In Wagby, "file type" can be specified in the model definition. This item is a specification that "file name" is stored in the database, actual data is managed as a file on the OS.

In Wagby, data registered as a file type is stored in $ (installation folder) \ upload_dir.

"Import/Export" from the Web and the InitLoader command In both cases, the file (registered from the Web browser) as the file typeIt is not subject to import/export.Please make a separate manual backup of the entire folder.

When upgrading Wagby, the file type item migration procedure is as follows.

  1. Please manually move the upload_dir used in the old version to each folder and new version.For example, move the folder C: \ Wagby - 7.0 \ upload_dir directly under the C: \ Wagby - 7.1 folder.Please do not change the folder name of upload_dir.
  2. We will operate the application of the new version.Files linked to each data can be used as they are.