Here are notes on using DB2 (Version 8.1).

  • The maximum length of the table name (Wagby's model name) is 128 characters.
  • The maximum length of column name (Wagby's model item name) is 30 characters.
  • When applying a unique constraint to a column, this column must be a required field.
  • Connection to the database created using code set IBM-943 fails.
  • Please contact IBM for how to handle surrogate pair characters adopted in Windows Vista.
  • When using "order" as the primary key, we will use the ordering function provided by DB2.This is a standard specification that causes missing numbers.To suppress this, Wagby gives the nocache specification when issuing the create sequence instruction.

The type specified by Wagby is handled as follows in the database.

Integer type integer
String type varchar(255)
String type (text area) varchar(4000)
Date type date
Time type time
Date Time Type timestamp
File type (file name) varchar(255)
1 byte integer smallint
2 byte integer smallint
4 byte integer integer
8 byte integer bigint
4 byte floating point number float
8 byte floating point number double
Fixed value (creation date/update date) timestamp
Other (URL type/mail address type etc.) varchar(255)
The number specified by varchar type is "byte" unit.For details, please refer to the DB2 manual.
If you increase the number specified by varchar type, you may need to change the page size.For details, please refer to the DB2 manual.

If you have to change the "table space page size" in DB2, you may be able to solve the problem by reviewing the definition of each item in the model before changing the page size.

Specifically, we refer to the DDL statement (create table statement) for DB2 that Wagby automatically generated.For example, in the case of a string type item, 255 characters are reserved on DDL automatically generated by Wagby.By fine-tuning this size, there is a possibility that you can suppress changing the page size.

For details, please read "Repository> Definition of Model Items> Details of Database".

In addition, it is not possible to change the table space, page size, itself from Wagby.Follow the DB2 documentation.

Wagby Note on the system model shipped inside

There is an item that uses the text area in the system model defined internally in Wagby, but this may affect and an error may occur when creating the table when using DB2.In this case, it can be solved by setting the item length in the type of the text area.For example varchar (2000).