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It is genealogy information of JasmineSoftHarvest which is the predecessor of Wagby. Those who use past editions please refer. Product name changed from R5 to Wagby.

[2006.3.9] R 4.1.1 released.

  • Appearance improvements such as CSS attached as standard.
  • Added variation of date input.(Combo box input support)
  • Fixed database related troubles discovered in R 4.1.0.

[2006.2.2] R 4.1.0 public.

  • Hibernate is adopted as an O/R mapping framework.Repetitive items and repeated containers are stored in separate tables.
  • Enhanced system log viewing function.
  • Speed ​​up the calendar view.
  • In the store model reference function, "Navigation link" function is installed as standard.
  • Provide a function to view only data registered by you.
  • Provide whole/partial erase (clear) function of input.
  • In addition to the calendar auxiliary input so far, it provides a combo box input function to the date input support function.
  • Java is included in the installation kit.This makes it possible to develop and operate separately without installing Java.

[2005.12.27] R4.1.0.beta2 released.

  • Improved speed of build process by providing difference build method.
  • Supports data migration processing when model item name is converted.
  • Provide 'model' copy function.
  • Provide extension method of logon account information provided as standard.
  • A warning message is displayed when trying to transition to another screen during registration or update.
  • Provide a function to display descriptive text to each screen.
  • Coloring specification for menu.
  • In the list printing, two modes of processing of all cases and search partial processing are provided.
  • Enhanced method for setting authority management.

[2005.11.11] R 4.0.3 released.(Version included in the official JasmineSoft Harvest guidebook published by ASCII)

  • Implementation of performance improvement measures of list display function in models with many items.
  • Realization of automatic calculation function in repeated container.
  • Realization of lookup function.
  • Provide multiple form designation function.

[2005.10.14] R 4.0.2 public.

  • By providing the CSV upload function, it is possible to collectively register and update.

[2005.9.26] R 4.0.0 released.

  • Provide automatic calculation function.Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, multiplication, division, multiplication, division, multiplication, division, multiplication, division, multiplication, division, multiplication,

[2005.9.17] R4.0 publication.

  • Provide development function by drag & drop of Excel file.
  • Provide aggregation function.
  • Provide map view function.
  • Hierarchical display of menu is realized.
  • Realization of forced logoff function by administrator.
  • Implementation of importing and exporting functions by web browser by administrator.
  • Supports Japanese model item names.
  • Provides an Excel definition file migration tool from R 3.x.
  • Start selling as an automatic generation tool instead of ASP service.
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  • support
    • Includes the results of the Okinawa Industry, Academia and Government Collaborative Research Promotion Project "Research on the advancement of automatic application system for Web application software".(Research and development from 2004.7 to 2005.3)

[2005.6.3] R3.3 release.

  • We realized form design using Excel.
  • Provide mail sending function.
  • Realization of wizard style development by launcher.
  • Make it work under Java 5 environment.
  • Provide system log viewing function by administrator.
  • Dealing with CSRF attacks on web applications.
  • Review directory structure.

[2005.3.16] R 3.2 released.

[2005.2.9] R 3.1 released.

  • Support for multiple databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, MySQL.
  • Realization of 1: N relationship using foreign key.
  • Enhance user management functions such as password encryption and account lock.
  • Supports sorting in arbitrary items in list display.
  • Supports mutual conversion of postal code and address by cooperation with address normalization converter (separate product).

[2004.5.6] R3.0 General public launch.

[2003.5] R2.2 Partially private release.

  • We will correspond to JDK 1.4 and Tomcat 4.1.x.
  • Provide a more general framework for handling master models.
  • The default database is HSQLDB (then Hypersonic SQL), and it is possible to switch with PostgreSQL.

[2003.2] R2.1 Partial private release.

  • Model and action class additions added.
  • Supports automatic creation of RELAX Schema.
  • Supports automatic generation of various setting files.

[2002.10] R2.0 Partial private release.

  • We will organize the frameworks and documents that we have developed so far and try to packaging for the purpose of contract development development.

[2002.5] R1.1 Internal disclosure.

  • Improve as a framework to realize the combination of Relaxer and Struts.Initially supported models are only store models and master models.
  • It has the first source code automatic generation function.

[2002.1] R1.0 Internal disclosure.

  • The first version is completed as a Struts-based framework.Implement five actions (show, showList, insert, update, delete).
  • We adopt JAAS as an authentication function.
  • Adopt PostgreSQL as the standard database.

[2001.10] Project start.

  • Start the project as development code name P10.(Meaning productivity Productivity is multiplied by 10)
  • We name the common framework JasmineSoft Foundation Class (JFC).