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ENH861101 Improvement When a file registered by file type item is clicked and downloaded, log is output. [FW] wagbyDownload2.jsp
ENH938001 Improvement With the Japanese calendar display option function, Heisei year 1 is indicated as Heisei first year. [G] JSP
ENH938801 Improvement In the upload update function, it is possible to specify whether each item is subject to upload update or not.(Until now, if it was a download target, it was automatically subject to upload update.We want to be able to specify this separately.) [G] Helper class
ENH938802 Improvement When the automatic calculation formula is set by the CSV upload update function, it is not subject to upload update processing. [G] Helper class
ENH935610 Improvement Prepared in R 7.9.1Provide a script gethash to realize a method of obtaining a hash value of a password. [G] gethash.bat
ENH936210 Improvement R7.9.1 prepared in "Prepare an "input check" button on the child model simultaneous update screen when parent model is updated"Can be controlled. [G] JSP
ENH936707 Improvement When radio button is used, even if setting of invalidity judgment is made, call the method of framework.(Reduction of automatically generated code) [G] XXXPHelper
ENH939801 Improvement When radio buttons and check boxes are used, the number of SQL issues is reduced and display performance is improved. [FW] PresentationPHelperPart6_s2p_check
REG912206 Degraded In R 7.9.1, we changed the judgment algorithm when there are many combinations using the results of the reference interlocking by automatic calculation, and do not perform unnecessary calculation processing, but there is a leak in correspondence, There was a pattern that was not calculated. Helper class beforeShow
REG938901 Degraded Under the influence of FIX 936601 corresponding to R 7.9.1 "Lock error occurs when the same lock name as the target model is specified in the referenced model of the reference interlocking (reference destination saved) item on the upload update screen" When designating the entire model as the data lock type, the button for stopping the process was not displayed during the upload update process. [FW] LockManagerImpl
REG933010 Degraded ENH 748101 corresponding to R 7.8 "Multiple files can be registered by dragging and dropping for file type items prepared in the repeating container item"Because of the correspondence, the value of reference interlocking and automatic calculation was not set correctly in the read-only item in the repeated container sometimes occurred. [G] helper class p2s method
REG939401 Degraded JSP was not generated when trying to create only the form output screen without preparing the search, the list, the detailed screen due to the column layout of the corresponding search condition in R 7.9. [G] reportListXXX.jsp
REG939901 Degraded ENH 931101 compatible with R 7.9.1 "Logon immediately after session timeout always displays menu"Setting is always valid.As a result of this influence, it is impossible to specify the forwardUrl parameter at logon to open arbitrary screen. [G] logon.jsp
REG940101 Degraded The time and date time type values ​​of the repeat item are not displayed on the detail screen.Impact of transferring helper class methods in framework to R7.6. [FW] PresentationPHelperPart3_s2p
FIX853703 Bug In parent-child model simultaneous update, when new child model registration fails, when the calcChild method of helper class of the parent model is executed, a large number of error messages are displayed. [G] Insert/Update controller class
FIX937001 Bug Build error occurs when map view and batch form output are set at the same time. [G] JSP
FIX937801 Bug In the p2s method of the helper class, there was a pattern in which the processing of repetitive containers was not performed correctly. [G] helper class p2s method
FIX939301 Bug If you change the definition of the classic calendar view to the modern calendar view, data is not displayed on the calendar. [G] Calendar view controller class
FIX939501 Bug If you set a transaction in another model reference item and define a reference linkage (reference destination storage) item linked to the transaction item, a build error occurs. [G] EntityService
FIX940001 Bug In the model that does not create the list display screen, if there is another model that refers to this model (search screen) and it is targeted for CSV output, an error occurs at automatic generation. [G] JSP
FIX940301 Bug In the mobile version of Safari, Chrome the value of the text area in the container is not displayed repeatedly when the screen is landscape. [G] JSP (CSS)
SPC937601 Specification change Change the "cancel" button of the workflow so that it is displayed only when the logged-on user is the applicant.Until now, if a user who can approve the data is included in the application node, a cancel button was also displayed at the time of approval.
FW: Framework, G: Automatically generated code
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ENH871301 Improvement Make build process callable from the command line.
ENH822101 Improvement Make it possible to individually specify the model to be built.
ENH916001 Improvement When changing the model ID and item ID, uppercase and lowercase letters are different in the same spelling, the Windows OS is case insensitive, so inconsistency with the folder name occurred internally.In this pattern, a warning is issued to suppress the change.
ENH937101 Improvement Prevent you from specifying yourself to the referenced model of the foreign key.
ENH937201 Improvement Enable to specify Google Maps API key in preferences.
ENH938201 Improvement Also delete the work/report folder when restoring the repository.
ENH938701 Improvement Performs input check at layout designation.If the delimiter ">" "*" is uppercase letters, it outputs a warning.
FIX938301 Bug The setting name "prepare unselected" in the model reference setting field of input control of the item detail definition dialog was "Search for uninputted value".
FIX939601 Bug Customized ddl files are stored in customize \ webapp \ WEB - INF \ export \ conf \ createddl \ folder, but are not reflected at build time.