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We provide quotation method for SI business using Wagby. Please arrange it for your own flow and use it.

We introduce quotation method specialized for SI business using Wagby.
this isEasily estimate at the sales stage, there is sense of satisfaction in the calculation basis, applicable to ultra high speed developmentIt is a quotation method.

開発費 = 項目数 x アプリケーション複雑度係数 x 組織係数 x 項目単価
the termDescription
Number of items The sum of each item included in the developed (defined) model.
Application complexity factor Set according to the theme of the application.
Tissue coefficient The case where there is one use department (organization) is assumed to be 1.0.
Item unit price Standard unit price when setting 1 item.

For details, please read the following materials.

Quotation example

Here is a quotation example of "Sales management" sample application.

Example of a quotation

Specific output method is "Support> Repository> Function of Designer · Other tools> Estimate creationPlease read.

This method is "one way of thinking".It is up to the judgment of each company to decide whether to customize this and apply it to our own SI business.(You can also do Wagby's development business using our own estimation method as usual.)

usage fee

There is no charge for using this method.Anyone can freely customize and use.


Jasmine Software assumes no responsibility for losses of profits arising from the use of this method, lost profits, any claims from third parties, etc.

If you are considering Wagby's SI business, be sure to join us as a Wagby sales partner.

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  • First edition released on August 15, 2016.