Support > Setting of the production machine (server) (R7)

Applications built with Wagby can be operated on-premises or in the cloud.

To install Wagby on its own server, follow the procedure below.

  1. We will do "full build" at the development machine.
  2. Compress wagbyapp prepared in the folder where Wagby is installed with a zip format file.
  3. Copy to your own server (production machine) and deploy it.
Figure 1 Setting for own server

The expanded wagbyapp folder contains a web application server named Tomcat.Select one of the following methods.

Use Tomcat alone.[standard]
It is the easiest way.
Operate in conjunction with Apache Web Server on Linux or Windows OS.
It is effective when integrating multiple applications. By linking multiple Tomcat to one Apache Web Server, it is possible to integrate the URL seen by users.
Operate in cooperation with Microsoft IIS on Windows OS.
It has the same effect as the above Apache Web Server.

Specific procedure

The setting of the server requires expert knowledge.Please use the support service by Wagby reseller.

Please use cloud service by Wagby reseller.

I will explain how to register Tomcat service of Windows.Inquiries regarding this explanation are not included in the standard support.Please consult with the partner described in the "Service menu" above.

1. Copy files

Before registering the service, copy files corresponding to each OS in the following procedure.

Expand the provided in the $ (DEVHOME) \ misc folder.(XX, YYY is the version number.Please read it properly.)

The target file varies depending on your Windows.

  • for 64 bit Windows
  • for 32 bit Windows

In this file there are three files in the apache-tomcat-7.0.XX \ bin folder, so copy it to the $ (DEVHOME) \ wagbyapp \ bin folder.

If you want to copy the file automatically at build time, copy it to the $ (DEVHOME) \ customize \ tomact \ bin folder.If the type of OS of the development server and the operation server are the same, there is no problem with this method.
Since this file may change depending on the version of Wagby, files placed in the customize \ tomcat \ bin folder should be replaced appropriately when upgrading Wagby.

2. Register service

To register/delete a service, open "Command Prompt (administrator)" and execute install_service.bat, remove_service.bat from a command prompt.

3. Auto start

To start Tomcat automatically at OS startup, open the service properties and change the startup type from "manual" to "automatic".

Registering SSL server certificate is Tomcat operation used by Wagby. Please refer to the manual attached to Tomcat.

Inquiries regarding this explanation are not included in the standard support.Please consult with the partner described in the "Service menu" above.

In Java 9, the module inside Java was reorganized.Wagby will run on Java 9 from R7.12.1 and later releases.Wagby before it can not be operated with Java 9.(It will be an error to start up.)

Furthermore, when developing and operating in Java 9 using Wagby after R7.12.1, the developer makes the following modificationmanuallyYou need to do.

Change Designer

Change of setenv.bat (Windows OS user)

Please add the following to wagbydesigner/bin/setenv.bat.

set CATALINA_OPTS=%CATALINA_OPTS% "--add-modules" "java.xml.bind,java.activation,"

Change of (Linux/Mac OS users)

Please add the following to wagbydesigner/bin/

CATALINA_OPTS=$CATALINA_OPTS\ --add-modules\ java.xml.bind,java.activation,
2. This setting is unnecessary in Java 7/8.Please also delete this setting to restore Java to 7/8.

Specify the version of Java

If you run WagbyDesigner in Java 9, you can not specify version 1.8 or earlier for Java version.

Specify "9" for "Environment> Server> Build> Java Version".Please note that it is not 1.9.

It is not possible to build the Java version with 1.8 or earlier version specified and execute the created web application in Java 9.(An error will occur at startup.)If you want to run the built application in Java 9, be sure to use the one built in Java 9.

Run InitLoader.jar

When executing the import/export command line tool InitLoader.jar, you need to specify - add - modules ... as an option of the java command.

About warning messages

When running Tomcat's console or command line tool (import_db.bat, etc.), the following warning message is displayed.

WARNING: An illegal reflective access operation has occurred
WARNING: Illegal reflective access by org.springframework.cglib.core.ReflectUtils$1 (file:/C:/Wagby-7.12.1/wagbyapp/webapps/wagby/WEB-INF/lib/spring-core.jar) to method java.lang.ClassLoader.defineClass(java.lang.String,byte[],int,int,
WARNING: Please consider reporting this to the maintainers of org.springframework.cglib.core.ReflectUtils$1
WARNING: Use --illegal-access=warn to enable warnings of further illegal reflective access operations
WARNING: All illegal access operations will be denied in a future release

This is a warning message for warning that you are using features deprecated by Java 9 in Wagby.There is no hindrance to the operation, so please disregard it.

Types of Java

Please also install the JDK on the server (production machine).Usage with JRE is not supported.

Current directory at startup

When starting up, move the current to the directory containing the script and then execute it.Here is an example of operation in the Linux OS when the installation directory is wagby7.

cd /home/wagby7/wagbyapp/bin; ./

This also applies to WagbyDesigner.

cd /home/wagby7/wagbydesigner/bin; ./

Please also execute the termination processing (shutdown script) after moving the current in the same way.