7.8.2, it will cause JSP execution error to occur. [G] showXXXP.jsp
FIX912703 Bug The values ​​of the second and subsequent choices are not retained even if you set the value to be retainable by the input enable/disable control of the radio button that corresponds to in R 7.8.2 The modification is not applied to the tab layout. [FW] common.js
[G] JavaScript
FIX913601 Bug When preparing an action to transition to the search screen on the list display (row by row) button, the Reset event does not work (it is treated as a Search event) [FW] DbBaseController
FIX913701 Bug When preparing an action to transition to the search screen on the list display (for each row) button and preparing the batch XX button, the parameter is not passed to the transition destination. [FW] JFCUtils
FIX914201 Bug If "Header row is fixed" on the list display screen and the detail button is not displayed, the column widths of the header part and the value part are not aligned. [G] showListXXXLp.jsp
FIX914301 Bug The setting of the maximum number of input characters is not reflected in the text area. [G] JSP
FIX914901 Bug When "height of table at header row fixed" is set on the list update screen, the value divided by the head value of "simultaneous display number pattern" is set to the table row height. [G] JSP
FIX915001 Bug It is not possible to perform referential linkage of repeated containers from the initial value setting. [G] Helper class
FIX915301 Bug The setting of "cache effective period of JavaScript/CSS" is not reflected. [G] wagby-servlet.xml
FIX915501 Bug Defining an implicit condition whose condition dynamically changes will leave the cache in an incorrect state. [G] Helper class
FIX915601 Bug An unnecessary item name is specified in the targetItem passed to Dao to be called in the getXXX_show, _update method of the presentation helper class.(Since it is ignored, it does not affect the operation) [G] Helper class
FIX915701 Bug If you write 'now + 0' to the initial value of a date type item, it will result in a runtime error. [FW] DateTimeUtil
FIX915901 Bug When the reference linkage item is selected as a list box or the like, old cache data may be used at the time of screen display. [G] Helper class
FIX916101 Bug A pattern in which a build error occurs when an item of the parent model is included in the condition part in the conditional SUM function. [G] Helper class
FIX916201 Bug If you specify multiple files in the file item in the repeating container and press the insert or add button, it may be added to the offset position. [G] Controller class
FIX916501 Bug Integer.MIN_VALUE may be set in the hidden element of the search screen if the reference linkage item is set as the display-only search condition and further hidden item. [G] Helper class
FIX916601 Bug The USERINFO information of the current logon account is not cleared after the import process. [FW] InitLoaderBaseController
FIX916701 Bug When tundra is set as the CSS theme, an error reading image file (404) is displayed in the JavaScript console. [FW] tundra.css
FIX916901 Bug When the date time type item is set as the primary key, an error occurs in the screen transition. [G] Controller class
FIX917001 Bug Mandatory and reference linkage items, if the reference destination is non-essential and basic type, it will be a build error. [G] Helper class
FIX917101 Bug If you set a general-purpose check expression for items whose reference interlocks are stitched together, build errors may occur. [G] Helper class
FIX917301 Bug "Retain value" of input enable/disable control does not work when pressing the file item clear button. [FW] src_input_file.tag
FIX917401 Bug When an item other than numerical value is specified in the dimension, the graph is not displayed. [FW] jshgraph.js
FIX917501 Bug PDF output files are not combined in the list form. [G] Controller class
FIX917601 Bug Build error when designating linked reference item (reference destination is basic type) and mandatory item and DB save in list display. [G] Helper class
FIX917701 Bug Even if you set "Retain value" with input enable/disable control, the value is not retained on the list update screen. [G] updateListXXXUlp.jsp, JavaScript
FIX917901 Bug Server side script does not work on upload update. [FW] JFCUtils
FIX918001 Bug The option display of the date set in the automatic calculation item is not displayed in the specified format when the value is changed. [FW]
FIX918101 Bug A JavaScript error occurs when setting the reference linkage value on the screen with the date item for which the update authority is set. [FW]
FIX918201 Bug When preparing a plurality of copy registration screens, if the address synchronizing button is pressed, it always transits to one registration screen after reloading. [G] JSP
FIX918401 Bug Build error when preparing items referring to model that date/time type is compound primary key. [G] Helper class
FIX918501 Bug Even when the clear button is pressed in the reference interlocking (own model saving) and the linked item is not input, the reference interlocking item is cleared.(Previously, the clear button was functioning only when values ​​were included in linked items.) [G] JSP
FIX918601 Bug When setting to change the transition destination when there is one search result in the mobile correspondence model, screen transition from the menu will not be performed. [G] menu.xml
FIX918701 Bug The value is not set in the text area which is the reference linkage item at the reference interlocking. [G] JSP
FIX918801 Bug Even if you set a style on the whole screen of input control when the text area is label display, the settings are not reflected in the registration/update screen. [G] JSP
FIX918901 Bug The height of the search condition input field of the modern calendar view is not adjusted to the height of the screen. [G] JSP
FIX919101 Bug JavaScript doClear function is not output when clear button is not displayed in reference synchronizer's suggestion and clear processing is not performed even if the input value is empty. [G] JSP
FIX919401 Bug When Wagby's presentation model is acquired via Ajax, time zone information is given to the date and time type output. [FW] URelaxer
FIX919601 Bug When the "prepare model class" of the juser model is valid, a code including an incorrect password clearing process is generated. [G] Controller class
FIX919701 Bug Upload update by setting a character string in the integer type item (id part) of the model reference item will result in a run-time error (indicated as internal error on the screen). [FW] BasicTypeUtil
[G] Helper class
FIX919901 Bug Even if the input candidate value of the reference linking suggestion item changes the value of the interlocking source, it is not updated. [FW]
FIX920001 Bug If there are items whose narrowing items are set in the parent model and the child model, and an error is generated automatically when parent-child simultaneous update setting is made. [G] updateListXXXUlp.jsp
FIX920101 Bug If narrowing down is set to another screen search item which refers to the same model, the value of reference linkage is cleared even if the item not narrowed down is changed. [G] updateXXXP.jsp,updateListXXXUlp.jsp
FIX920201 Bug When customizing and changing the output destination of the log file, the graph of "management processing> statistical information" is not displayed. [FW] AnalyticsLogAction
FIX920301 Bug Reloading does not work when list refinement changes the refinement items of other models reference. [G] updateListXXXUlp.jsp
FIX920501 Bug When updating data is acquired by transaction processing, update data may not be saved in the database. [FW] JFCEntityService
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
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FIX913501 Bug External link menu setting dialog is not displayed.
FIX914001 Bug There is an error in the setting value of "Search range of user information" in the LDAP server setting.
FIX914701 Bug Environment> Customize> The default value displayed in detail is different from the actual repository.
FIX917801 Bug If the reference linked item can be entered and the reference destination is a postal code, the address item can not be set.