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ENH885001 new function Make it possible to define multiple (up to 10) bulk update buttons. -
ENH885101 new function Provides script calling function for customizing form output contents. -
ENH899701 new function Prepare new functions WF_NEXT_USERID_MAIL, WF_NEXT_GROUPID_MAIL, and WF_NEXT_MAIL for workflow and mail linkage. -
ENH913201 new function It makes it possible to prepare a form button on the registration/update screen. -
ENH913301 new function Enhanced PDF compliance for batch form output.Up to now we have generated a PDF that gathers one data file into a ZIP file, but prepares a function to newly combine multiple data into one PDF. -
ENH915401 new function Multistage layout setting function of only the header part of the repeating container. -
ENH919501 new function Provide the ISREST function. -
ENH919801 new function Provide a method to have automatic calculation after bulk update script. -
ENH921201 new function Provide a method of knowing the number of child models being processed by the script of parent-child model simultaneous update screen. -
ENH924401 new function In order to dynamically change the approver/approver of the workflow, make it possible to describe the script with the flow participant setting. -
ENH925101 new function Provide a script that is called each time an upload update succeeds. -
ENH925601 new function A method of making the transition destination of the temporary storage button to the confirmation screen is provided. -
ENH926001 new function Allow multi-stage layout designation of search condition part. -
ENH926501 new function Sync increment/decrement function of repetitive items. -
ENH927001 new function A function to send mail by script. -
ENH927401 new function Make it possible to transition from the submodel list screen to the detail screen of the main model. -
ENH914101 Improvement When the number of detailed lines in the repeating container/list display is increased, the printing range is expanded. [FW] ListReportGeneratorImpl
ENH914501 Improvement Even for models with caching turned off, we also cache the data acquired during the request.The operation performance of the model which is cached off is improved. [FW] Cache processing unit
ENH916401 Improvement Logon restrictions allow you to use commas in regular expressions. [FW] Logon processing unit
ENH917201 Improvement Repeat container fixed sort designation is also applied at the time of detailed display. [G] helper class (beforeShow)
ENH919501 Improvement Do not press the button during Ajax communication.Prevents users from performing processing during Ajax processing. [FW] JavaScript
ENH921301 Improvement When placing the original button on the registration/update screen, make it return to the self screen after pressing it. [FW] controller processing unit
ENH921401 Improvement When specifying the unique constraint of the model item, adjust the length according to the DB to be used. [G] DDL
ENH921901 Improvement When multistage layout is set in the list display, buttons of value rows are also cell connected (line). [G] JSP
ENH923101 Improvement When saving the screen using the tab layout, if a JavaScript input check error occurs in the hidden tab, activate the tab containing the error item. [FW] common.js
ENH924901 Improvement In the parent-child simultaneous update screen, data whose deletion flag is set in the child model is excluded from the calculation target. [G] Controller class
ENH925401 Improvement Make it possible to include your own items in the formula. -
ENH925801 Improvement Provides a method of customizing screen display message of controller processing for each model. -
ENH926101 Improvement Provide CSS classes used for odd and even lines of list display independently for detailed screen. Common.css other
ENH927601 Improvement Prepare an "empty" screen to display only error messages -
FIX614509 Bug When an image is output in Excel form, if there is no corresponding image file in the place holder, the placeholder character string remains in the output form.(We will delete this.) [FW] POIReportGenerator
FIX886404 Bug Double quotes of the style attribute may be output to an incorrect position in the generated JSP.Specifically, there was a place where style = "height: 0;" margin - left: 1px; was output. [G] JSP
FIX894904 Bug The output format (numerical value) of the reference interlocking destination corresponding to R 7.8 has been reflected on the detailed screen so far.This is also reflected in the registration/update screen."Was treated as an integer when no numeric format was set for both the reference destination and the reference source item.Correct this, if the numeric format is not set, if the item is reference linking, follow the reference destination and if it is a floating point type, set " [G] JSP
FIX899003 Bug In the output format of "reference interlock item (date type)" corresponding to R 7.8, the definition of the referencing source is prioritized.If the reference source definition is empty, use the definition of the reference destination "is not applied in the case of search condition and range search. [G] Helper class (s2p)
FIX902803 Bug Divide generated input_check method by item.Prevent compile error from occurring with a long method. [G] helper class (input_check)
FIX911901 Bug If you specify a model reference for a dimension in the summary view and create data with the item unset, a run-time error occurs when displaying the summary view. [G] Helper class (total)
FIX919001 Bug The choices of other model reference items are not displayed in the search condition input field of the model displayed simultaneously in the modern calendar view. [G] Controller class
FIX920901 Bug On the search screen, if you press the address synchronization button with no zip code entered, it will transition to the error screen. [G] Controller class
FIX921001 Bug If you do not display the search screen and the list display screen at the same time and set to stop stopping the search process immediately after transitioning the search screen, the list is not displayed even when you switch to the list display screen. [G] Controller class
FIX921101 Bug When the reference linked self model save item is referenced by a calculation expression of another item, Ajax overwrites the input value with the original value.In this case, the reference interlocking self-model saving is excluded from re-reference interlocking. [G] helper class (resolv)
FIX921501 Bug A pattern in which the clearHtmlValue function is not output to generated JavaScript.This effect causes JavaScript operation to fail. [G] JavaScript
FIX921701 Bug If you register data of workflow model * at the same time when using SQL Server, deadlock may occur and inconsistent data may be generated. [FW] Workflow processing unit
FIX921801 Bug A system error occurs when logoff occurs during upload update processing and the number of simultaneous logon attempts is exceeded when trying to re-log on.In such a case, the upload update processing is continued, and the re-logon is not accepted. [FW] Logon authentication unit
FIX922101 Bug If values ​​in the display order of the list display screen are set in duplicate, if this is included in the list item of the sub window search, an error occurs at the time of automatic generation.In this case, a warning message is outputted. -
FIX922401 Bug Input enabled/disabled control does not work when referring to reference link is a check box. [G] JSP
FIX922501 Bug If there is an item that refers to the model of the own model and the item value is confirmed by the calculation formula and setting to refer and link is made, a stack overflow occurs. [G] helper class (resolv)
FIX922601 Bug Even if the value is deleted in the reference interlocking (self model saving) item to which update authority is given, it will return to the value before deletion when changing another item. [G] Helper class (s2p)
FIX922801 Bug If reference destination of reference linkage item is checkbox · radio button, if reference value is large, unnecessary empty line is added by Ajax at value setting. [FW] JavaScript template
FIX922901 Bug In the Excel form, if the object to be added to the variable-length repeat container is 0, the generated form is in an incorrect state. [FW] ContainerReportGeneratorImpl other
FIX923001 Bug In models that do not create detailed screens, numeric format specifications are canceled after screen rewriting by Ajax.Because the formatted attribute of the presentation model is not set. [G] Helper class (s2p)
FIX923201 Bug When applying the SLICE function to the reference linkage item (primary key of the reference destination model is a number), a build error occurs.
FIX923301 Bug When the primary key is another model reference item and the reference of the model circulates, when searching the reference linkage item, a run-time error may occur. Specification change of Meta class
FIX923701 Bug In a parent model with a primary key that does not use an order, in a parent-child simultaneous update screen of a child model linked to it, the key provisionally set when creating a new parent is not displayed in the child. [G] Helper class
FIX923801 Bug If the vertical scroll bar is displayed in the list when header row/column fixed setting is performed, the width of the item label and the value width are slightly shifted. [FW] common.js
FIX923901 Bug In the pattern that the reference linkage item is further referred to and linked, the setting of "redraw the screen upon changing the value" may be ignored. [G] JavaScript
FIX924001 Bug When all the search condition items are hidden in the search/list display screen and the list display row is more scroll vertically, the initial display position of this screen is not the first (upper end of the scroll bar) but , The last row (the lower end of the scroll bar). [FW] common.js
FIX924201 Bug When narrowing down the items, you may want to display the second page (data does not exist) although there is only one data on the subwindow search screen.At the time of narrowing down setting, in the subwindow, specification is made to forcibly display the first page. [G] JSP
FIX924301 Bug There was a place where the encoding processing of the primary key character string part was performed in duplication. [G] Controller class
FIX924801 Bug If you specify a transaction when deleting a model that does not provide a detail screen, applicationContext.xml contains "null.xml". [G] applicationContext.xml
FIX925201 Bug When ordering databases (HSQLDB, SQLServer, MySQL) are used, sequence values ​​can not be imported correctly from ziped export files. [FW] InitLoader
FIX925301 Bug If there is a form output button on the detailed display screen of the mobile model, a system error occurs when the screen is displayed. [G] JSP
FIX925701 Bug In the parent-child model detailed display screen, mouse over processing of the list display row malfunctions when displaying a plurality of children. [G] JavaScript
FIX925901 Bug When used as a suggestion for an item that is not set as a search condition, it becomes an execution time error.In this case, a warning is output to the log. [FW] Indexer
FIX926201 Bug Even if the value is manually deleted when the suggestion item is the interlocking source of the reference linkage, the value of the reference linkage is not updated. [G] JSP
FIX926301 Bug Range search can not be performed when range search and extended search function of search control is enabled. [FW] tag library
FIX926401 Bug In the definition where the foreign key (parent) is a model reference item and the parent also recalculates when calculating its own, there is a pattern in which a mistake in the type of the parent item type is determined. [G] helper class (resolv)
FIX926601 Bug When the second page is displayed on the list update screen and the search condition is changed and displayed again, nothing may be displayed. [FW] controller processing unit
FIX926701 Bug When the search condition is reset and displayed again after changing the sorting order and displaying the list updating screen, it remains in the previous sorted order. [FW] controller processing unit
FIX926801 Bug Although reference interlocking is performed using the calculation result, the item itself can not correspond to the pattern as the reference linkage source. [G] Helper class
FIX926901 Bug If an underscore is included in the item ID of the item for which the conditional authority is set, the condition is not correctly judged. [G] JSP
FIX927101 Bug Illegal xlsx file is output when concatenating three or more cells in form output in xlsx format. [FW] Form output unit
FIX927201 Bug A pattern that does not work with a combination of items linked with reference linked and "other models saved" as "display only at the beginning of choices". [G] helper class (resolv)
FIX927501 Bug In Wagby, there is a process of caching menu information, but in a special case where a forced logoff process is performed almost simultaneously at the same time while a server is under a heavy load and a logon process of a certain user, the cache of the menu remains. [FW] Logon authentication unit
FIX927701 Bug If you repeatedly use items in the container for the search condition template, a build error occurs. [G] Helper class
FIX927801 Bug Applying a style to the reference list trace link list display results in a run-time error. [G] showListXXXRevLink.jsp
FIX928401 Bug When acquiring data to be displayed on the calendar, since there was a pattern to acquire more data for one month than the display range (period), it is reduced. [FW] DbShowListByJcalendarViewController
FIX928701 Bug When there are many data to be displayed on the modern calendar view, it takes time to display the previous month/next month. [FW] common.js
SPC921402 Specification change For the unique constraint of the model item, change the naming rule created in the database to "jfcuk_ model ID_ setting name". [G] DDL
SPC921402 Specification change For the index of the model item, change the naming rule created in the database to "jfcidx_ model ID_ item name". [G] initdb.xml
SPC924701 Specification change Previously, milliseconds were included in the return value of the NOW function, but since it was actually invalidated by the date and time format, it is set to exclude milliseconds from the return value of the NOW function itself.(We try to treat the consistency of behavior that we do not handle milliseconds of date and time type as a whole Wagby.)
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
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FIX923401 Bug Old script files may remain in the build process.Review the process, delete the existing file and copy WEB-INF/script.
FIX925001 Bug At the time of full build, the deletion timing script is not generated.
FIX924101 Bug Even if you change the item setting value of the summary view, settings may remain.
FIX925501 Bug When the form output setting tab is displayed, the display setting check box of the button is always displayed with a check mark.
FIX928501 Bug An error occurs in the automatic generation processing when the container ID is not included in the definition of the repeated container.
FIX928601 Bug An error occurs in the automatic generation processing when the layout name of a partial item is left blank in the layout definition of the repeated container.
ENH927301 Improvement For range search, you can specify upper and lower limits for "Search control> Copy and use values ​​of another item" respectively.
ENH928101 Improvement Icons are displayed so that primary key items can be identified on the model item list screen.
ENH928102 Improvement Icons are displayed so that foreign key items can be identified on the model item list screen.
SPC920801 Specification change Remove
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SPC920801 Specification change If
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SPC923301 Specification change The structure of the Meta class has been changed.The field previously defined as "class variable" has been changed to "instance variable".

Before change
public static final RelationMeta<String> jobname

After change
public final RelationMeta<String> jobname
If you refer to the Meta class field as a class variable in the customization code, a compile error will occur or will not work, so please change the implementation so that it is referred to as an instance variable.
SPC926101 Specification change CSS classes related to list display used the same display_field and display_field 2 as the detailed display so far.I separated it into display_field_list and display_field2_list.The CSS class display_label for displaying item names is also separated into display_label_list for list display.Furthermore, between the item and the item was gray it became white. When customizing CSS, please correct the .css file according to R7.9.
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ENH927101 Library Updated Apache POI library.3.13 to 3.14.