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"Wagby and comparative materials of other companies'" are offered free of charge.The document also describes how to link with existing systems.The latest is the 3.0th edition of July 2016 revision.

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In addition, the contents described in this document were arranged by Jasmine Software Company based on information published by other companies and press reports via various media.For accuracy, please contact the product vendor directly for details.

The comparison points are as follows.

Do you have design information (repository)?

Development at Wagby is based on design information.This allows you to grasp the relationship (degree of influence) of data items and automatically change the name etc.In addition, we can inherit the person in charge of development by describing what kind of business rules are applied uniformly.

Another way of thinking is that maintenance of conventional applications has been a challenge for maintenance because it is difficult to unify styles and it depends greatly on individual capacity differences and handover is difficult.Also, in the development of large-scale applications, it is difficult to grasp the mistakes of upstream design because the process is divided, so it was necessary to review the whole schedule for returning.

All applications developed by simple tools such as Excel, Access, FileMaker, etc., regardless of the size of the company, have this problem.It is caused by not having unified design information.

There is no commonization of design information among competing products.Even if it says a piece of design information, how far you can describe it depends on the product.Wagby manages most necessary information such as calculation formulas and screen layout from data items as design information.

Level of enclosure

Due to the nature of development tools, there is always a unique rule.Therefore it is impossible to avoid viewpoint of enclosure.The problem is that level.

Wagby is open-oriented such as "It has no original language", "It is possible to read and customize the generated source code", "Capture excellent open source positively" "Generate tables are made public" doing.Compared with other companies' products, the high degree of openness is remarkable, enclosure can be regarded as adoption of Wagby architecture.We believe that by opening it, it will lead to long life of the application.

Providing a trial kit that can be downloaded with anonymous name, and even non purchasers can check the change history of all manuals and products are policies that support product openness.

Many functions are generated

Wagby's design information has more than hundreds of setting fields available.Because of the overwhelmingly large number of functions that can be realized by this, most Wagby users develop without knowing languages ​​such as Java.(Java developers have the advantage of being able to customize more sticking further.)

Wagby is a standard feature as well as screen layout methods that are difficult for other companies' products and options.In addition, non-functional requirements for full-text search and operation of workflow and files are standard.These are often charged options for other companies' products.


Due to the nature of development tools, inquiries to the manufacturer always occur.Wagby's inquiry policy is "No maximum annual inquiry".Since it is not an incident system, you can receive support in a realistic and budgetable range.

How to install

It is a good idea to check the size of your company close to your company and how it is being used by the user company you are using in the target application.

Wagby is characterized by higher user productivity by user company than other companies' products.There is also a wide range of support menus by Wagby dealerships, as well as Wagby developers staying at home and dispatching, as well as providing services to support in-house production of user companies.

"What is the ultra fast development tool different from the CASE tool that faded away and disappeared?

We may receive inquiries such as.I gathered answers about this.

There are tools that continue to be used now

The CASE tool took the spotlight in the latter half of the 1980s and the first half of the 1990s.Since GeneXus and Sapiens that appeared at that time are still in use, they do not disappear.At that time, the CASE tool was based on many COBOL bases, but GeneXus, for example, succeeded in lengthening the life of the product by base on the GeneXus language (so-called 4 GL).

Difference between Wagby and CASE tool

Starting point differs between tools such as GeneXus developed from the idea of ​​Case at that time and Wagby that appeared after that.

Wagby is "generative programming" the starting point.This is to do "generative" system development using application-specific design information.Therefore, we do not prepare 4GL and use Java which is a general-purpose language.

The biggest feature of Wagby is that you can modify (customize) the generated source code.Traditional CASE tools can not modify the generated code.Also, since things called execution engine types, not source code generation types, are not generative, in general the scope of customization is limited.

Products embodying this idea are unusual worldwide,It is also a reason for adoption adopted as Gartner's "cool vendor 2016".

The advantage of "generic programming" is that it's easy to collaborate with designers who do not write programs and programmers who can customize.By doing "definition of requirement" together, it becomes possible to develop the team which overturns common sense until now.

Wagby is independent of development methods such as waterfall type and agile type.Although it can be adapted to both, it is a point to develop a large-scale application with a small number of people and a long life.

The waterfall type has been operated assuming the existence of many developers.Meanwhile, Agile type has been thought to be suitable for small scale development but small development scale.Wagby is supposed to "develop a large-scale application with a small number of people".Both waterfall and agile are beneficial.

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