We shipped R8 on January 30, 2018. R7 / R6 will perform a maintenance release including defect fixes.

The theme of R8 is "Micro service compatible" and "Provide extensible automatic generation engine".We ship R 8.0 on January 30, 2018, and will upgrade the version approximately every six months.

Figure R8 Road Map


  • A new CSS theme "Flat" is added to the UI of the built application.Also, the whole layout is a single pane.
  • It corresponds to multi session.(In one browser, you can operate applications with multiple tabs.)
  • We provide a new UI Designer which can design screen by drag & drop.
  • It corresponds to the build image of Spring Boot (War format).It becomes the basic unit of micro service.
  • The operating environment is Java 8 or higher.


  • It realizes asynchronous processing by linkage with message service.
  • We will introduce a hierarchical group.
  • We will strengthen cooperation with external authentication API.
  • Synchronize calendar view with external service.
  • We will strengthen support for team development by Wagby Designer.


  • It corresponds to the build image of Spring Boot (Jar format).In addition we will strengthen the correspondence of micro service.

The final version of the R7 series is R7.12.2 to ship in December 2017.R7 is carrying out a maintenance release centering on defect correction.

Detail isR7 update historyPlease see.

The final version of R6 series is R6.10 Update 11.Until January 31, 2019, a serious vulnerability was discovered in Tomcat R6 series, and a maintenance release of Wagby R6 will be shipped when an update version comes out.We will also respond to inquiries.

Detail isUpdate history of R6Please see.

EOL (End Of Life) of each release is as follows.

Product First release date Final Release Sale end date Maintenance end date Corresponding Java status
R8 January 30, 2018 - - - Java 8 or higher In development
R7 January 28, 2014 R7.12.2
(December 2017)
- January 31, 2023 Java 7 or higher
(8 or more recommended)
Development end/maintenance in progress
R6 30th May 2008 R6.10 Update 11
(May 8, 2017)
September 30, 2014 January 31, 2019 Java 6,7,8 Development end/maintenance in progress
R5 May 15, 2006 R5.8.5.8
(March 31, 2009)
December 31, 2009 March 31, 2014 Java 6 Maintenance end

Wagby will release in accordance with Java version upgrade cycle.

Specifically, major version upgrade will be released within half a year from Java "LTS" (Long Term Support) release.

Wagby R8 targets up to Java 11 to be released in September 2018.Since Java 17 (LTS) will be released in September 2021 three years later, Wagby R 9 is scheduled to be released in the first half of 2022.

Wagby Major version of EOL will be in 5 years from the appearance of the new version.If Wagby R 9 was released in January 2022, the EOL of Wagby R 8 will be January 2027.