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ENH932901 new function Quotation creation functionI will provide a. Estimate.jar
ENH929001 Improvement Make it possible to check on what kind of license you are applying currently at build time and generated application. -
ENH931101 Improvement Prepare an option to return to the menu screen by logon immediately after session timeout. [G] web.xml
ENH931501 Improvement Enable to use the model ID (object indicated by) in the script set for the workflow participant. -
ENH932001 Improvement With logical deletion, you can specify a value other than date time in the expiration date field. [G] (script)
ENH933301 Improvement If all the items contained in the container are not saved in the database by reference interlocking of the repeated container, the sort button and the in-container moving button are not displayed. [G] jsp
ENH933401 Improvement In the other model reference item referring to the compound key model, it is possible to arbitrarily specify the physical column name (s). [G] hbm.xml
ENH936001 Improvement Improve performance concerning display processing of workflow start flow list and hold flow list. [FW] JFCHibernateDao
ENH935601 Improvement Get hash value of passwordProvide tools. [FW] StringUtil
ENH936201 Improvement Prepare an "input check" button on the child model simultaneous update screen when updating the parent model. [G] JSP
ENH936401 Improvement Do not display the child model on the parent model detail screenWhen setting, performance is improved by not performing the data reading process itself of the child model itself. [G] ShowXXXController
ENH936701 Improvement When radio buttons are used, reduce the number of SQL issues and improve display performance. [FW] PresentationPHelperPart5_s2p_radio
ENH936801 Improvement 1 Data 1 Enable to set the sheet name in batch form output of Excel sheet. [G] ShowListXXXController
REG924910 Degraded If another model reference (search screen) item is set in the primary key, pressing the new registration button in list update displays an error screen.Degradation at R 7.9. [G] List update controller class
FIX912204 Bug In the process of iterating the relationship of reference linking using the result of automatic calculation, calculation was performed more than necessary. [G] XXXHelper beforeShow method
FIX929309 Bug When logon screen is displayed during CSV · Excel upload update, logon with that user can not be performed. [FW] LogonService
FIX929401 Bug PostgreSQL fails to delete in upload update if other model reference item is primary key and reference destination is primary key of integer. [G] DeleteXXXProcessBean
FIX929501 Bug "Partial match of character string" does not work properly under implicit condition. [G] ShowListXXXController
FIX929601 Bug Building multiple transaction control scripts on the same model may cause build errors. [G] ProcessBean
FIX928801 Bug You can not set "Search screen (subwindow)" in "Application flow selection method" of workflow. [G] JSP
FIX928901 Bug When two or more * buttons with the same screen name, event name, and action name are prepared in the user-defined processing, a JavaScript error occurs because the button's id duplicates. [G] JSP
FIX930201 Bug If you set a model to display simultaneously in the calendar view, data of your model will not be displayed. [G] ShowListXXXCalendarController
FIX930701 Bug In the state where account lock setting is invalidated (value less than 1) you can change your password even if you specify an incorrect password as "current password" on the password change screen. [FW] Authentication unit
FIX930801 Bug When an 8-byte integer is specified as the primary key, the number is assigned only to the range of 4 bytes. [FW] CommonService
FIX930901 Bug Workflow: Start Flow · When the data on the way is approved at the timing of collective approval on the screen of the holding flow state, information different from the one checked may be approved. [FW] Workflow section
FIX931001 Bug Default style of entry field is not set when referring destination can input reference string of character string/numerical reference item. [G] conditionXXX.jsp
FIX931201 Bug The search condition of the initial value set in the model displayed simultaneously in the calendar (classic) is not valid. [G] ShowListXXXCalendarController
FIX931401 Bug IME control does not work for items using the suggestion function. [FW] FilteringSelectEx.js
FIX931601 Bug Style designation does not work with items using the suggestion function. [FW] FilteringSelectEx.js
FIX931701 Bug Even if "master updater" is added to the user's principal, the option model icon is not displayed on the menu. [G] subjectpolicy.xml
FIX931901 Bug When using Microsoft Edge as the browser, if Japanese is set as the download file name, the downloaded file name becomes illegal. [FW] DownloadXXXProcessBean
FIX932101 Bug A run-time exception (HibernateException) may occur at the time of executing the search of the workflow model. [FW] WorkFlowManager
FIX932201 Bug Even if you specify null as the initial value of a numeric type item, the compiler error occurs because the generated code type is the basic type. [G] Helper class
FIX932601 Bug Input items arranged in the tab layout when using the tab layout and text boxes in which values ​​selected on the search screen are set, the suggested items were excluded from the "full clear button". [FW] common.js
FIX932801 Bug SENDACTION remains rewritten when a JavaScript input check error occurs when a foreign key parent-child simultaneous update presses a new button. [FW] common.js
FIX933701 Bug In a script created by a developer, when updating the same data twice or more, there are cases where cached (before change) data is handled. [FW] JFCHibernateDao
FIX934101 Bug When IE 9/10/11 is used, when redrawing (reloading) of screen happens when value of list box item of child model is updated with parent-child model simultaneous update, an unnecessary action character string is set and update error occurs. [G] updateListXXX.jsp
FIX934401 Bug On the list display screen for which batch processing is set, the number of acquisitions etc. can not be set by REST API call of list acquisition. [FW] DbShowListSelectableController
FIX934501 Bug The setting value does not become valid when transition to the list display screen is made after calling with the number of acquisitions or the sort key specified by the list acquisition REST API. [FW] DbShowListController
FIX934601 Bug When the reference linkage item can be input in the self model saving, the background color of the input field does not become red at the server side input check error. [G] XXXPInputCheckHelper
FIX934607 Bug When the address item is not entered, the background color of the input field does not become red at the server side input check error. [G] XXXPInputCheckHelper
FIX935301 Bug When search conditions are specified by using REST API using automatic logon (X - Wagby - Authorization) in the model which sets "Stop search process immediately after search screen transition", data can not be found when search conditions are specified. [G] Controller class
FIX935701 Bug The button on the registration/update confirmation screen does not work. [FW] common.js
FIX935901 Bug It is not executed even if script is written in the repetition container {add, delete, up, down, rearrange} of the registration screen and update screen with "script> controller" setting. [FW] ScriptCodeRunner4Controller
FIX936501 Bug If you select a list box with the date input method and set the option display date, the Japanese calendar in option display is not displayed correctly when selecting the date. [FW] input_date_combo.tag
FIX936601 Bug A lock error occurs when the same lock name as the target model is specified in the referenced model of the reference interlocking (reference destination saved) item on the upload update screen. [FW]
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
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ENH932301 Improvement When a build error occurs, if the customization file has been changed, it will do the build process without changing the repository.
ENH932501 Improvement In the process of checking the main/submodel in the repository to be done at the time of the build, in the case of the model reference item, one of the checkboxes is a check box and the other combination is the non-checkbox is an error in advance.
ENH932701 Improvement Automatically cancel the setting of "entering the primary key (code) directly" when changing the primary key and when setting the input type other than the search screen.
ENH933101 Improvement Allow selection of a jgroup model (provided by the system) for a foreign key.
ENH936101 Improvement If an external database is used but JDBC driver files are not allocated, an error occurs in the build process.
FIX929201 Bug After selecting the layout search tab, return to the model list screen, and when you press the model edit button, the search item is not displayed.
FIX930601 Bug Input check> misrepresentation of explanation of date type of allowable character type.
FIX934201 Bug When changing the name of the item specified as the linked item name of the reference linking item, the linked item name does not change.
FIX934701 Bug When "display condition" of the form output is set and the tab output tab is displayed again after displaying other tabs, "display" is unchecked.
FIX936901 Bug If an error occurs when changing the item setting of the view, the setting value of the item set previously was not cleared.
ENH929701 Library Update Dojotoolkit to 1.11.2.With this influence, the input cursor becomes right justified in numeric items such as memory size and port number of "Environment> Server" tab.
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LIB933801 update I bundled the servlet-api.jar according to the Servlet API 3 system.In the new API, the return value of request.getParameterMap has been changed from Map <String, Object []> to Map <String, String []>.If you are developing customized code that used this method directly, please match it with the new API.
LIB935401 Security I updated Tomcat to be shipped to 7.0.70.CVE-2016-5388 It corresponds to.Since Wagby does not use the CGI Servlet attached to Tomcat by default, it is normal for normal use.It is effective when you use CGI Servlet with customization.
LIB935801 Security I updated the commons-fileupload.jar that I bundled to 1.3.2.Also updated commons - io.jar to 2.2.CVE-2016-3092 It corresponds to.